Daniel sat at his desk finishing up some paperwork. He put his pen down and thought for a moment. He could not remember his past, could not recall a life before his work with Monty. He knew that his current job was just a ploy to cover up for his real operative, his mission. He wondered if he had a family, a mother and father, any sisters or brothers, a girlfriend perhaps, any pets, a dog, a cat, a goldfish? None of these questions had answers. All he knew was that he had known practically nothing before coming to the clinic, where Monty had told him who he really was and that he was his handler. The mission he had been working on had apparently gone wrong and he had been missing for fifty four days before they had been able to relocate him. They said his partner was still missing, a woman named Ginger Thorsen. His current assignment had to do with secret experiments that were being undertaken at the college he was working at. He had infiltrated the school to find out more about these experiments. UNIT believed that these experiments had to do with genetic enhancements being undertaken on specimens, human or not they did not know.

He brushed the hair out of his eyes and went back to his paperwork. Nyssa was probably worried about him. He could tell she was that sort of person. They had only met a few times in truth, but she seemed to have taken to him, despite the fact that he had been lying to her face. He put the thought of Nyssa out of his head and concentrated on the task at hand.

Nyssa had decided to take a holiday. She just needed to be away from the city. It was all so mechanical and clinical. She needed to be where she could hear nothing but the sound of her heart beat, her breath, the sigh of the wind. She needed to be back home, or as close to home as she would ever get.

The bus left Cardiff at eleven am but Nyssa took little notice of the time as the countryside flitted past her window, the low rhythmic sound of the motor and the tyres on the road sending her to sleep.

Author's Notes Extremely lame, I know... and this is where I stopped writing. I hope I didn't freak you out, and thank you for reading.