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Still Standing

Naruto stood in front of the full length mirror that was mounted on his closet door and checked himself over as he worried his bottom lip between his teeth. It wasn't like him to be this concerned with his appearance but the bastard was taking him out tonight and damn it he wanted to look good.

The blond pulled on his tie awkwardly and wondered if blue really was the way to go. The suit he was wearing was a uniform black, it was the only suit he owned and it could be worn on any occasions, from weddings to funerals. The shirt was white and to soften up the stern look Naruto had chosen a bright blue tie but now he was wondering if maybe silver or red would be better.

With a disgusted sigh Naruto stopped fidgeting with his clothes and after one lingering look in the mirror to check that his hair was somewhat in order he turned away from the closet and moved out to the living room. He had big hopes for the evening. Naruto and Sasuke had been together for almost five years now, ever since Naruto was sixteen and Sasuke seventeen and they had realized that the intense hatred they felt for each other might not be hate after all. Naruto had followed Sasuke to college and they had shared a dorm room. Not everything during the years had been puppies and roses during the years but Naruto really loved his raven and he knew that the Uchiha felt the same; Sasuke had always let him known that even though he didn't say it in so many words. The way Sasuke held him every night, like he was something precious told Naruto everything he needed to know.

They had just finished college now and while Naruto had gotten a job as a junior apprentice at a publishing company Sasuke was moving on to law school, preparing to go in his father's footsteps and become a defense attorney. As stated Sasuke had asked him out for dinner tonight, at the same restaurant where they had celebrated their three year anniversary and Naruto hoped that the raven was going to ask him to continue living together even after college and maybe even more. The blond looked down on his bare finger with a wistful look. He knew that they were young but he honestly couldn't see himself with anyone except Sasuke and they had been living together for years anyway so it wasn't like it was a huge step for either of them. Besides Naruto knew that they had their families approval, Iruka was happy just knowing that Naruto was happy and Sasuke's parents adored him, he was even allowed to call them mom and dad. Not that he ever had, that would feel weird but he loved them like parents and would do anything for them.

Naruto glanced at his wristwatch and saw that it was still an hour left until he was supposed to meet Sasuke but he couldn't just sit here on Iruka's couch and wait, that would drive him crazy…Patience wasn't one of Naruto's greatest virtues. He got up from the comfy sofa and smoothed the suit trousers over his long legs making sure that they hadn't wrinkled. Walking past the kitchen he waved goodbye to Iruka who waved back while on the phone chatting away. Naruto's chuckled silently to himself as he walked through the hallway and opened the front door, his dad was the biggest gossip he'd ever met and nothing made Iruka happier than spending time on the phone chatting away with a friend. He was worse than a teenager but it was also a part of why Naruto loved him so much, he was one of the few constants in Naruto's life and the blond knew he could always count on his dad to be there for him…No matter what.

It was a nice night out and Naruto decided to walk to the restaurant, that way he'd kill time and save money on cab fare. It had rained earlier and the smell of rain was still in the air, its sweet, clear scent lingering and making everything seem fresh and new again. By now the clouds had drifted away and a yellow moon was slowly rising over the roof tops. Yes it really was a lovely night and Naruto looked forward to sharing its sweetness with Sasuke, perhaps they could take a walk by the river after they had finished their meal. They were both so busy these days setting up for their new lives that they rarely got to spend any time together, Naruto missed his moody boyfriend and he guessed that Sasuke missed him too if this date was anything to go by.

Naruto had just turned a corner when he saw two men trying to drag a young girl into an alley, the girl didn't look older than twelve or thirteen and she had a terrified look on her face. One of the men wrapped his arm around her shoulder and pulled her along while the other smirked and leaned down to whisper something in her ear. Naruto looked around and saw that the street was deserted except for him. Where was everybody? It was early on a Friday night and yet not a single soul was in sight. Bracing himself Naruto squared his shoulders and moved towards the trio, if what he suspected was about to happen then he had to help, he couldn't just leave the young girl there now could he?

"Hey what are you doing?" He called out as he came closer. Naruto could see the unwashed hair of the two men, their dilated eyes and their shaking hands and he realized that they were most likely on something. The blond had never been into drugs but he'd been to enough college parties to recognize the signs. This close the terror in the girl's eyes was even more apparent but at the sight of him the fear was mixed with a desperate hope.

"Walk away pretty boy," The man holding the girl rasped out as he tightened his grip around her small shoulders. "We're just having some fun that's all, aren't we sweetheart?" The man's other hand came up and grabbed the girls chin, forcing her to look at him.

The girls eyes welled with tears and she tried to shake her head but the man was holding her still with the hand clutching her chin, she seemed too afraid to get a word out.

"It doesn't look like she's sharing your idea of fun, why don't you just let her go." Naruto moved forward with caution, hoping that he would be able to talk both the girl and himself out of this situation.

"We don't appreciate your meddling rich boy, why don't take that shiny suit and get your ass out of here alright." The other man slurred as he moved behind Naruto.

The blond cursed under his breath when he realized that these guys wanted a fight, he looked around again but the street was just as deserted as before. Naruto figured that since a fight seemed unavoidable he might as well get the upper hand so he whirled around and slammed his fist in the man's face relishing in the crunching sound the man's nose made. Blood poured out from the broken nose and the man brought his hands up to cup his injured appendix while yelling obscenities at Naruto. The man holding the girl got a mad glint in his eyes and pushed the girl away from him so roughly that she fell to the ground.

