Title: Domino Eiyu

Genre: romance, humor, slight drama

Rating: T for language, some sexual stuff, and crude humor

Pairings: YamiXYugi, BakuraXRyou, MarikXMalik, and SetoXJonouchi

Summary: A young boy named Yugi Mouto attends an exhibit in the zoo with his crush and future boyfriend, Yami Sennen. After an earthquake, Yugi and four other boys are bathed in a strange light, where cat appears before Yugi, then merges with him. The next day he begins acting like a cat and, after meeting Pegasus and Otogi, learns that he was infused with the DNA of the Iriomote Cat, giving him powers to save the world from alien parasites that turn normal animals into monsters. Yugi to find the four other boys from the exhibit—the remaining Eiyues, people like him who are fused with animal DNA! Can he do it? And will the five of them save the world and gain the hearts of the ones they love?

Me: Here we go! By the way, Eiyu is one of the ways to say 'hero' in japanese just to let you all know!

Lucy: Kinda based off Tokyo Mew Mew, but we changed it sooooo much that it isn't really it anymore! Just awesome and pure fluff! So even if you didn't like the show...

Me: Please read this if you like my stories! It doesn't even seem like Tokyo Mew Mew, I promise! Yugi-chan has kitty ears! Little black ones and a little cat tail with a ribbon and bell on it!

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Chapter One: Iriomote Cat

Earth... A beautiful blue planet filled with millions of life forms and creatures of all shapes, sizes, and colors. Today, however, there are millions of species who are going extinct and vanishing off the face of the earth forever because of certain harms that other planets, and ourselves, cause for them.

It is time to stand up against this destruction... now!

And that... is why we must fight!

For all living things... and for ourselves!

No, we're never gonna quit
Ain't nothing wrong with it
Just acting like we're animals

No, no matter where we go
'Cause everybody knows
We're just a couple of animals

No, we're never gonna quit
Ain't nothing wrong with it
Just acting like we're animals

No, no matter where we go
'Cause everybody knows
We're just a couple of animals

"Hey, Yugi!"

Yugi Mouto, a young 16 year old boy with tri colored, star-shaped hair, glanced up and over at the sound of his voice being called. The star-haired boy looked around before spotting the person who had called for him.

He smiled brightly.

"Hey, Yami!" Yugi giggled as he trotted over to his date.

Yami Sennen, one of the most popular students in the whole school, was standing while he was leaning against one of the walls by the aquarium that he and Yugi had gone on a date to. Yami was giving Yugi a lusty and sexy smirk, which made Yugi blush. Yami looked similar to Yugi, in the ways of his star-shaped hair, blond bands, black and violent hair, but his eyes were a wine red color, contrasting with Yugi's amethyst colored eyes. Yami was also taller and a lot hotter than Yugi, who was referred to as simply cute.

"Yugi, we should go check out the other exhibits, okay? We've been in this one for a while," Yami said while ruffling his date's hair. Yugi blushed and swatted cutely at Yami's hands.

"I know. I just love little fishies, though," the star-haired boy said cutely.

Yami laughed at how cute Yugi was.

The taller star-haired teen laced his arm around Yugi's waist, drawing him close. The star-haired boy blushed. Yami smiled, and Yugi's blush vanished as they went walking towards the other tanks where all the other fish and little sea creatures were located. Yugi always had enjoyed coming to this aquarium as a child.

He loved looking at all the little fish, and his favorites had been the little sea turtles that swam by constantly. Yugi smiled and looked over at Yami, whose eyes were focused on leading him and Yugi around so they didn't hit anyone.

Yugi glanced around and spotted so many people that were in the aquarium, but one of them especially caught his eye.

That was a young man who was no older than Yugi, and unlike everyone else, he was of an Egyptian decent, bronze skin shining slightly in the lighting. His eyes rivaled a pale lavender, and his sandy-blond hair fell to his shoulders.

Yugi blushed and smiled slightly as the boy passed him, not fully recognizing who it was.

Suddenly, Yami took Yugi to one side to make sure that he didn't get trampled by three teenagers who were chasing each other around with water guns and spraying one another.

