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Phil walked out of the women's locker room with the phantom of a smile on his lips. Even though he had been interrupted in the middle of a very pleasant experience a while ago, he was feeling pretty damn good.

Truth was that even though his encounter with Maryse was cut off prematurely, he couldn't complain. That night he had gotten more than he had bargained for by just showing up in the arena. Not only did his meeting with the boss went extraordinary well, but he had just found out that Maryse might like him more than she wanted to admit.

Sure, she had blatantly denied it when confronted by him; but hadn't he denied it as well?

And not only had he denied it, but he had also tried to fight it and escape it only to be lured right into her trap in the end.

So yes, The Straight Edge Superstar had given in to temptation, he had succumbed to her little games not once, but twice… and if he counted the little performance she had given him back there he could say that he had given in thrice.

So yes… she had to like him, if only the slightest bit. If that wasn't the case then why would she insist on cornering him around and sneaking into his room? Why would she be jealous of Mickie…


He grunted and dragged his hand down his face. He had forgotten to ask Maryse not to tell Vince about Mickie... or had he asked her? No… he had brought up the theme but it had only angered her more.

So it would be what it was going to be, he wasn't going to take the risk of getting decapitated by the French Canadian just for asking that little favor.

The woman was capable of killing him and then ride his body all the way to hell…

So leaving Mickie's fate in Maryse's hands, he walked all the way back to where he had left his troublesome friend. He entered the room without knocking and found out that she was still there, but she was not alone.

Kofi was there with her and when Phil walked in they stopped talking.

He looked from one friend to the other. Mickie seemed a bit more calmed down and Kofi was just his usual self. "So what is this thing with the French woman?"

For a while Phil just stared at Kofi. Were they going to gang on him now? "You mean besides the fact that the lady here attacked her without any apparent reason?"

Mickie sprung to her feet, ready to round number two. "I had my reasons, she had been getting on my nerves ever since she got drafted here. She had it coming!"

Kofi motioned Mickie to sit back down.

"See, I told you he was going to defend her over me" Mickie complained with a pout but did as Kofi suggested.

Phil sighed. "I'm not defending her just for the hell of it. I'm just going with what I saw and what I saw was you slapping her out of nowhere" He walked to where she was and sat at her side. He tried a softer tone because after all this was Mickie, his friend. "Why did you do that? That was not the Mickie I know"

"Phil, you don't know her like I do. Argh! I just can't stand her, she's a bitchy stuck up that thinks she can walk all over people… and I hate when she calls me little girl, I'm older that her!" She turned around and faced the black haired man. "No one but the twins likes her here, and those she brought with her… ask Kofi"

Phil looked up to Kofi and the man just shrugged.

"You just can't see her for what she is because she has you wrapped up around her pinky… that only aggravates my dislike for her"

Phil scratched his cheek all the way down to his chin. He hasn't told anyone about him and Maryse… unless she had been running her mouth all through the locker room.

"Look, man. I can totally understand you because Maryse is hot as hell. But Mickie is right too, that woman is nothing but trouble… and like I told you once, woman like her don't do guys like you…"

"Look" Phil said putting a stop to both of them. "I don't know where you got the idea that me and…"

Mickie grunted in frustration, this was a Mickie he couldn't quite understand so he shut his mouth and let her talk. "Don't lie to us Phil, everybody saw her getting all cozy with you at the bar a few weeks ago, not to mention that you took her up to your room"

Phil blinked a couple of times but remained in silence; his tongue had darted out and was now nudging at his lip ring.

"Who told you that" He asked after a while. He could believe that people saw him with Maryse at the bar, but he was pretty much sure that nobody had seen him take Maryse into his room.

The petit brunette rolled her eyes "I told you, everybody saw you leave with her…"

"We have that and the fact that when she returned to her room that night Jake was waiting for her in front of her door. He was pretty loud in his reclamations… believe me, I was in the room right in front" Kofi said.

"Phil…" Mickie said with a sigh. "I don't know what's going on between the two of you, but at least hear me out in this. She is playing with you and you fell right in it. You are my friend and I hate to see that evil bitch playing her games with you… and there is talk about it with the guys… and you don't know how much I hate them speculating about the authenticity of your believes"

Phil snorted; his good mood had just disappeared. Reality had hit him hard.

"Want to know what I think" Kofi said sitting at the other side of Mickie. "Enjoy it while it last but don't get too attached… ouch!" He finished up with a complain when Mickie elbowed him.

"Look guys, I appreciate your concern for me, but let people think what they want to believe, I've never been one to care. And Mickie, stay out of trouble and just don't go slapping people around like that, you will be lucky if that woman you despise so much decides not to tell the big boss"

"But Phil…" She started to say but he cut her off.

