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The sea really didn't get any better. Dionysus didn't even kid me today. I almost got Percy Jackson by him. Everybody was now giving my furtive glances as if it was my entire fault, and I didn't mind much of it, but it really got annoying after a week or so. I mean, what could I do? Who was I? Can I really go up to dad and say "Daddy, Cwawisse is annoying me. Pwease bwow some water at her!"

The week hadn't been pleasant. My time had trickled away on the edge of the beach, consoling the ravenous waters; I needed to calm the beach, to calm my father.

And the dream didn't help.

That night's dream had been my first one of the gods. I couldn't come to believe it myself.

The golden, marbled doors banged open with such force, that Zeus, the weathered god on his couch writing a note with his quill, reading glasses hooked on his nose, winced, as his ink bottle toppled to the floor and stained the exquisite beige carpet. He looked threateningly towards the unkindly visitor, and his face released its stretched position.

The man walking down was fuming, his anger knew no limits – even his Bermuda shorts had a slightly singed air about them, and his hair was quivering in anger. The trident in his hand glowed a dangerous green and it sparked every second or so; each time the base of the six foot trident touched the carpet, it scorched a black hole into it.

"If you weren't my brother," Zeus smirked, "I would have believed you were also a god of the sky. Please control the electric burning."

"Days!" roared Poseidon. "It has been days and I haven't found a single inkling or symbol of that wretched book. What is it I can do? My anger knows no bounds at all! You promised me we would find it!"

"I never promised, nor hinted, brother." Zeus' amusement rang in every syllable of his dialogue. "I merely told you that I would alert my emergency men: Triton, your son, messenger; Caerus, god of luck and opportunity; Elpis, of hope and expectation, and all the river gods and wind gods I could call. Even Iris shall look out. With such a force, I doubt your precious book's whereabouts will be neglected," his voice sang in malice and evil brotherhood.

"Lies! I have laid my trust in your sorry hands, brother!"

"Calm, Poseidon." Authority coloured each and every sound of Zeus'. "Do not fret, as my messengers never return empty handed. They shall scour the barren planet; they will seek out every hidden nook to find your petty diary."

"It was not only a diary-" Poseidon was ready to kill. "It was a book of my meetings, my most cherished powers and it was each and everything I was willing to pass on to my very son."

"How touching, brother," Zeus invoked sarcastically. "I am sure my nephew would have treasured it with heart."

"Such is your impudence, Zeus," Poseidon spat. "Your worthless bolt's value could not match the one of my chronicle – and I'm sure you realize how important your trivial bolt was to you."

"A comeback worthy of Athena," Zeus snorted, cynicism his best friend in the decree. "But calm, your diary will be found."

Poseidon sighed, his face weary and his voice hoarse. For a moment, his expression mimicked his inconsiderable age, and at that very moment, his face's every spot of acne or sign of wrinkle reflected the knowledge and sights he had seen in his eons of existence. He looked crippled, old and so hopeless, Zeus' face softened at the sight.

"I know why you loved that diary, Poseidon, and I know how upset you are, being so depressed at the fact that the journal of all your hopes, dreams and memories of that woman have been washed away at a simple careless misplacement-"

Poseidon did the last thing ever expected of him.

His eyes glazed, and then a tear broke their firmness, and it rolled down.

"That wasn't all," he whispered, Zeus looking almost scared now. "It was everything to me. Sally was all I had and treasured that I couldn't afford to lose. And the worst part is, if of all people either she or Percy has it, I won't mind, but I'd tell them this isn't right – but I find no comfort in imagining that, because neither Sally nor Percy would steal it, of that I'm sure."

Zeus shook his head. "I may be the last person to say this, but you need to trust all at the moment."

Poseidon collected himself, and looked at Zeus' document. His eyes narrowed.

"Pathetic. No wonder Thalia never loved you."

With a final scorch of the carpet, Poseidon left behind a befuddled Zeus, and walk out the doors in a flash and the sound of his footsteps diffused into the air…

My dream transformed to other flashes of stuff I never loved to think about in normal circumstances. I just let the warm feeling overtake me, and soon enough, I was out completely.


Thick, viscous pools of light broke through the window frame and blinded my eyes. I couldn't see much anyways, but it was always a bad idea to sleep in – as I knew I had done now – because the terrifying sun tended to burn into your eyes until you got the lesson.

