When we were young Disclaimer: I don▓t own Vlad or Danny. But I do own this story. I'm using Butch Hartman's characters as the characters in this story.

Rated: Mature


Vlad is nine years old in the beginning. Danny is six years old. The characters have Nekko ears and tails but there's a twist: When they have sex, their ears and tails turn the color of whoever they had sex with. So they basically switch colors. Vlad and Danny were normal cousins when they were three years younger, but then they separated. Next time they met Vlad had been raped. But by a vampire. His whole hair had been turned white, his eyes would flash red and teeth would bear every time he was angry. Now Danny didn't understand what had happened... And it all resulted badly.

Danny's parents are Jack and Maddie. Vlad lives with his dad-Dane Masters. The two live in different cities and don't go to the same school.

Chapter one: Meeting P.O.V.- Vlad: nine years old.

"Daddy who's Danny? He's in this picture of Uncle Jack and Aunt Maddie." I asked.

"He's your cousin. You two used to play together all the time when you were six, don't you remember?" My Daddy said looking back at the picture he gave me of the Fenton family. He made sure to keep his eyes on the road.

"How old is he, Daddy?" I hope I wasn't pestering him.

"He will be turning seven in a few months," He told me. I looked over the raven haired boy. I don't normally say this about boys but he was adorable. He had large blue eyes, hair that fell limp in his face and a small fragile body. I couldn't wait to meet him. I don't remember at all meeting him before. He looked so shy and nice... Could he even talk? It looks as if he's to shy to make any noise.

How could I meet him...? I'm way too much of a punk. I'll probably scare the crap out of him. Ever since what happened to me everyone is like my enemy. They all hate me. I bet he'll hate me as well.

"We're here Vladimir!" My Daddy said. I suddenly got butterflies. I didn't want to meet this small angel. I didn't want to hurt him.

"Ah- Daddy I change my mind I want to go back! Take me back to the mansion this instant!" I commanded. He unbuckled me after parking and getting out. He started pulling me out of the car like some kind of dog. "Daddy I want to leave did you not hear-" I stop dead in my tracks. The angel was peering out at me from behind Aunt Maddie. His bright blue eye shone with curious thoughts. He was staring right at me, and I had just made a fool of myself.

"Please excuse him I have no Idea what got into him." Daddy said. I am a dog today! He's treating me like a dog!

"It's fine I know how they're like." Aunt Maddie tussled Danny's hair. I continued to stare right back at Danny. He was even more adorable in real life.

"Danny its cousin Vlad! Don't you remember him?" Uncle Jack told Danny, who just light shook his head "no" in response. His small Black tail wagged to the left as I stepped towards him. He seemed to retaliate behind Aunt Maddie so I took my step back. He flattened his small black ears as he fell further behind his mother. All the adults laughed at us. Ugh. Dogs I tell you. Dogs.

"Why don't we all go inside? I have dinner waiting." Aunt Maddie said, breaking the laughter and gesturing towards the door. Daddy nodded and followed Aunt Maddie and Uncle Jack inside. Danny left for inside after glancing at me. I was left to follow as well.

"Vlad, Danny, why don't you two go upstairs to go play in Danny's room while the adults finish preparing dinner?" Aunt Maddie suggested. I was horrified. Alone? With the angel? After one minute of staring at him? This woman is mad, I tell you. Mad. I didn't have much of a choice seeing as Danny grabbed my hand and pulled me upstairs. My face got hot. This boy was holding my hand? Boys aren't supposed to do that. What is he? A girl? He defiantly looks like one.

He opened a baby blue door leading to his bedroom. It was small and girly. He had stuffed animals of kittens and puppies. His stuffed animals were spread absolutly everywhere. On his bed, floor, desk and dresser. I spied a racecar next to a few rubber ducks. Possibly the only boyish toys he owned. The sheets on his king sized bed were baby blue with patches of purple on it like a quilt. His walls were baby blue, his curtains were purple. This boy was insanely girly. Even his clothes looked like girl's clothes. Mine on the other hand was a tuxedo three times bigger than what should fit me so I don't think I should be talking.

