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Chapter Four ;; Coincidence

Everything was in chaos. The sun had now set behind the mountains and the only sound that could be heard was the frightened screams of running civilians and the sound of the walls of the power plants various buildings being crushed.

Two humanoid aliens with cat-like masks on: one frowning freakily and the other smiling maniacally were feasting on the toxic sludge that they had spilled. They were gaining strength and the holes where their eyes were meant to be were glowing a bright luminescent light.

"Hey you there!" A shout from behind the duo interrupted their little meal. They turned around at the same time. Ben took this chance to take in what he saw before him. The perpetrators were blue skinned and had a somewhat feline-like quality about them: two big paws for feet and at the end of each of their long fingers they were armed with razor sharp claws that glistened in the luminescent light that continued to shine out of the holes in their mask. Although they had hands, they both seemed perfectly capable of walking around on all four paws and on their hind legs, which was what they were doing now. The teenage boy could see that their current stance made them appear to be extremely tall and lanky.

"Looks like we have an interruption, Lii-Lii..." The "smiling" alien said in an unnaturally high pitched voice. She leaned her weight on one of her shapely legs which caused the ruffles on her unusual skirted armour to sway with her, and rested her hand on her hip.

"Care to deal with him?" From the voice and the shape of its body, Ben could only assume that this alien was male. His luminous eyes stared straight into Ben's, as though he were trying to stare him down.

"Gladly" The other alien licked her thin lips with a serpent-like tongue and started to form what seemed like an energy ball between her two hands. As it got larger and larger, Ben decided it was time to start acting.

"I know just the guy." Perfectly used to using the omnitrix, Ben swivelled the dial until the correct Alien showed up and he pressed down. He could feel himself mutate into the crystal-like being that was Chromastone. Just as the alien let loose a bright beam of energy, Chromastone Ben absorbed it and rechanneled it at both of the culprits. They flew back and kicked up a lot of dust. By the time the dirt particles dissipated, his eyes widen to see that they had both stood back up and were forming two new energy beams. It shot right at him and he wouldn't have had time to absorb it.

He braced himself to get shot right in the head. For all he knew, after this he could turn into some sort of living vegetable in a hospital somewhere, or worse. There so many things left to do. He was still waiting for his grandfather to come back from training all the other would-be plumbers out there. He wanted to get Kevin and Gwen together. He still wanted to experience so much more with Julie. He'd miss everyone so much. "Wait, how come nothing's happened yet?"

"Ben! Are you listening to me?" a familiar female voice could be heard. "Ben! Who are these guys?"

Opening his eyes, he could see a purple force field in front of him. It seemed like Kevin and Gwen had come just in time. She was holding the force field out in front of her, deflecting the energy beam that had come at them. He couldn't help but notice that this attack had been much weaker than the previous beam.

His eyes widened as realisation hit him. They only had a limited amount of power to perform these beams. That was also probably the reason why they had been attacking the power plant; they needed more power.

Just as he was about to say his new theory out loud, he was interrupted by Kevin. "They're charging up. They need these waste chemicals to help stock up on their strength."

"I figured that. After this last attack, their eyes just dimmed down loads," added Gwen.

A disappointed Ben pouted and said, "How'd you guys figure that out so fast..."

"Well, we'd actually been surveying the battle for a little while."

A slow clap and calm, mocking chuckles could be heard yet again from the dusty shadows and the two aliens reappeared. "Well done, you figured us out. We still have means of finishing you off though."

The three of them looked confused for a bit, but suddenly realised and jumped into fighting stance when they saw the aliens run at them with their huge claws. Kevin absorbed the metal in a pipe next to him, Gwen prepared her energy bolts while Ben stanced himself, ready to start an attack.

The female alien quickly shot another beam out of her hand like a gun and everyone split up as they dodged it. It was a pretty tough fight, neither side showed signs of backing down. The two aliens clawed and shot at the trio while Kevin threw large bits of debris at them and threw punches, Ben rechanneled their beams right back at them and Gwen threw her own purple manna bolts at the enemy. Eventually, Kevin punched the male.

