When We Were Young

Chapter Ten: Beatings

**Author's note: From this chapter it will all be based around this time. Its winter of 2007 and Vlad is in 9th grade, Danny is in 7th. Yes, they will be having sex soon. Vlad is 14; Danny is 13, so another two years went by...

High school is stressful. That's all I can say about it. I have no friends, I obtain a 3.5 GPA, and I'm still the freak of the century, getting picked on and getting in fights resulting into dangerous blood drawing battles between Vampire and Mortal. Ever since the last time I got into one of these battles where I didn't get caught by authorities, I've never once gotten away with these fights. Every time, a teacher or cop stops me and puts me in a world of trouble. My clothes have changed too. Father doesn't care about me much anymore, and now I just wear whatever I want. Today I wore tight boot cut jeans, a black sweatshirt, a white under tuxedo blouse with a lazy red tie and black converse to top it all off. My style is different, and fewer people sympathize me. I'm in high school, and everyone I love is slowly drifting away. Daniel is in seventh grade; for God's sake he's growing up. I couldn't handle it. He was dressing like a girl, last I saw him he was wearing a pink and white striped sleeveless hoodie shirt with light blue skinny jeans and pink converse, accessorized with pink fishnet arm gloves, pink choker necklace and newly pierced ears, of course pink studs. He was growing up without me, even if I went to go see him every day after school and all weekend. It felt as if I was missing everything, I was missing out completely. I don't even know if he has friends or not. He probably does, he's such a nice kid. And he's in his teens. I cried, literally cried, on his 13th birthday. I took him in my arms and kissed him, reminding him of how sweet he was when he was younger. Reminding him of the exact day that we met. The first time I laid eyes on him, the time he took my breath away. Of course, Danny had nuzzled into me, telling me that I was being sweet and I was just worried, telling me that there was nothing to worry about. I swear I could've cried all night if he didn't stop me, the little sweetie. But he hasn't gotten much taller, he seems to be growing really slow, or he's not going to get much taller after his next growth spurt. I hope he doesn't, he's going to stay my LITTLE Badger forever. But after a while, everyone must grow up. I just never thought it was going to be so fast.

I hurried to first period, Algebra. Every time I stepped foot into this damned class I just watched the clock, quivering with impatience. It was like a child's poke over and over until you wanted to break their finger off, but I think I would look kind of weird waltzing up to the clock and ripping it down off the wall to smash the glass open and pry off the hands. I look weird just thinking about it, often laughing and giggling to myself at the very thought. I guess other than my hair, that's the reason why everyone hated me. My social life was shit, and the last time I talked to someone other than family was in a fight when I was screaming curse words and threats. People were probably afraid of me too, with all the fighting I do. Also, when girls that don't really know me give me a flirtatious look and I actually notice, I drive them away with a flash of dark red eyes. One Goth girl actually got even more attracted to me, and I bluntly shook my head at her the next time she looked at me out of attraction. She doesn't go to this school anymore. I am Danny's, and Danny's ONLY, and no creepy gothic slut is going to change that. Or maybe it's my utter hatred from the bottom of my heart for all my peers, and my obvious way of showing it. I've been sent to detention for drawing very violent cartoons of one of the kids I sat next to. He was only being tortured by slowly having his life taken by being whipped with acid tipped whips and stabbed with a box knife. I mean, it could've been worse. Another time was when I was getting into a fight I had screamed "Go on ahead, I hate all of you anyways, I would rather die than spend another minute of my precious time with you disgusting creatures" and then spat on the ground in anger. Of course, everyone had gasped and known a little bit more about me. I hate it, when I let the world view my emotions, my feelings, my thoughts. Everything but Danny, I hate showing my emotions to. I was anti-social, and it showed all too well. Another thing was that anytime any new kid would show up and try to talk to me or ask me for help, I would ignore them, even if they asked why I was ignoring them. I would brush them off if they tried to lay a hand on me, and if they started making fun of me or putting me down because of my "rotten attitude", I would glare up at them with reddened eyes. They would never talk to me again. All I got out of it was a reputation that could drive one insane and angry, disgusted stares that could kill. I dreaded the day that Danny was hurt for my reputation. But that day hasn't come yet, and I am hoping it never will.