Yugi smiled cutely up at Yami, who smiled back down at him.

Yami's so nice. He's protecting me and keeping me safe from harm. He even asked me to come here with him, Yugi blushed with a small giggle. He didn't know why, but he just felt so happy around Yami.

They had always been friends, but then again, Yugi had wondered if they could ever be something more. Maybe there was a chance for them to become more than just mere friends and become something...

Like a couple.


Yugi gasped at the sound of his name being called. He glanced up to see Yami holding his shoulders and looking down at him. Yugi wiggled a little and felt that he was sitting on a small bench inside the aquarium.

"Yami? What's wrong?" Yugi asked, not know what had happened.

Yami exhaled in relief before touching Yugi on the forehead, pressing his own against the littler boy's. Yugi felt his face heat up and turn a bright pink at this action.

Oh my gosh! He's so close to me! His lips are practically on top of mine!Yugi thought, his heart chugging at a hundred miles an hour.

Yami pulled back and ruffled Yugi's hair with his hand. "Good. Doesn't seem like you have a fever. I was worried that you might, since you suddenly collapsed," Yami stated while exhaling.

Yugi gasped, shocked that he didn't even remember collapsing.

Yami flashed his usual smile, which made Yugi melt under it. "But you should probably go get some air outside, okay? I'll get you some water and meet you back here," the star-haired boy said.

He patted Yugi on the shoulder and disappeared to do his mission.

Yugi blushed and did as Yami instructed before standing and going outside to get some fresh air.

Yugi raced out onto the balcony before noticing that there were several other people outside with him, but he had expected as much from such a crowded place.

The star-haired youth leaned over the balcony and drew in a few deep breaths.

That was so strange, he thought, recalling what Yami had said about him collapsing. Yugi couldn't even remember doing it. I'm going to have to be more careful.

The star-haired teen sighed and glanced up, looking at all the people around him. He noticed that the same boy he had seen before, the one from Egyptian descent, was sitting on a bench near Yugi.

Yugi finally recognized him, now that he had a chance to study his features a bit better. That's Malik Ishtar from my class! I wonder why he's here today! Yugi thought with a smile.

He neared the Egyptian boy, and smiled warmly at him.

Malik glanced over in surprise, having just heard the young boy walking over. He started smiling warmly up at Yugi, rising from the bench with grace and ease.

"Hey, Yugi-kun! What are you doing here on this fine day?" Malik asked with a smile on his face.

Yugi was about to answer back when suddenly, he heard someone cry out in pain from behind him and Malik. The star-haired boy glanced over at the area, along with Malik, who had become interested in the noise as well.

What awaited them was very bad.

"You fucking idiot!" a thick and muscular teenage boy was hollering to a boy with spiked silver hair and scared brown eyes.

The silver-haired boy, who was on the ground, was Ryou Bakura, also a boy from Yugi's class, and he looked incredibly scared. The side of his face was red, from a slap most likely.

"S-sorry... I-I'll do better next time... I promise..." Ryou stuttered in pain, tears filling his brown eyes slightly.

The three boys who were surrounding him glared and started laughing hysterically at the silver-haired boy. "There won't be a next time, you idiot! You won't live that long!" the leader of the boys, someone called Ushio, shouted.

Ryou braced himself for another hit as Ushio raised his hand.

"Hold it!" a voice shouted. Another boy suddenly appeared on the scene. Yugi recognized this boy as Mokuba Kaiba, the younger brother of Seto Kaiba from his class. "Stop! Pick on someone your own size, you ugly jerk!" Mokuba said in a sassy tone.

He stepped in front of Ryou in a slightly protective fashion.

Ushio sneered angrily at the ten-year-old boy before scoffing loudly at him. "Who's this geek! Beat it, kid, before you really get hurt!" the bully threatened.

Mokuba smirked at the massive bully. He giggled before leaping underneath Ushio's legs, racing around him as quick as a monkey would, making the bully's head spin.

"Can't catch me, you fat monkey!" Mokuba chanted.

Ushio growled in anger and raised his fist in the air, only to have it grabbed by someone new to the group. This boy was one of Yugi's good friends, Katsuya Jonouchi, and he was currently holding Ushio's arm up over his head.

