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Chapter One ;; Awkward Car Ride

Okay, so it was official. She liked him. No, correction: she was infatuated with him. And as much as she hoped it was some sort of pubescent crush she was experiencing, the girl knew that this was much more. The two had been through so much together, shared countless secrets with each other and helped each other out in loads of situations. Gwen knew that her attraction to Kevin had only been increasing. What with the start of the knew year the next day and having compared classes with her alien-busting comrades, Gwen also knew that the attraction would increase ten-fold as the guy was in practically all of her classes. Coincidentally, Ben was too. And fortunately for him, so was Julie Yamamoto – his girlfriend that he had been together with for quite a while already.

So anyway, the girl was now sat in the green and black striped cruiser that held so many memories of the trio's adventures. Usually, Gwen sat at the front passenger window seat. She felt happy there as she could happily chat with Kevin during the car journeys and likewise, he would chat back with her. However recently, actually if you want to be accurate, ever since she had found out that her attraction to him was not just some petty thing and was practically love Gwen was so much more aware of herself near Kevin. Not wanting to embarrass her self, conversation between the two had lessened and Gwen was now a bit shy to see him. Mulling over her recent decisions, the girl realised that her recent ones wouldn't exactly help her in getting closer to the roguish guy, let alone into a relationship. Wait. A relationship? She blushed and nearly giggled like a school girl at the thought. Is that what she wanted? Sure, she loved him, but Gwen didn't even know how he felt about her. Well, not for sure that is. Thinking more about what could be between them, she leaned back in her chair and sighed, not even realising that she had been staring at Kevin ever since she got into the car, completely oblivious to the conversation that was going on around her.

Driving the car expertly through the various neighbourhoods, Kevin was dropping Ben off at his house after an exciting trip to Mr. Smoothies. However something didn't feel quite right. First off, why wasn't Gwen sitting next to him still? Was she mad at him for something? Sure he teased her and everything, but Kevin knew that he liked her. No, correction: he was infatuated with her. She was constantly in his head, even at home and at school. But heck, thinking about her made him do more good things. He had even started to study for tests! Not that he would admit that little fact to anyone. He had to stop thinking about her though. The main thing to do now was to focus on the driving and try to listen to the story that Ben was telling him. But there was something nagging at him which led to the second thing that didn't feel quite right. It was like his sixth sense had perked up. Was someone watching him? Looking in the mirror, he noticed that it wasn't just 'someone'.

"Gwen?" Shit. He said it out loud. This was definitely unintended. The other two in the car looked up, Gwen looking slightly flushed as though she had been caught doing something embarrassing. Ben cocked his eyebrow up, curious as to the sudden calling of his cousin. Suddenly kind of flustered about his situation, he tried to fix it the best way he could think of. "Jeez, quit starin' at me. You're burning a hole through my headrest."

Oh. How embarrassing. She had been staring at the guy and hadn't even realised it. Better yet, Kevin had even noticed. Kind of stuttering a bit, she came back with something on the spot. "W-what? Staring a-at you? Pff, uh-huh yea sure. You wish, Kevin." Looking in the mirror to see his reaction, the girl made eye contact with him and he raised an eyebrow curiously. The girl twisted her whole body to face the window. She would try and make sure that she didn't stare at him again. Kevin was good at picking out liars. No doubt he could sense that something hadn't been quite right with her recently.

The car pulled up to Ben's drive and the teenage boy hopped out of the car. After the little staring situation, it got kind of awkward in the car. Jeez, what was the point in keeping their feelings secret? Even he knew that they liked each other. He stood at his door and waved the car good-bye until he couldn't see it anymore as it turned the corner. Half-smiling, he shook his head at the two of them and entered his home.

It was now pretty quiet in the car. But to Gwen, that didn't really matter seeing as they were close to her home anyway. It wouldn't be long until, ah, here it was. They arrived at her home. She wanted to leave as soon as possible but when the car stopped and the engine switched off, the door wouldn't open. The car's child lock was on.

"Uh, Kevin? The door's still lo-"

"What's up Gwen?" He interrupted. For a while he knew something was up with the girl. She didn't seem as willing to talk to him anymore. In fact, it seemed like she was avoiding him altogether at the moment. Kevin had been hanging around his garage waiting for her surprise visits with random sodas. It had been two weeks (approximately) since her last appearance at his home. "Are you mad at me or something or is it like, I dunno, that time of the month again?" Ugh, he felt like such a douche saying that. Well whatever, he wanted to know what was going on. Sighing he ran a hand through his raven silky locks of hair and waited for her reply.