Another thing that has drastically changed, I was not the only person beating up other people. Father began to beat me when he was upset or if I did something wrong. At first it was two years ago when I had stayed out all day and when I got back father had dragged me back to our house, where he had slapped me. I was in shock, but I thought nothing of it. But that progressed from slapping to hitting, witch escaladed to full on punching, kicking and most of the time bringing me to the floor. I dare not tell anyone, even if Father beat me I still had a good life, and I wasn't going to risk it by being put into foster care or any damned thing like that. Besides, I could live through it, I fight almost every week. It's just a fly on my shoulder to have Father act up this way. Most kids would think me insane for saying such a thing, but it's true, it's such a minor problem to have my dad beat me, it's almost laughable. I've put up with much worse, and I will face even tougher of times ahead of me in the future, so I shouldn't fret now.

The clock ticked slowly, and I drowned out what the fat ass teacher was saying, observing the clock how its red second hand ran slowly across each line, torturing me with it's every fast movement. I really hated that clock, if I ever got the chance I would smash it against the wall so hard the WALL would break. Whatever the teacher was saying, it was gathering allot of the student's opinions and objections because all of a sudden the room was filled with the voices of my fellow classmates. I looked up at the board and copied down the notes as quick as I could, gathering all the information in my head and trying to remember it and chiseled it in my mind in case we had an upcoming test. This was all I did all period long, I would watch the clock while occasionally taking notes but somehow always paying attention because I did all of my homework and aced all of the tests, quizzes and work samples. It was amazing to other students, but unsurprising to me. Anybody could do this if they just tried. I mean, the human race isn't that stupid, is it? All the other kids in my class had C's D's or F's. I was the only one with an A. It saddened me to know that this was my generation. My generation was pretty damn stupid, I could say that much.

When the period was over, I rushed on to my next class, Illustrations. There was my haven where I could just draw anything I wanted to, the teacher liked me, and nobody talked to me. I had a perfect 100%, and I enjoyed what I was doing. My latest project was drawing Danny, and it was turning out really cute. It was in anime, my favorite style, and a mix of a realism background with a dark look about it. It was very cute, it was Danny when he was seven, and he's reaching out to touch a snow owl in the snow. He was wearing a puffy white winter jacket and baby blue pants; it was kind of faded and eerie so you couldn't really make out any of the details. All you could see was the basic shapes and lines. The teacher loved it, he thought it was amazing and couldn't wait 'till it was finished. I couldn't either, it was almost done. Every time the bell rang in this class I would slump over in my seat and take my time cleaning up before sadly making my way to English. The classes weren't really short; they were actually quite long, a full 87 minutes, to be exact. We had switch days at this school, every other day we would have day 1, and every other day then that we would have day 2. Day 2 was my favorite, since i got to draw in Illustrations and have time to myself in Resource. Each day was four long periods long, and it killed me. I would come home exhausted and have to face my father before trudging up the stairs and retreating to my room where I would lay and cower from the world.

In English, nothing special was happening, and all the students were going crazy all over the room, talking with each other and socializing with each other as the poor teacher tried to speak. I felt like standing up for him, but I didn't. Instead I just sat back and watched as every one of my assumptions about the human race was proved correct. The whole classroom was erupting with loud talking and obnoxious side conversations, it was utter hell. I began to get a headache and my eyesight flashed red. Oh God...

Ten long ass minutes went by, my vision becoming red more and more constant. The teacher should've given up long ago, but yet he tried to calm the class down. I bit my lower lip until I could feel a warm liquid trickling down my chin. Damn it, I need to be more aware of these things before they happen. I wiped my chin and lip with my sleeve and cursed, looking down at my blood stained arm. Father was going to kill me. I tried to ignore the class by doing my homework for algebra, but I couldn't fucking focus! Every noise set me off. Soon I was seeing everything in red. I needed to get out of this classroom before I hurt someone or worse; kill someone! I tried to sneak out of the classroom but failed, the teacher spotting me and pointing at me with one hand, massaging his poor throbbing temples with the other. I nodded at him and moved my hair out of my eyes. Suddenly, his arms dropped and he beamed wide eyes at me. I just glared back, watching his every move. Yet he was motionless, staring into my soul. He backed up and I could hear as the class got quiet. My red eyes searched the class for one student who wasn't staring at me. I failed in doing so; everyone now had their eyes on my red orbs, staring in amazement. My breathing got heavy and I began to panic. I backed up two steps, three steps, until I was against a wall, staring out at the class. It felt like I was at a zoo and I was the tiger, staring vigorously out at the crowd of people watching, waiting, speculating. I wanted out, I wanted a way to hide myself, but I couldn't find the strength or courage to walk out of the class and risk getting a call from the school to Father. I dropped my head to cover my eyes, but in turn my hair fell out of the hood of my black sweatshirt. Half the class that didn't know about my hair gasped in surprise. I always wear a hood so maybe it just looked like I had bleach blonde hair. A pair of footsteps pattered over to me before I looked up to see one of the bullies in my class no more than two inches away from my face.