"Wow you sure have a lot of stuffed animals." I commented. It was not a compliment in any way.

"Thank you." He said. Oh my! He can talk. My ears perked up, my eyes widened, my heart beat hard. I suddenly desired for this angel to say my name. I wanted him to say every word known to man kind; I wanted to hear him say something so special... Something only special people would say to other special people.

I couldn't speak. My voice could never match up to his.

"Want to play? I have twister..." He said. "No you need more then two people for that." He shrank back at his own suggestion being denied by himself.

"Uh... Have any books?" I asked. Reading is one of my greatest pleasures.

"Yeah... Do you really want to read? I mean I have other stuff to do..." Danny asked. I was beginning to get annoyed with this child.

"Yes I'm indeed sure that I want to read." His ears flattened at my tone of voice.

"O- Okay." He rushed over to his closet and pulled open the door. His wardrobe was fit for a princess. "Here. I keep all the books in the house right here." He pointed to a huge box filled with chapter books and child books. "I don't normally read but Mommy makes me." I walked over to the box and shuffled through. Finding the thickest book in the box, I pulled it out and read the back. Seeing as I loved the summary I sat down on his bean bag and began to read. Out of the corner of my eyes I saw Danny pull out a child's book and plop onto his bed stomach side down. He was facing me. Little freak. I could feel him looking at me the whole time I was reading. If he was staring at me, he was studying my hair. No one has long white hair at my age. Because they didn't get raped and bitten by a damned vampire. Poor guy, I'm ruining his innocence as we speak.

Aunt Maddie swung open the door "Dinner's ready you two. Wash up and head downstairs!" She practically sang. Me and Danny stood up after setting our books aside and rushed into the bathroom, which was worse than the bedroom. Hello Kitty was everywhere. And I truly mean everywhere. The walls, towels, floor, shower curtain, shampoo, toothpaste, soap for crying out loud.

We both washed our hands after mini- battling for the water coming out of the spout.

The smell of the air downstairs was purely delicious. Aunt Maddie had done a great job on whatever she was cooking.

"Vlad what would you like to drink?" Uncle Jack asked me.

"Tea please." I asked with a light heart. Daddy never asks what I want to drink. He always gives me milk.

"Told you!" Aunt Maddie shouted. "I told you he would want tea! It didn't go to waste in the fridge like you said!" We all looked at her gloat to her husband that she was right.

The atmosphere while eating dinner was light and happy, yet Danny and I still kept our mouths shut and wouldn't talk in front of the adults. We just ate in silence while our parents happily talked and chatted amongst one another. I caught Danny looking up at me with those bright blue eyes. I found myself blushing every once and a while. This child was amazing. He was such a girl. What if he has a crush on me or something? That would most defiantly be disgusting. But he could never like me. No one likes me! How could this little angel have any interest in me? It's just impossible.

We finished our dinner before the adults. After sitting in silence for a while, I observed what the adults were talking about. I saw Uncle Jack whispered something in Aunt Maddies ear. She nodded and told Daddy to "Go get the juice" or something. I was deeply offended when once again asked out of the room with Danny. We softly walked upstairs once more. I stopped the boy.

"What are you doing?" He asked. I kneeled down and looked between the banister rails down at the adults.

"Get down. And hush up." I whispered. We watched as the adults pulled a few large and oddly shaped bottles of brown liquid out of the fridge and cabinets. It was hard alcohol. Very hard.

"What are they drinking?" Danny asked me. I was almost ready to go on a rampage. They were getting drunk while we have to listen to their nonsense from a child▓s room.

"Nothing" I blankly replied and held Danny's hand. "They- They aren't doing anything." I lead Danny back to his room.

"Listen." I stepped close to the boy, backing him against the back wall. "Don't listen to whatever your parents tell you tonight. Don't even look at them or tell them anything. They won't remember. Don't go near them. You might get hurt or worse. Okay?" He wouldn't respond. "Okay!?" I yelled. He nodded.

"Vlad?" He looked up at me, tears in his eyes. "Why is your hair white?"