"Jonouchi-kun!" Yugi called.

The blond teenager narrowed his eyes. "Pick on someone else, will ya, Dork? You're making a scene," Jonouchi said, snapping Ushio's wrist harshly and throwing him forward.

Yugi smiled at the appearance of his good friend Jonouchi, and he and Malik raced over to the group as Ushio and his small gang made their escape when no one was looking.

"Are you all right, Ryou-kun?" Yugi asked as he helped the silverette up off the ground.

Ryou glanced slowly up to the boys. He smiled warmly and nodded to show that he was all right, which made Yugi sigh in relief. It was good to know that he hadn't been injured at all.

"Thanks for saving me, guys!" Ryou smiled to the four people who had shown up to help him.

They all smiled back and the clock moved slowly around, ticking ever so slowly, as if counting down to a world changing event that would change our world forever.

"Is it time, Otogi?"

"Yeah, Pegasus, I think it is."

When the clock struck 12' o clock exactly, the earth started rumbling.

"W-what's going on! An earthquake!" Malik yelled as the ground below him started shaking violently.

Yugi gasped as he saw a white light come from the sky, and then all time seemed to freeze. The white light came before him and the other four boys, before stopping and engulfing them.

Yugi gasped as he found himself surrounded by the white light.

It was warm and horrifying at the same time. His body filled with the warmth and power, and slowly, he felt as if his skin were vanishing. He felt like he was just a spirit floating around in the middle of time itself. He couldn't see anything except for the white lights that surrounded him, and he worried about his friends.

Where is everyone? Yugi found himself wondering.


Yugi glanced up when he heard a small noise a few feet in front of him.

A small white cat that looked exactly like a spirit appeared before the star-haired boy, its pitch black eyes staring right into his soul. It was fluffy and cute, and Yugi almost squealed when he saw it for the first time.

Yugi reached forward towards the cat with amazement in his eyes.

A cat? Yugi thought.

The cat flew forward and snuggled up with the star-haired boy. Yugi gasped as he felt a strange burning sensation and he then released a loud cry of pain and terror as he felt a stranger feeling than before.

I'm merging... with the cat? What's going on...? Yugi thought as the power surging through him became over whelming.

And then everything went black.

Inside the Aquarium Several Minutes Later...

Yami and the rest of the people within the aquarium were staring at the fish.

The fish that were swimming around inside the tanks started shivering. Yami was about to ask someone if they knew what was happening, when suddenly the earthquake struck.

Yami gasped and glanced around for something to hang on to, but the earthquake died down soon after.

"That was so strange..." Yami said, shaking his head. Something suddenly got his attention. "Wait... Yugi! Yugi, where are you!" Yami shouted as he started racing towards the entrace to the balcony where Yugi had gone because he felt faint.

The star headed boy glanced around in worry for his secret crush.

Not that he would ever say it aloud, but Yami had a crush on Yugi. Yugi was the boy that he wanted, and no matter what, he would do anything to be with him.

"Yugi, where are you? Answer me, please! Please answer me, Yugi!"

Yami raced off and glanced around more. He gasped when he saw the smaller star-haired boy laying unconscious on the ground. Yugi was laying near a few other people, all unconscious, as well.

"YUGI!" Yami shouted.

He quickly raced over to the star-haired boy and gently picked him up bridal style. Yami glanced around for a place to sit down where he could wait for Yugi to wake up, and he spotted a bench at the corner of the balcony.

Without hesitation, Yami raced for it.

Yugi groaned as he slowly allowed his eyes to slide open.

The star-haired boy glanced around and gasped when he saw himself in Yami's embrace. The taller star-haired boy stared at Yugi in shock before realzing that he was awake.

"Yugi! Are you all right? You passed out and wouldn't wake up! Are you okay?" Yami shouted.

Yugi smiled warmly and gently smiled at the taller boy before sitting up straight and smiling even wider at him. "I'm glad that you care so much for me. But I'm all right, so please don't worry about me so much," the star-haired boy said.

He and Yami rose up and prepared to exit the aquarium and head for their houses. Yugi decided not to tell yami what had happened when the earthquake had gone off.