"Right in the kisser!" he cheered as the being flew back into his partner.

"Lii-Lii, you're hurt!" one of them cried with a worried expression. She crouched down in a rather 'wild cat manner' and prepared to launch herself at her opponents however Lii-Lii grabbed her by the shoulder to stop her.

"Chee-Chee." he said in a serious and monotonous voice, part of his mask crumbled off and a colourless, gloppy substance was coming out of a gash on his head. Both of his eyes had dimmed down to reveal two very serpent-like eyes with no eyelashes or eyebrows to protect them. "We need to conserve our energy. Let us be on our way." He jumped up to a standing position while Chee-Chee straightened out her ready-to-battle stance. He turned around, stared straight at the culprit who had hit him in the face and smiled at him as though he wanted to say something.

A pang of déjà-vu hit Kevin.

"...Till next time, Kevin Levin." He said calmly as he turned back around. The two jumped up and as the trio that remained looked up to see if they could catch up with them, the double act were gone.

"Weird" stated Ben; he now back to his original human form. "How did he know your name?"

"Dunno." He said simply. He had been trying to figure out not only how the alien knew his name, but why he felt as though he'd seen him somewhere else before. Shrugging it off, he turned towards his two comrades. He looked at Gwen briefly, remembering how she had actually not even been in the top condition during this fight. It was obvious she was trying to be nonchalant about it, but she was rubbing her sides as though she was trying to take in a deep breath and stretch or something. He knew that she really must have felt terrible though and just wanted to pick her up and take her home. That reminded him.

"Hey Ben, where's Julie?"

"Right over here." A girly voice said. She ran over to Ben and hugged his arm. Apparently she'd watched the whole thing from a distance that Ben thought was safe enough for her. She didn't often go on the crazy adventures that the trio got up to, but Julie knew a lot about them from Ben's accounts. She was proud of her boyfriend's Plumber status, but that didn't stop her from constantly worrying about his whereabouts when they weren't together. The fact that these aliens got away meant that there was bound to be a follow-up attack sooner or later. She knew that there would be no chance in hell of Ben letting her watch if that happened. The only reason that she'd been here this time was because they were already out on a date and fairly close to the location; there wouldn't have been any time to drop Julie off and come back.

"Well, we better go. Your dad's gonna kill me if I drop you off past your curfew again. But we do need to talk about this. Let's do it before school starts or maybe during the study session. I dunno, I'll phone you guys." With that, he led his girlfriend back in the direction that she had come from. This probably meant that that was where his new car was as well.

This left Gwen and Kevin by themselves. Gwen knew that she was going to be dropped off at her house by him, so she walked to where Kevin's car was. They had to park it kind of far away from the scene so that police wouldn't be suspicious and also, Kevin would never allow his 'baby' to get hurt during a fight. She sighed; it was extremely awkward. Neither teenager could look at the other. It was quite dark now so there weren't many people out. For some reason, this seemed to increase the atmosphere; it was like they had to focus on each other.

Kevin thought about what had happened. After their kiss, which he had to admit that he had initiated, he had to be a bit honest in that he was glad the Plumber's alarm sounded. There was no need to talk about it since they had been so occupied. However, he now realised that this had only delayed the inevitable. Plus, even if it wasn't now, they would have to talk about it sooner or later. The boy desperately tried to think of something to say, anything to feel the void of silence between them. "Just say anything Kevin!"

"Pretty awkward, huh." Great. You only needed one thing to say and you say the one thing that makes you sound like a complete ass. Just to highlight his assumptions, he received a dry look from Gwen. "Aw, come on... Say something Gwen. Look, I'm sorry okay? I didn't mean to..." he stopped speaking when he could see that she was still silent.

