Titel: New Bella

Pairing: Emmett & Bella

Rating: M

Summary: After Edward left Bella she broke. Not being able to take it anymore Charlie threw her out. Not knowing what to do Bella moved to LA. She worked at a restaurant and got discovered as an actress. That has happened 6 years ago. Bella is now 24 and Bella is one of the most known actresses of the world, leading a role in 90210. One day Alice reads an interview of her and the Cullen kids decide it's time to visit Bella again. Rosalie and Emmett broke up 3 years ago because Emmett has changed too much since they left Bella.

Alice POV

I couldn't believe my eyes as I saw her on the cover of that magazine. We spent the last 5 years travelling a lot. Trying to forget about Bella. And it appeared she had changed a lot. Her hair was longer and it looked brighter. A lot brighter, almost blonde. She was skinny and she was famous. An actress. Playing Annie Wilson on 90120. When I saw the magazine I had to buy it. I wanted to read the article.

Bella, you had your breakthrough with the movie "Cold Ones", a movie about vampires. What did it feel like suddenly having all that attention and how do you feel about it now?

It was weird. I loved the movie. It was great shooting it. But it was crazy suddenly being followed by paparazzi and fans and never getting to do the most normal things anymore. But I got used to it now and I learned to live with it.

Is there anything you would like to change about your life?

Not really. But I do miss my best friend Alice. I wish she would be able to be with me through all of this. And I know she would love to live here in LA going shopping everyday! (Laughs) I would even give her my credit-card if she would be here now!

You seem to be quite sad about that…

I am. She was…is a great person. The best friend you could have. Someone you can trust. Someone I would willingly give my life for.

You're now playing a role in "90210" and there are always rumours about couples on set, what about you?

I don't really like dating on set. Mostly those couples don't last. But it's normal. You spend 5-6 days a week together and that for 12 hours a day sometimes. We go out together, have sleepovers and all that. You know each other. But then you part and everything starts again with other people.

There have been a lot of rumours about you and co-stars but you're never seen with a man…

I think I just have to much work. I don't really date. And its hard finding someone when you travel a lot and get followed around 24/7!

What kind of a man are you looking for?

He should be funny. He has to make me laugh and needs lots of energy. I'm running around the whole day, playing volley ball at the beach, going swimming. Running every day and doing yoga. I need someone who really has fun living you know. Not to serious.

Bella. She missed me. I had to find her.

"Emmett!!!!!!!" I shouted.

"What's wrong??? Why are you shouting so loud??????" Emmett and jasper flew though the door. I threw the magazine at them.

"We are going out tonight, Seeing Bella!" I turned and left to get ready.

Emmett POV

Bella????? Why Bella???? I looked at the magazine and was shocked. God damn was that girl hot now! We were definitely going out tonight.