Maybe it was all just a dream.

But the next day would be unexpected for both of them...

The next day, Yugi walked around the classroom after school, glad that the day had ended so quickly. This day had been so weird! Yugi had fallen asleep in class and couldn't wake up no matter how much the teacher called his name and tried to awaken him, he even curled up on the desk like a cat for Ra's sake!

Oh, but that wasn't all!

Early that day, around lunch time, Yugi fell off the balcony of the second story and managed to land perfectly on all fours like a cat would! He wasn't even hurt!

And if that didn't attract much attention to him as before, he ate a raw fish without it being cooked or anything!

It had been such a weird day!

"Yugi, ready for our date?" Yami asked.

Yugi jumped as the taller boy suddenly appeared before him, smiling brightly. Yugi nodded quickly with a smile on his face, happy to get his mind off the horrible and weird day of school that he had had today.

He just needed some normality in his life for today!

But today just wasn't his day...

Yugi blushed as Yami held his hand in his own, rambling on about something that had happened in class to him and his friends today. While Yugi was listening, his heart and mind were set somewhere else.

Does Yami have any feelings for me? Can I even ask that? Yugi thought.

He started feeling a small pain form in his chest at the thought of Yami rejecting him. He would be ruined if Yami rejected him. It would make his life a living Hell.

Gulping, Yugi stopped walking.

"Yami? May I ask you something?" the star-haired boy whispered softly.

Yami stopped walking and looked over at Yugi in a slightly confused fashion, waiting for him to continue with what he wanted to ask. Yugi blushed and shuddered.

"Do you like me?" Yugi whispered softly.

Yami tilted his head to the side. "Do I... like you?" he repeated. Yugi nodded slightly. "What do you mean? Of course I like you," he stated. Yugi blushed and shook his head quickly.

"No. Not like that. I mean... Yami, do you lo-"

Before Yugi could finish his sentance however, there was a sudden rumbling thay seemed to surge through that one area where the two boys were standing. Yugi gasped and glanced over, along with Yami, who glanced over in confusion.

Standing right before them was a giant creature with nashing teeth and viscious claws.

Yugi gasped as the creature swung at him.

"YUGI, LOOK OUT!" Yami shouted.

He shoved Yugi out of the way and was hit by the creature. The star-haired boy was thrown far to the ground and collapsed without movement. Yugi screamed and ran over in concern.

"Yami! Yami, please wake up!" Yugi sobbed.

He shook the star-haired boy, trying to get him to wake up. Yami stirred a little, but didn't awaken, but Yugi was glad to know that he was all right. He then glanced over and saw the creature.

Aiming for him this time.

Before the creature could hurt him, something swooped from the trees and picked Yugi up, dragging him onto one of the branches. Yugi shuddered and then looked up at who had grabbed and saved him. Sitting before him was an older man with long silver hair and one eyes was missing, replaced by a gold replica. His other eye was a pale brown, almost white in color. The man was fully dressed in red, and kinda gave off the pedophile look.

"That was close, Yugi Mouto," the man stated.

Yugi shuddered. "H-how do you know my name?" he asked. The man didn't answer that question.

Instead, he looked over at the creature that had attacked Yugi and Yami and smirked. "Seems you're in trouble. My name is Pegasus, and I came here to tell you that you have to stop that thing," Pegasus stated.

Yugi gasped and shook his head, showing that he couldn't do it. "Are you fucking nuts?" Yugi shrieked. "Me? Stop that damn thing? Have you lost your freakin' mind?"

Pegasus smirked and placed his hands on Yugi's shoulders. "Not entirely."

And with a gentle nudge, shoved Yugi off the branch.

"Noo!" Yugi cried as he went hurling towards the ground, fear rising in his body. He was going to die, he just knew it! He was gonna splatter on the ground and become Yugi ground paint!

But suddenly, there was a burning sensationt hat surged through Yugi's body, seeming to come from right inside his right thigh, and then it filled his body. Yugi gasped and remembered this feeling from the day before, when the light had hit him.

He felt something tug at his lower back, and then something popped from his head, like two little ears. He felt his clothes vanish for a quick moment before he spun around, and some new material covered his body.