"I have to go now" Phil stood up and walked out of the room. This reality check had only put numerous doubts in his mind and he needed some time alone to think about certain things.


Phil woke up startled; the distinct feeling that something was amiss eating his entrails.

He sat on the bed and blinked a couple of times as an attempt to clear his blurry vision. It worked but not by much, his eyesight was still fuzzy.

Through half closed eyelids, he made a quick scan through his surroundings; his bags were still where he had left them before going to bed, the lights were all out and the door was closed. Everything looked exactly the same way it did when he had decided to call it a night. Everything was the way it was supposed to be.

Or so he thought until he saw her move in the darkness like if she were part of it. She moved as if in a dream and he could do nothing but watch her approach.

She was biting back a smirk and her face held that predatory look she always had when looking at him. He liked that face, it promised so much.

He let out a tired sigh. There was no point in denying, getting lost in her games was so easy, resisting her not so much.

Still in place, he watched in fascination as she climbed on top of the bed, crawling to him in slow motion so that he could swallow in her appearance.

She was wearing an overly crafted set of lingerie that hugged her body in a way that should be made illegal; it left nothing to the imagination. It was red; the color of passion and sin, a color that suited her perfectly.

Although he hadn't expected her, he was not surprise with the fact that she had managed to get into his room. Part of him had wanted her to come, but after leaving her a mass of fury in the arena he didn't think she was going to show there.

He had believed that if she was ever going back to him she was going to take her time. Apparently, time was something she didn't liked to waste.

Slowly, she crawled all her way to him until she was straddling him, her full weight resting against his already aroused body.

"You know Punk Boy, after that little number you put me in at the arena you should make it up to me" She said in a low raspy tone that spoke nothing but raw desire.

She knew exactly how to push his buttons.

His hands came to circle around her, bringing her closer to him. He tried to remember all that he had though before going to sleep; but he was still half asleep and the way her warm body felt against him, and they way her perfume enveloped him made it almost impossible for him to think straight.

"Lucky for you I already have a few ideas…" She purred burying her hands in his hair before capturing his lips with hers.

He indulged in her, didn't he always? He kissed her back, running his restless hands up her back until they came to tangle in her soft hair. She had become his addiction and he wasn't quite sure if he would be able to fight her off.

There was just something about her that made it almost impossible for him to resist. It was those lips, her soft skin, the scent of her, the way she touched him and the way she felt… it was just her, the essence of her.

Without breaking the kiss, Maryse pushed the Chicago native down on his back. She went down with him, a soft gasp escaping her lips so that he could take it as his own. It was small things like that what he liked so much about her, what made him loose control.

His hands started to migrate back south until they found their favorite spot, her round and perfect ass. He kneaded her smooth flesh and pushed her to him, eliciting from her another one of those strangled gasps.

It only added to his need for her.

As he worked her flesh with his hungry fingers, Maryse started to grind her hips into him, rubbing her heated center against his erection. The friction felt heavenly, but his body was screaming for a more intimate contact, one where clothes will not be needed.

Her hands slipped underneath his shirt and they began the journey of traveling up to his chest, running along his skin as their kiss escalated in intensity.

Her hands on him felt good; It was perfect… she was just perfect. The way her body molded to his was just perfect…

But then he recalled the reality check that had been slapped on him and he teared his lips from hers. "Maryse… I can't do this, not like this" His voice was husky and his breathing labored.

She smiled slyly and arched an eyebrow, her moist, swollen lips inviting him to resume what he had just given up. "You like to be on top?" She asked before climbing off of him and laying on her back. "Or if you like I can finish up what we started…"

He turned himself to her and placed a finger over her lips to silence her; and it did silence her, but only because she took the digit into her mouth and started to suck at it seductively, her tongue teasing him as it had done with his cock back at the arena.

He took his finger away from her. The woman was indeed a pro in this game; if he wasn't carefully he was bound to get sucked in more than he already was.

He was hovering at her side. "That's not what I meant…" He stopped in mid sentence when she slid her hands underneath his shirt once again to touch him freely. "I'm serious Maryse" He hissed pulling her hands from him. "Look, what I mean is that this thing between you and I, I can't do it anymore, I won't"

Her face, all sassy a minute ago turned into a scowl. "Is this because of that girl… ugh" She attempted to stand up but he prevented her from going anywhere.

Despite himself, he had to smile at her reaction. Maybe, if he played his cards well this could turn to his favor.