She could see that he was trying to break the silence, but she wasn't really in the mood for his first comment. She had been literally pummelled all day by her new 'friend', made out with the guy she was currently in love with out of the blue, had to fight aliens again for the first time in a while and now she was having one of the most embarrassing/awkward moments of her life. Why was he apologising? What didn't he mean exactly? After a little more silence, she piped up again.

"You're apologising? If you didn't mean to kiss me, then you shouldn't have led me to believe that you wanted to in the first place! It's pretty bad to lead girls on, you know..." She folded her arms in frustration. After truly believing that he had liked her for real, he goes ahead and says that he didn't mean one of the most important things that could have happened to her.

"What? You completely misunderstood what I just said!" What he had wanted to say was that he hadn't meant to upset her. How could she have thought that he hadn't wanted to kiss her? "You think that I didn't mean that kiss?" By now they were by his car; he unlocked it and they both got in.

Gwen blushed deeply. Had she gotten it wrong? Or rather, had she been right all along? What did that even mean? To be honest, Gwen couldn't come up with a reply to what he'd said. A long time throughout the car journey, she was silent.

Oh God. Why'd he say that? He was just digging his hole deeper and deeper with whatever he said. If he continued on this way he'd be at a point of no return. He kept looking at her to see her reaction. She was clearly at a loss for words and he could see the blush that had formed on her cheeks. This, plus the fact that she was rubbing her bruises, made her look kind of like a little lamb: vulnerable, cute, innocent. Looking at her, he somehow felt the urge to protect her. The boy didn't even know what threat was there, but he would protect her from everything.

By the time he had pulled up outside her house the two of them just sat and stared out of the windscreen of the car. Was someone going to say something else? Was there anything else left to actually say? Gwen sighed, deciding to take it upon herself to end the silence.

"So what does this mean then?" the girl continued to look outside the window.

"What?" He was kind of shocked. So had it come to this? Was this his big moment? Kevin turned his head to look at Gwen; would he be able to see what she was thinking?

"I mean, what did that kiss mean? Why'd you do it?"

The boy coughed uncomfortably. He really wasn't good at confessing his feelings towards people, let alone Gwen. Running a hand through his black hair, the boy thought about what to say.
"This is really hard for me, Gwen. But I'm gonna try put my feelings into words for you."

The girl looked curious and had turned herself to face him to let him know that he had her full attention.

"Uhm... Well," he started off hesitantly. What if he said the wrong thing? Gwen was already pretty emotional at the moment; he wouldn't want her to be angry at him. "The thing is you're like... Perfect. In every single way that's possible. I couldn't even begin to tell you how lucky I feel that I get to see someone like you everyday." Great, he was babbling now. Somebody stop him. "But recently, you've been acting differently. I don't know why. Well, I think I know why, but... You know..."Kevin didn't blame her if she actually couldn't. It was getting pretty hard to follow his own train of thought. "But it's not just you. For a while I've noticed myself change too. But I know why I am acting different. Look, Gwen the thing is that for a while now...." He looked her in the eye; she seemed to be hanging off his every word. "I think that... No, I know that I," Oh shit. Here it comes. Kevin knew his big confession was coming up. "I'm in lo--"

"Gwen! Is that you out there? You better come in; Mom's kinda annoyed that you're home late!" What the fuck?! Her brother completely ruined the mood.

Even Gwen had a look on her face that showed she completely did not see any interruptions coming. He was so close to confessing something to her. He was really going to tell her his feelings for the first time ever. But her stupid brother had to shout at her. She buried her face in her hands. Why did these things keep happening to her? Maybe she should have said her own feelings.

"Kevin, I--"

"Gwen! Seriously! Come on!"