When Yugi landed, gracefully like a cat, he looked down to see what had happened to him.

"Ehh! What's going on?" Yugi cried out. "W-why am I in a different outfit? W-why do I have cat ears! Oh my holy God... is that a cat tail! What's going on with me!"

Yugi glanced around and gazed in wonder at the clothing he was wearing. The redish-pink outfit fit him well, even though it was very revealing in certain places, such as around his legs and shoulders, where it had been cut off, revealing them wuite a bit, much to Yugi's dismay. The red gloves were barely noticed, as the material didn't even have any weight to it at all.

Yugi wiggled his new black tail, hearing the bell around it jingle as it moved, and Yugi gently felt his cat ears to make sure they were real. And sure enough, they were.

"Ohmigosh! I can't go home looking like this!" Yugi hollered in dismay. "What am I gonna tell Grandpa when he sees me like this! 'Hello Grandpa, how was your day? My day? Well, today some strange guy told me I can transform after a cat fused with me and now I look like something out of an American circus!' He'll never buy it!"

"Hey, Yugi-boy!" Pegasus shouted from the trees. "Forget about what you look like and just fight that creature that's standing before you!"

Yugi glanced at the giant monster that stood before him, growling in rage and hissing at him.

He took one protective step backwards and shuddered. "I...I don't know what to do now! I-it's gonna kill me!" Yugi shouted to the silver-haired man that had suddenly come and ruined his life out of the blue.

Suddenly, a strange light formed in Yugi's hand and slowly curved up and around until it formed a dagger-like bell. Yugi's eyes widened when he saw the red weapon. "W-what is this?" Yugi whispered in amazement. Words came to his mind that he would never have thought to use, and he decided that it would be best to use them now, even if he didn't have any idea what to do.

He could only hope for the best!

"Metamorphosis! Ancient Dagger Bell Strike!" Yugi hollered.

He thrusted the newly formed dagger towards the creature that had knocked out his boyfriend and had hurt him. A stream of red energy came from the dagger and blasted at it, as well as the knife flew forward and cut into it's heart.

The creature gave a cry as the dagger's full power stabbed into it, and then it vanished into thin air. It then reappeared before going back to the appearance of an innocent weasel, and then the creatue scurried off in fear, not knowing what had gone wrong or what was going on.

"W-whoa..." Yugi whispered in amazement as the bell-dagger vanished into thin air once again.

Pegasus leaped from the tree and landed right behind Yugi, He placed a firm hand on the boy's bare shoulder. "Very good, Yugi-boy! That was a fine display! Better than I thought it would be!" Pegasus smiled.

Yugi narrowed his eyes. He pushed the silver-haired man away and glared. "Shut your mouth! What are you even saying? I don't even know you, so why did I assist you! Tell me who the Hell you are!" Yugi demanded, enraged.

Pegasus raised an eyebrow, smiling warmly and taking Yugi's gloved hand in his own.

"In due time, Yugi-boy. But for now, let's get you to the headquarters so we can explain ourselves better..." Pegasus said before he started dragging Yugi off towards a limo that rested in the park.

Yugi struggled and reached back for Yami, who was unconscious at the moment.

"Don't worry about him. I already called someone who will erase his memories of the monster attacking you guys and that you were on that date with him. Everything'll be all right, so please do not worry so much," the silverette man said before pushing Yugi into the limo and then climbing in.

And then the car pulled off.

Yugi stared in amazement as the limo pulled into the driveway of a gigantic cafe that looked more like a shrine-castle than a cafe. It was a towering building with many designs and shrine-like qualities to it. It was beautiful, and looked made of crystal and precious stones.

"Here we are," Pegasus said.

He stepped out of the now parked limo and reached for Yugi's gloved hand once again. Yugi allowed the man to lead him into the cafe before he stepped inside and glanced around in amazement. The inside was just as amazing as the outside, with crystal decorations and tons of gold objects and flooring that made it seem like something out of a fantasy. It was just too amazing for one human to take in at once.

Yugi glanced around until he spotted some man walking towards him.