"It's not because of Mickie… it's because of me, because of what I believe in. I let myself get carry away and I shouldn't have. This whole casual sex stands against everything I believe and I won't do it anymore. At least not like this"

The question was left unsaid, but he didn't want to risk pushing her, so he waited.

She remained in silence, her face worried in one of those grimace of hers. He also remained silent, watching her.

Then, when the silence carried for way too long and the only sound that could be heard was the air conditioning humming she spoke up. "I don't do relationships, if that is what you are asking for"

He nodded and sucked into his mouth his lips ring. That was it then. "Then I think is better if you leave"

Her hazel eyes found his, her lips slightly parted as in the verge of saying something. But she said nothing; she just pushed herself up and sat at the edge of the bed.

It was not like he was this celibate militant guy that repelled sex outside of marriage; it was the casual sex he had already engaged into what he didn't want to do anymore. If he was going to keep succumbing to her, he wanted it to be something more than just sex, and if she didn't wanted it like that then what could he do other that sending her away?

But she just sat there, her back to him as she remained motionless. He wanted to believe that she was making up her mind, but Kofi's words replayed in his mind like a cursed chant.

'Women like her don't do men like you'

And maybe he was right; Maryse was everything he was not. He could not think of a woman in the entire roster that differed from him more that the blonde sitting in his bed. They were complete opposites and she represented almost all the things he stood against up, the casual sex, the drinking, the smoking… she was too much into the wild life and that didn't suit with him.

Maybe they just weren't meant to be.

Yet, despite knowing all that, he still wanted her to give in to him as he had given in to her. He wanted more.

"Your friends hate me" She said flipping her hair in an exaggerated fashion.

With a smile playing on his lips, he moved to her and sat behind her, his legs at both sides of her. "From what I hear you haven't been trying to win them over" She shrugged while he moved her hair aside so that he could kiss her naked shoulder. "And yours don't seem to like much either…" He said thinking of Jake and the way he had dropped him on his head, the though still made him angry.

She rested her back against him and let a sigh escape her lips. He didn't know what to make of her just now. Was she going to leave or was she going to stay?

For a while they just remained like that, he with his chin resting at her shoulder and his arms wrapped around her, and she leaning her back against him.

He could get used to this; it was different to be holding her like that, so passive and without the eagerness to rip out his clothes, he liked it.

But all good things must come to an end and theirs could be just around the corner, the ball was in her court and he was just waiting for her to decide what to do with it.

She pulled away from him and got to her feet. For a second he thought that she was going to leave, and thus that their short but intense affair was now over for good. But then she turned back to him and straddled him back again, her hands resting casually at his chest.

"Fine then" She said with a dramatic roll of her eyes. "But let me tell you a little something first, having me exclusively for you doesn't come easy. I'm complex… sophisticated" She said in her thick accent while flipping at her hair in the same fashion as before. Phil jus observed her while lifting his eyebrows.

"In the mornings I can't function without my French vanilla coffee. I hate a man that curse and I like gifts, nice gifts. I want my man to…" Her words turned into a surprised gasp when he rolled her around and beneath him.

"Wow, you sound like a handful… now I'm the one who haves to think about it. Can you cook?" He didn't wait for a reply and placed his lips down her chin for a small kiss.

She smiled a real smile, not a grin or a smirk, neither was it a mocking smile or a sly smile, it was just a smile, the first genuine smile he had ever seen emerge from her lips.

She looked even prettier when she smiled like that and he could just stare at her captivated. "I can cook, and quite well if you really want to know"

His lips descended to her throat and down her collarbone, kissing and nipping a path southward until he reached the top of her breast. "I'm considering it… what else do I need to know" He asked while releasing her breasts from the constraint of her bra. His hand went to cup her bare flesh, enjoying the feel of her in his hand.

It seemed like she had lost her desire to chat, because instead of replying to him she only moaned softly; and as he touched and weighed her in, he felt his cock starting to awaken again, there was no doubt his body loved that woman.

The black haired superstar leaned down into her and captured a nipple between his lips, his tongue teasing it into a tight bud. She moaned again and his cock throbbed painfully in his pants, it wanted release.

"Hmmm I like that" She purred lowly as he moved to her other breast, sucking and teasing as well until she was squirming from his ministrations.

Still feasting on her flesh, he slid his hands down her sides and to the edge of her panties. He craved to feel her frame pressed against him without the boundaries of their clothes, he wanted to feel all of her.

He pushed the small, red fabric down and she helped him by lifting her hips off the bed so that he could take them off.

He took off the bra as well and tossed it aside with the rest of her lingerie, and when she finally lay completely naked before him he began to move his lips down the wonders of her body.

