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It was breakfast time in the Haruno household and everything was quiet; the weather was fine, the pancakes were not overcooked, Sasuke is not behaving like a bitch in heat with Sakura, and the birds outside were chirping, probably singing praises to the bird god, Sasuke. It was the scene until a little interruption occurred. Surprisingly, this little interruption came from our little old man, Toushiro Uchiha.

"We are going back to the mansion." Said the little devil.

"WE?" said Sakura and Sasuke, staring at Toushiro as if a new position much more powerful than the Queen of England was announced and the certain title was given to Toushiro.

"Yes. WE. Have you gone deaf, spare number 2? " Toushiro inquired

" No! I have not gone deaf, why am I spare number 2? What does it even mean?!" Sasuke asked incredulously . Apparently, it was his little brother's time of the month. What an excellent achievement, getting his period without even reaching puberty yet!

"Ah, Sasuke-san." Sakura began " I think Toushiro got that idea from an anime we watched last night."

"Yes, Sakura-san. You are correct. " Toushiro said with pride " Sakura-san is a good match for you, spare. Her intelligence and logic is so great she can cover up your idiocy. Perhaps you will move on from your middle child syndrome and be productive after your marriage! I said-"

" Who said I have a middle child syndrome?! And again, why am I a SPARE?" The discussion was getting more heated and heated and Sakura's parents quickly finished their food and excused themselves.

"Had you not interrupted me, I would have told you! *ehem* As I was saying, there was this older brother in an anime last night where he considers his younger brother his spare where he would procure his new set of powerful red eyes. Though our birth orders were a little bit different, it does not matter to this Toushiro. You will be my spare eyes, or whatever it is that you have of value. Be happy I consider you my spare. No one can match up to my first spare, Itachi-nii." Toushiro said, proud of his declaration

Sakura stared at the brothers in front of her. She was sure Sasuke was the only one who has a mental illness in the family. Apparently, it runs in the family. She was starting to think Sasuke's parents were really siblings and their sons Sasuke and Toushiro were Kami's punishment for their incestuous relationship. She cringed at her imagination and just resumed her eating.

"THAT'S IT!" Sasuke snapped " WE ARE GOING HOME."

"Finally, you had some sense and agreed with me." Toushiro muttered as he finished his meal and went upstairs to get his suitcase. Sasuke growled and followed his little brother.

" Wait, am I supposed to join the two of you?" Sakura asked. Sasuke stopped walking and turned to Sakura with a look that says 'What do YOU think?'

"YES! YES! I am going to the mansion, too. No need to be a bitch around me!" Sakura quickly said and ran upstairs to pack her clothes.

The three were inside a limousine and Toushiro is still talking about how awesome he is for bringing up the idea to go back home.

"Why did you want to go back anyway?" Sakura asked the toddler

"I forgot to do something that was extremely necessary." Toushiro said as he looked at the window

"Hn?" Sasuke asked

"There was this homework of mine that I was doing before I left for Suna. I was not able to finish it because I ran out of the color red. It was stated in the instruction that I should color the balloon red. I had maroon but maroon is NOT red. Which reminds me… Kakashi-san."

"Yes, Toushiro-sama?" Kakashi asked

"Please stop by at the mall to procure a new set of crayons. Make sure it has the color red." Toushiro said and resumed staring at the window.

Sakura stared at the kid.

And stared

And stared

"You had all of us to go back to the mansion just because of a freaking uncoloured balloon?!"

Toushiro turned to Sakura. " Is there something wrong with that?"

"YES! Everything is wrong with THAT!"

"I cannot see what is wrong with going home to resume my homework. I have a class tomorrow. The colouring assignment is due tomorrow, and my teacher will not stamp a star that has 'VERY GOOD' written below it on my fist if I failed her. Is there something wrong with that?" the little devil inquired, confused.

Again, Sakura stared

And stared

And stared

And stared until Sasuke said something that had Sakura's sanity jump out of the window.

"I see nothing wrong with it. We Uchihas are achievers. I once forgot to color a rainbow when I was a kid and threw a tantrum until the family left the Caribbean Sea to go home so I could color the rainbow. Though I still wonder why Itachi and father were glaring at me the whole time we were in the plane."

With this, Sakura finally concluded that Sasuke and Toushiro were Kami's punishment for Mikoto and Fugaku Uchiha's evil doings. Whatever it was, she was sure it was pretty heavy to have these kids as their punishment

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