Hmph. Apollo probably.

I got ready in no time – showering, grooming and dressing. That was it. I hated slumbering like this, it made me all sloppy and lazy. That would make me all moody throughout the day.

It was really sunny.

But breakfast was still in full swing. Shutting the door, I hurried off to the tables and got myself some food – or whatever there was left. I sniffed precariously, as if afraid of catching scent of something bad – and grinned. Oh goody – roast potatoes, and noodles.

After giving some of the food to the little fire, I did a good job scarfing down all the food I could lay my hands on – what can I say? I was hungry! Grover wasn't anywhere near the dining pavilion, and I could see Annabeth and Malcolm laughing at the Athena table away from me. Annabeth didn't even look over.

I looked around and found myself staring with wide eyes at Thalia, alone at the Zeus table. She stabbed the potatoes with her fork as if puncturing the heart of an enemy and evilly shovelled the pieces into her mouth, which worked on it furiously. Her shoulder length glossy black hair was shimmering under the sun, shielding her face from general view, but she had tucked the tresses that faced me behind her ear in a hasty manner. Her deeply lined eyes were zooming across the pages of some book that lay split open at her hand.

She sighed after shovelling the last potato piece in, and closed the book with a threatening snap. But the snap wasn't of anger. It was a sad snap, melancholic – she was frowning evidently because of what had happened in the book. It was a frustrated snap.

I should sneak a peak at the book.

As though sensing my gaze, Thalia's eyes met mine, and she glared, her blue ones shocking me gravely. That was weird how she could make me feel weird.

Her gaze dropped, and she got up to put her plate away. I thought I saw her smile somewhere.

"Whatsup, Seaweed Brain." Trilled a voice behind me. I turned to see – ah. It was Annabeth. "You look sunburnt. Did you sleep in by any chance?"

I gaped in horror. "Sunburnt? Oh great. Just great. Blinding isn't enough."

"Well yeah," she said matter-of-factly. "Blinding isn't in the sun's heart – because it just is so cruel. Sun burning, however, is a natural thing, so Apollo need not feel guilty."

"Whatever," I said, silently cursing him.

"So, what are you planning to do today? Chiron says we can have a free day."

"Who – us, or everyone?"

"Everyone, genius!!" she laughed.

"Okay," I said. "Well, what do you have in mind?"

She looked over at her own table, some of the people of whom were staring at her. "My cousins and stuff want me to hang with them and research Daedalus."

I forced on a smile and tried not to roll my eyes. Success. "Well, hope you have fun."

Her face fell and she frowned sadly at me. "I really don't want to. Daedalus sounds fun but I'd rather….well…you know…" she breathed. "I'd rather be with you and read the diary. Your past is fascinating, and truth be told, your mom's diary is better than any book I have ever read."

"So you wanna hang out with me just because of the diary?"

She looked absolutely mortified. A red splotchy colour stained her face and her eyes grew wider than drachmas.

"I'm using you, and you can't see? Now close your gaping gob and commence!"


Dear Diary,

I found myself waking up and staring at blue.

That's how well the day started, can you imagine it? Blue. I don't mind the blue. Everything blue is everything unique, because I love to see the ocean because it reminds me of Poseidon. His grandeur, his humanity….

But when you wake up to blue, it can be very disorientating.

I stretched out of my curled position immediately and almost yelled. It was as if I was walking on the bed of the sea – as if somebody had pulled me out of my cozy earth and put me into Bikini Bottom from SpongeBob. I was literally standing at the rock bottom of god knows which ocean – as far as I could see, it was just a flat expanse of blue. My feet rested on the lip of an oyster and I yelped in surprise when I actually ceased craning my head up and up to feel the diminished rays of sunlight.

The giant, luminescent body of the oyster glimmering dimly, and the lips lay open artistically. The flesh of the oyster was soft and pink like an actually bed, and it was dented where I had slept. Looking inside, I saw the pearl tucked away in the corner, glowing slightly, as if it was a lamp for me, or perhaps a crystal ball that held my future in its own shelled cover.

I was flabbergasted by what I saw.

And I know Poseidon was nowhere beside me, so why was I so dry?


A bit short, sorry! I shall try to update!


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