The boy appeared to be Yugi's same age, only he was taller than Yugi was, and Yugi recognized him from one of the classes he took. The boy had long black spiked hair that was pulled into a high ponytail, and his eyes were like emeralds, and from his ear hung a pair-of-dice earring.

The male smiled and shook Yugi's hand.

"Nice to meet you in person, Yugi. I'm Ryuji Otogi, from your class," the black-haired man stated.

Yugi shuddered slightly, nodding and allowing Otogi to smile back. "Fear not! Nothing bad will happen to you here!" the ravenette smiled warmly, assuring Yugi that there was nothing to be afraid of.

Yugi smiled back, but gasped when Pegasus walked up and grabbed the boy's shoulder, lifting his arm up over his head. The boy looked back to the silver-haired man.

"Hmm... Now where is that marking?" the silver-haired man whispered to himself.

He then started feeling around Yugi's body, sticking his hands up inside Yugi's outfit and feeling around, glancing down inside and running his fingers in a soft fashion over the boy's body.

Yugi cringed before forming a fist.

"Y-you... you... you..."

Yugi squeezed his eyes shut and launched his red-gloved fist forward, smashing it against Pegasus's jaw and sending the man away from him and crashing into a wall with the force of a bag of bricks.

"PEDOPHILE!" Yugi screamed.

He covered himself up with his hands and legs, whining about being touched and felt up by a horny old man. Otogi was laughing for a moment before his expression became serious and he kicked the man hard in the leg.

"Why did you do that to him?" the ravenette hollered in rage.

Pegasus sat up and folded his arms over his chest. "I was looking for the Eiyu Marking on his body, that was all!" the silverette old man hollered in rage, towering over the ravenette.

Otogi kneed him in the stomach hard and then pointed over at Yugi, who was sitting in the corner screaming the words 'sexual harrassment' at Pegasus.

"Tch! You can't say that so bluntly! You freaked the fuck outta him!" Otogi shouted.

Pegasus scoffed and raced up. He grabbed Yugi once again and spread the boy's legs apart slightly, which made Yugi scream again and start flailing yet again.

"There it is..." Pegasus said in a calm voice. He removed one of his hands from the boy's body, but kept the other one so it was holding Yugi's right leg apart.

The star-haired boy glanced down at his leg, and sure enough, right above the leg brace on the inside of his thigh was a small red heart with two spikes on the top. "W-what is this...?" Yugi whispered in shock. "T-that mark... W-what does that mean? I've never had that there before..." Yugi whispered, his purple eyes with the red tint becoming filled with shock and slight fear.

Otogi stepped forward and placed a hand on Yugi's shoulder.

"Fear not. That mark simply means that you, my dear Yugi, are one of the Eiyues. A band of superheroes who are fused with animal DNA. There are four others like you," the ravenette stated in a warm voice.

Yugi exhaled in relief.

He was glad that he wasn't the only one to do this.

"We need you to fight monsters like you did before in the park, Yugi. We need you to stop all of them, and when that happens, the world will be saved. So..." Pegasus smiled happily and poked Yugi on the nose, still holding the boy's legs apart, which made Yugi cringe. "From now on, you're a superhero!"

Yugi trembled as the words were spoken, and he stammered for what to say to these two men. His entire life had just been turned around and mashed up in no time flat!

"WHAAAAAT?" Yugi whined. This was not going to be easy!

Me: Chapter one! Oh dear! Yugi's a super hero! And he called Pegasus a pedophile! My life is complete!

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Malik Ishtar- Ultramarine Lorikeet (Malik-chan seems like the bird type for some reason. I can see him with little birdy wings for some strange reason. Birdy!)

Ryou Bakura- Finless Porpoise (He's the timid character, and porpoises are timid! Plus, Ryou-chan looks so awesome in the superhero outfit in my opinion! You'll see soon!)

Mokuba Kaiba- Spider Monkey (the freakin' kid's hyper! Like a spider monkey! I honestly thought 'Monkey' when I saw him at first! A cute monkey, though!)

Katsuya Jonouchi- Golden Retriever (...Must I really say? Honsetly! I have to explain why Jonouchi was fused with a dog of all things? C'mon, you all saw this coming! Lol!)

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