He had interrupted her. Not only that, it looked like she wasn't going to leave so easily today either. To be honest, she didn't want this conversation at all. But felt that maybe she should make up some kind of explanation for the way she had been acting recently. Honestly? She was surprised that he even cared to ask her about it. Trying to laugh as though he was saying something utterly ridiculous, she began. "W-what? Nothing's up and no, I'm not mad at you..." Come on, now would be a great time to think of something quickly. It can be anything. "I've just been thinking..." Kevin looked at the mirror where he could see Gwen twiddling with her fingers, clearly thinking about something important to her.

"Yes?" He encouraged her to continue.

"Well you know Ben and Julie... I've just been thinking about them recently..." Seriously!? This was the best she could come up with to avoid the subject that she wanted to avoid the most? Well, whatever. It wasn't like she could change her explanation now.

"Uh-huh, I see..."

"You do?" she asked curiously. Gwen had to hear this. She climbed to the front for the first time in two weeks and sat down in the front passenger seat. It felt so nice to be back. With her head cocked at a slight angle, she looked at him inquisitively.

He was glad to see that she was back in her rightful seat. Sure, he was cool with Ben sitting there and all, but in his mind that place was always gonna be saved for the one and only Gwen Tennyson. Rubbing the back of his neck, he laughed sheepishly "Well, not really... I was kind of hoping you'd elaborate."

"Oh." She thought about what she would say for a while when she realised that this was a great opportunity to talk about something with him without even really talking about it. "Well..." she started, some how a bit shy to talk about this with him. "They've been together for ages now, right? But doesn't it seem like they got together so quickly?"

"Yea, I suppose... But I really don't think that you hav-" He was about to finish with 'worry about that kind of thing' when he was interrupted.

"I know, I know. But I'm just saying that it seemed like they ended up together really quickly. It's kind of funny how some people can confess their feelings so quickly to each other." Kevin looked at her suddenly; it was like she was trying to tell him something else. Like, the reason she had been all funny recently wasn't about Julie and Ben. "I think..." the girl seemed to be talking to herself mostly now, as though she had discovered something surprising. "I guess that maybe I'm a bit envious of them."

"I get the feeling this isn't about Julie and Ben." Kevin looked at her with a serious expression on his face. He'd always kind have known that the girl had something for him, but was she trying to tell him there was something more? No! "Whoa Kevin, slow down and take reality for a ride..." he thought to himself. Where'd that come from? Even if she did like him, Kevin wasn't so sure about starting up a relationship with her. Sure, he was a good guy now. But there were things in his past that he'd done that he was really ashamed of. Not to mention his past relationships. If you could even call them relationships, that is. In his past, there were a ton of girls that he had just slept with and then abandoned in the middle of the night. Although he would never do that to Gwen, he still didn't want to risk hurting her. Heartbreak was the least of the things that he could do to her. Shifting in his seat a little, the guy suddenly felt pretty awkward. Where'd all this relationship thinking come from?

So he'd picked up on her secret message had he? Although that had been her aim, Gwen wasn't so sure that she wanted him to figure it out. Well, maybe he hadn't figured it out yet. All he knew was that it simply wasn't about Julie and Ben. Then again, he wasn't that dumb. In the past she had pestered him about why he was being so slow in asking her out. He might have added two and two together already. Just in case he hadn't, the girl needed to leave quickly and get away from the awkward atmosphere that had suddenly developed in the car.

Laughing uncomfortably she opened her door and stuck a leg out so she was sort of half way out of the car. "Yeah... Well don't worry 'bout it so much, okay Kevin? Heh heh..." With that she quickly closed the door and ran to her door, waving good bye to the car rolling away at the same time. As the car rolled away and around the corner, Gwen massaged the bridge of her nose between her index finger and thumb. Why did her relationship with the guy she liked have to be so complicated. Okay, so even though before she had thought that maybe she didn't understand his feelings for her, she was lying to herself. Deep down, the girl knew that they both had mutual attraction for each other which was quite a bit more than just sex appeal. However at the same time the girl got the feeling that it would take forever for anything to happen between them.

"Why do boys have to be so confusing??" she wailed to herself as she unlocked her front door.

Having already arrived at his own home, Kevin plopped down on his bed and rubbed his cheek. What was up with all the secret code stuff?

"Why do girls have to be so confusing??" he mumbled to himself as he stared at the ceiling.

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