The girl groaned in obvious dislike of her older brother's timing. She stopped to look into Kevin's eyes. He was staring straight back into hers. Gwen tried to guess what he was going to say. What was it!? It was so frustrating. And now, the girl highly doubted he would ever say his feelings to her. The hard-guy Kevin would probably not allow himself to wind up in such an emotional and feelings orientated conversation again. So had she lost her chance for anything to happen? Had this been their last chance to confess their feelings to each other? Sighing, Gwen unbuckled her seatbelt and pulled on the handle of the door so that it clicked open. As she started to make her way out of the car, she felt a hand on her own. Quickly, the girl turned around to see what Kevin would say to her. He opened his mouth to speak but then he let her go and had a look which kind of made him look like he was thinking 'forget it'. Awkwardly taking back her hand, she stepped out of the car slowly and said a quiet "Bye."

The girl walked up the path to the front door of her house and glared at her brother at the door. He gave her a confused look, clearly unaware of the big break through that Gwen had just lost. After a long lecture from her mother about how she shouldn't stay out late on a school night, she stormed up to her room and fell on the bed. It was a wonder how her mother hadn't even noticed the state of her clothes. Well, they were dark after all so maybe the dirt couldn't be seen so easily.

Glaring at her ceiling, she started thrashing about on the bed in frustration of her situation: the aliens got away and they left nothing that she could have traced them with and the boy she loved was on the verge of telling her something important when the two were interrupted. Her wild movements stopped as she just breathed deeply, looking up at her ceiling. Why couldn't he just tell her his feelings? They both knew how they felt about each other and so he didn't need to worry about rejection. And why did she need to push him for these little moments? Couldn't he be romantic and just spontaneously do something like in the movies? Thinking about it, their little kiss had been completely out of the blue. Gwen's face went red and she covered her face with a pillow to muffle the giggling sound that was coming out from her mouth. There was no denying it; she loved that that had happened.

He was driving back home way over the speed limit; at this point in time he just didn't care. All he wanted to do was get home and, well do something, anything to get his mind off of what had happened. Or no, maybe he needed to think about what had happened so that he would know how to fix it tomorrow. Kevin felt a number of emotions. One of these emotions was embarrassment. How come he could face two freaky aliens head on yet didn't have the guts to say three simple words. Another of these emotions was frustration. Although he didn't seem it, he was kind of old fashioned. Well, old fashioned in a sense that he felt the guy should make the first move. Why was she making him do this? Gwen should let him do it in his own time so that it could be spontaneous. With that in mind, he parked his car in the driveway of his house. His mother's car wasn't there. That must have meant that she still wasn't back. Kevin's mother was an air hostess so she was barely ever home. Not that he minded so much. Their relationship was sort of better off that way. Anyway, back to his plan of trying to make things better, he pulled out his phone and texted Gwen.

I know you know how I feel, but it's hard for me to put it in the right words.
Don't push me...

Her phone vibrated on the bedside table next to her, signalling that she was receiving a text message. As she read it, the girl smiled. It gave her some kind of reassurance that there was going to be some kind of future between the two of them. But the last line made the girl smile because a sense of nostalgia washed over her. She recalled him saying this to her before. As she set her phone back down on the bed side table and headed over to shower, she imitated him like she had that other time.

"Don't push me..." she said with a smile.


Sunnydale High, the trio's current establishment of education happened to open way before the first bell started. This was probably for the teachers who wanted to prepare for the day and the kids who liked to be extra punctual for class. It was now 9.00am. The bell was about to ring and Ben, Kevin, Gwen and Julie (who was here because she was somewhat involved and wanted to help out) had been at school since 6am for reasons entirely different to what the majority of people there had.

"So, everyone's clear on what the plan is?" Ben asked.

"After school, you and I will search the town for anything suspicious while Gwen and Kevin can do some research into the power plant. And we'll all call each other if we find something or need to meet up." Julie summarised everything that had been said in two sentences. Ben wondered why they had spent a good three hours planning this when in the end it could all just be summarised in two sentences. The bell rang and the foursome went their ways to get to their homerooms.

Gwen sat at her desk while other students and finally their teacher filed in. Rachelle sat down next to her, but for some reason didn't say hi. The red headed girl said hi to her new friend and, like she had been distracted, Rachelle turned her head quickly and somehow snapped into reality.