His lips and tongue explored their way down to her flat stomach while her hands tangled themselves in his hair, urging him to keep going. He smiled against her skin, loving the way she was reacting to him.

Good thing he had all the time in the world to enjoy her.

He took one of her legs and lifted it up, she had amazing legs, long and toned… but then again, there was not an inch of her body that he didn't liked. She was sculpted in perfection.

His lips found their way to her calf and he nipped her flesh some before starting to kiss and lick his way up to her inner thighs.

He spread her legs farther apart, exposing the essence of her womanhood to him. She was truly a sigh to see but even better than that was the fact that she really wanted this. The only game they needed to play now was the one of discovering one another and so far he was getting a head start.

He licked his way close to her center, his tongue ring scratching her skin only the sightless bit; but when his lips was inches away from tasting her, he moved to work on her other leg.

"Are you trying to kill me here" She complained in a raspy voice while pushing his head toward the place she wanted him the most.

He pulled away from her and looked up at her flushed face. "Eager already?"

She groaned and covered her eyes with her hands.

He smirked, so the teaser didn't like to get teased… not to worry, he was as eager as she was to carry on with this. He wanted to taste her and feel her squirm and trash beneath him.

So going back to business, he lowered his head down and between her legs. Without wanting to dwell more on it, he went straight to the price, his tongue slowly licking her wetness as her hips bulked forward.

"Oh… Phil, I like that even better" She said in a breathy moan as he kept on savoring her.

He let his tongue massage her clit in lazy circles, stopping randomly to give her a slight nib and suck. She was delicious and he could not get enough of her.

And she was enjoying it even more, thrusting her hips to him, whimpering and muttering both in French and English while he kept licking at her, tasting her in the most intimate of places.

He loved the way she was reacting, so wanton… his cock seemed to love it too.

"Phil" She called to him while pushing his head away. He let go of her reluctantly, licking the taste of her out of his lips. "I want you now" She panted while locking her darkened eyes with his.

She didn't need to say it twice, he wanted her too. He began stripping off his shirt and she helped with his pants. They were both eager so it didn't take long before all his clothes were pulled and tossed aside with hers.

"Oh, and Phil… I'd really like to be on top" She pushed him back and he let himself fall on his back.

She climbed on top of him, her blonde hair tumbling around her face as she looked down on him. By now he was in a point where he didn't care which position they assumed, as long as he could bury himself into her heated center he would be content.

They would have time to try more positions; with Maryse's appetite for sex he was pretty damn sure of that.

The Canadian reached down to his engorged cock and guided him into her, she was ready for him and when she positioned his erection right at her entrance she let him slid into her velvety tunnel.

This time he was the one to moan. It just felt delightful to be one with her, to be in her while she set a pace that suited them both.

Still ridding his erection, she leaned into him, pressing her body against him before capturing his lips in a hungry kiss.

His hands flew to run along her back, enjoying the way her warm skin felt under his touch, loving the way she took all of him into her, then they went to tangle in her hair, then back to her back and finally to her ass, they wanted to be everywhere.

He cupped her ass and soon enough, when his passion was at its highest and the sensation of her riding him for all she was worth was too much to take, he began to slam her against him, pulling her up and dawn, back and forth while impaling his length deep inside of her.

She broke the kiss and whimpered some gibberish, her body rocking against him in complete abandon. He recaptured her lips and swallowed all her moans and whimpers as she clenched her inner muscles around him.

It was enough to drive him crazy.

After a while, she collapsed against him, their lips only touching because neither of them could concentrate in the simple task of kissing. But he kept slamming into her, guiding her in and out until her climax began to subside and his began to peak.

And he kept going until his cock exploded inside of her, it felt wonderful. And then, as he emptied himself deep inside her core he kept going some more. But then, after a while, when his thrusts became erratic and his body wouldn't give anymore he just stopped sliding in and out of her.

He just held her still against him.

He gave a final raspy moan and rested one hand in her back and the other one against her derriere. They both remained like that, still one and clinging to each other as they waited for their breathing to go back to normal.

"I think I'm going to take you" He said with a smile, his breathing still a bit ragged. Of course he was going to take her, as if there was ever any doubt about that; and when the first rays of morning came, he was going to get her a damn french vanilla coffee followed by a special session of some Punk loving.

He already liked this new beginning, and he couldn't wait to know what was going to be in their future, not only in their sex life, he already knew that was going to be amazing, but he was eager to get to know the real Maryse, the one who was hidden behind that snobby persona and let's face it, bitchy attitude.

She lifted her head off his shoulder and looked at him, her eyes sparkling and another one of those smiles that he already liked way too much on her face. "As if you wouldn't, Punk Boy. I'm just too irrésistible"