"Run!" Naruto told the girl sharply as the mad advanced towards him, clenching and unclenching his fists. The girl let out a broken sob and nodded as she shakily got to her feet and ran down the street without a single glance backwards.

"Who do you think you are, coming here and sticking your nose in other people's business?" The uninjured man hissed at him. "You lost us a tasty little treat and now you have to pay." The man launched himself at Naruto fists flying. The blond blocked most punches but the man managed to get a few lucky hits in. The thing that went through Naruto's head was how Sasuke would yell at him when he got to the restaurant for getting his suit dirty. Naruto gave as good as he got and he smirked when the man yelled out in pain and clutched his ribs, where Naruto's knee had landed a solid hit.

Suddenly a sharp pain hit Naruto in the middle of the back and he went down on his knees since his legs didn't seem able to support him anymore. Again and again he felt that stinging pain to his back and to his sides but he couldn't figure out what it was. Brilliant blue eyes looked around confused as he heard an insane giggle to the side of him. The man whose nose he had broken walked in front of him, holding the knife in a firm grip, its silver blade was covered in a red sticky substance and it dripped from the blade and on to the still wet asphalt of the street. Where had that knife come from and who had they been stabbing? Naruto tried to look around again but his eyes didn't want to obey him. Funny, why was he so tired? The man came closer, still giggling and brought the edge of the knife to Naruto's face. The knife cut into the soft flesh of his cheeks again and again and Naruto still couldn't feel a thing, his whole body was numb. The only thing he felt was cold, cold and tired.

With a heavy thump his body hit the street, his face hitting the pavement and dirt finding its way into the wounds of his cut up cheeks making them sting even more. He couldn't move but he felt wetness spread around him and wondered if it had started to rain again. Sasuke would be so mad that he would be late. Naruto closed his eyes; he just needed to rest for a moment, that was all. The water on the street colored a crimson shade from the pool spreading around the blond.

A young couple on the way to the movies found him and after the woman's scream echoed through the air luring more bystanders to the scene the man hurriedly called 911. Within minutes the sound of sirens blasted through the air and paramedics where working on the bleeding blond.

Things like "multiple stab wounds", "severe blood loss" and "internal damages"sounded through the air as they worked on him and lifted him on to a stretcher. 'No…Wait…What?' Naruto struggled to make himself heard but his limbs still wouldn't obey him. 'There had been a mistake, he wasn't stabbed, he was only resting before he would go and meet Sasuke. He was going to have forever with his bastard…Naruto believed in forever, just like Iruka had had with Hayate before the cancer had stolen him away and just like Sasuke's parents had…Like his own biological parents had before that drunk driver took them away from him. Why didn't anyone understand?…He needed to get to Sasuke!' Suddenly the voices around Naruto grew lower and lower until they were nothing but the faintest of murmurs' and the blond felt himself slip away, he tried to claw to consciousness but the darkness was so soft and so tempting. One of the paramedics found his phone in his pocket and looked up the in case of emergency number. No matter how many times he called this Iruka Umino though all he got was a busy tone.

"Hurry up, we're losing him here." A paramedic said and the ambulance was off with screeching tires and blaring sirens.


In a restaurant a few blocks down a raven haired young man seated in a corned by a window table watched a speeding ambulance pass by but he didn't give it anymore thought after the blinking blue lights had disappeared from view. He looked down at his Rolex for the third time and his brow furrowed in irritation. In was typical of the Dobe to be late…The moron couldn't be on time for anything to save his life but tonight he had promised Sasuke that he'd be on time.

'Tch.' That showed how much Naruto's promises was worth. Sasuke raised his crystal glass and took a sip of the crimson red wine within, savoring the heavy pallet of the liquid before swallowing in down and feeling it warm his stomach.

Feeling the bump in his suit pocket Sasuke pulled out the small navy blue velvet box and placed it on the pure white, Irish linen table cloth. Tonight was the night; he was going to ask Naruto for forever. Sasuke had realized early on that his life was nothing without the blond and tonight he was going to make sure that he wouldn't have to be without him ever again. Sasuke had even gone over to Iruka's earlier while Naruto was at work and asked the brunet's permission to marry his son. It had been a bit embarrassing when Iruka had just fallen in a madly laughing heap on the floor but still it was the proper thing to do and Sasuke was nothing if not proper. After Iruka had wiped his eyes and regained his composure the raven had gotten is permission along with a pat on the back.

Sasuke opened the lid of the small velvet box and looked at its content; it was a simple gold band without any stones or marking. It was without fuzz just like his blond and it was made to last.

The Uchiha looked at his watch again, forty-five minutes late, the waiters were beginning to give him the pitying looks of someone who had been stood up and the waitresses were moving in with flirty looks and heaving bosoms ready to console the handsome raven. 'Like hyenas to a fresh kill.' He thought in disgust.

Sasuke turned away from the room and looked outside the window again, admiring the yellow moon that was reflected in the wet asphalt. He snapped the velvet box shut and placed it back in his pocket. Five more minutes then he would leave, blond or no blond.

'Where the hell is that Dobe?'

The ambulance with flashing lights and blaring sirens had long since been forgotten.


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