What They Didn't Tell You About Doomsday

Unique Noises

Lorelai Smith sorted papers on her desk. She wasn't really paying attention to what she was doing. She was thinking. All of them, gone. Suddenly, she shot up from her chair and pressed her face against the cool glass of her office window. A noise had caught her attention. It couldn't be, could it? Of course it was, there were no other noises like that.
"How dare that...murderer think that he can show his face around here! I know Jack says that he's a good man really but I can't forgive him, he should be left to rot! He killed them all! If it wasn't for him..." she faltered. "He lost her though," she thought.


The Doctor hopped out of the TARDIS. He wanted to appear as if everything was fine but it wasn't, Martha was gone now, he was alone again. The curse of the Time Lords haunted his every step. Then he saw it, looming over the City, the newly reconstructed Torchwood Tower. "I can't." he thought, "it wouldn't help, and anyway, Torchwood isn't there anymore." But slowly, he began to take unwitting steps towards the building where he had lost the love of his life. Rose.


Captain Jack Harkness stared in disbelief at his newest member of staff. "You know, it could be wishful thinking, you've wanted revenge on the Doctor for a long time now, are you sure you heard the TARDIS, Rory?"
Lorelai looked pointedly at him. "Do you really think that after all that time, ever since they rescued me from the wreck that was this building and told me that my family and my fiancé were all dead, that I wouldn't want to know why? I've dreamt of that sound every night for three whole years, I know what it sounds like, Jack."
"I don't doubt that but I don't want you rushing down there and screaming your head off at him, he's an old friend of mine. You don't want to lose your job in your first week do you?"

Just then, the automatic doors opened to reveal a smiling face, "Jack! Good to see you! Ah, I see you're back to your old flirting regime then" said the Doctor wryly, looking at Lorelai with interest.
"As a matter of fact, I was in the middle of a meeting, Doctor."

The window smashed to reveal a silhouetted figure…

"But, you're all dead! Why do I lose everything whilst you survive!?"

"What is it?" asked Lorelai quietly.