"Gwen~ I managed to get here by myself today!" she smiled sweetly. "Maths class first today again, right? Do you think Kevin will be there?" She giggled at the thought, and started nattering away about whether he'd like the perfume she was wearing. Apparently it was supposed to attract the opposite sex or whatever. Taking a look at what the girl was wearing; Gwen wondered whether the perfume was necessary to catch the attraction of males. Her mini skirt and tank top ensemble with snake-skinned (she was unsure whether it was real of fake) boots seemed to be getting her dreamy gawks from the boys around her. Gwen hadn't noticed it before, but on the back of Rachelle's shoulder was a tattoo of a snake and a cat fighting. For some reason, it seemed to remind her of last night's fight. There was a tingling feeling in her body, as though her Anodite powers were reacting to something.

The teacher was calling out the register now and had arrived at the new girl's name. Mr. Hodges still hadn't gotten the hang of the pronunciation of her name, which to Gwen seemed pretty weird since it wasn't that uncommon of a name.


"It's pronounced Rah-Shell" the girl replied. For some reason, the way Mr. Hodges had mispronounced her name sent another tingle of Anodite feelings down her spine. "Ray-Chee... Chee-Chee? No, no way, right?" That would have been way too much of a connection to assume. Rachelle was just her sweet, very boisterous, new friend right? That would have been way too much of a coincidence. But why were her powers acting up?

In maths and all the other subjects she shared with the twins, her powers still didn't desist with their tingles. Kevin also felt yet another pang of déjà-vu when he had English. In this class, they were assigned seats. Fortunately for Kevin, he was sat next to Ben while Gwen and Julie were sat next to each other on the other side of the room. Unfortunately though, Eli was sat just in front of the boys and so would constantly turn around and make vulgar comments about Julie and Gwen. Eventually Ben slammed a fist on the table and glared at him as though he was going to punch him to the moon.

The class went silent while Eli just said, "Hey, chill out man... I was just kidding around. You can appreciate a joke, right Kevin?"

The stare that Eli was giving him seemed so familiar. He almost didn't hear the question. Not only that, but the boy noticed that there was a bruise on Eli's head. Was it just coincedence that it happened to be in the same place the alien last night had been injured? Kevin replied coolly, "I can appreciate a good joke" After that, Eli mumbled a 'sorry man' and the rest of the lesson continued pretty much the same, minus the vulgar comments but plus stupid jokes.

After school, the two pairs met up. Ben and Julie had already gone their own way to scour the town. It was just Gwen and Kevin now. They had decided to ignore what had happened the previous day so that they could continue their friendship peacefully. Although, there was still some kind of tension between them which none could help. It was just that they both knew something between them was going to happen in the future. And they could both feel that this something was going to happen in the near future.

As they got into the car, Gwen asked Kevin "What do you think of the twins?" She wanted to know if he felt the same as she did, or whether maybe she was just paranoid.

"Gwen, is this about Rachelle being all clingy on me? I swear it's not me who's telling her to cling onto me so you can't tell the little green monster to go away..." He smiled playfully as he pulled out of the school's parking lot.

Ignoring the implication that she was jealous, Gwen rolled her eyes and reworded her question. "I mean, don't you find anything weird about them? My Anodite senses have been acting up in all the lessons we share with them..."

Kevin understood what she was talking about and so now felt a little bad for teasing her. Still, she hadn't seemed to care so much so he just forgot about it. "Now that you mention it, that Eli does remind me of the alien we fought yesterday... But I dunno... Gwen, you don't think...?" There was no need for him to finish his question because they both thought the same thing. Whatever they had seen today couldn't have just purely been coincidence. Something was definitely up with the new kids.

"So what's the plan then?" Gwen asked, somehow already knowing what he had in mind.

"Stakeout." He said, excited that they already had a lead.

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