"Freak!" He yelled and tore my hood off my head. I quickly grabbed for it but it was too late, everyone had seen. Although some of them have seen my bangs before, they had never ever seen my long, pure white hair. Even the teacher didn't do anything, that uncaring asshole. I swear, I thought as a teacher you had to make sure your students were safe and only there to learn, not to humiliate on another. I shook my head before large hands pushed me hard against the wall. My eyesight flashed a deeper shade of red as I beamed fearfully up at my attacker. The teacher backed up, not even trying to help me. I let out a gasp of pain as the boy punched me in the chest.

"Stop it!" I heard some people say, "Hit him in the gut! Yeah!" I heard others throw in. Other gasps and pleas and people egging him on could be heard everywhere. Most of the students ran up trying to help get him off me and other people started to attack me. I felt sharp pangs of agony as I got the shit beat out of me right there in the classroom. I looked helplessly over at the damn teacher, who watched, a terrified expression plastered across that stupid face of his. Damn that man to hell. I closed my eyes as I was tossed around being slowly beaten towards unconsciousness. I fought to stay awake, but these damn heartless souls...

"He's going to be okay, Mr. Masters," I fluttered my eyes open. "And It's very kind of you to want to stay, Mr. Fenton but visiting hours are over for unconscious patients," I forced my eyes open, as painful as it was. Surely there would be dark rings of purple surrounding my eyes tomorrow. I sat up from the bed, looking around before gathering the fact that I was in a hospital bed and a very nerve wrecked Danny stood in the doorway in the cutest outfit, arguing with the nurse before his beautiful baby blue eyes caught sight of me.

"Vlad! You're okay!" He ran up to the side of the bed in utter happiness and I lifted a bandaged arm to pet his soft raven hair.

"What happened to me?" I asked. The nurse turned towards me before opening her mouth.

"You were beaten by your classmates so badly that you almost neared death. If it wasn't for Mr. Jarmer actually catching onto his senses and calling off the fight before calling 911, you probably would be dead. Nothing was stopping those students for some strange reason..." She explained with her brown ears flattened against her head as she shook with disgust at the last sentence. "I just have no idea why..." She looked at me curiously before I shrugged halfheartedly. Danny crawled up onto my bed and nuzzled into me, the nurse oddly eyeing the little angel. "It's after-"

"Yeah I know, visiting hours. But that was when he was asleep. Can I stay longer now?" The nurse rolled her eyes at Danny before nodding her head and exiting the room. Danny looked over at me after making sure Father and the nurse had left. He lightly pecked my lips before nuzzling into my chest. I pet his hair again, noting the pain underneath the white medical bandage. It felt like they didn't just beat me, that they had also... No, why would they? They wouldn't benefit from slitting my wrists... But then again, how does beating the living hell out of me benefit them either? Either way you look at it; they wouldn't have slit my wrists, would they?

Aside from my confusion, I lightly pet Danny's back and stroked his hair every now and again. I closed my eyes, feeling his soft warmth. My little angel was so warm and comforting. He made all of my problems go away like magic. I held his chin up with one hand and kissed those angel soft lips of his. He relaxed into me and opened his mouth the slightest bit, allowing me to slip my tongue into his little cavern. He wrapped his arms around my neck sweetly, lifting his tongue to let mine explore the underside of his. He moaned ever so quietly in the cutest way. I lightly stroked his hip where his shirt was lifted just enough for some pale, soft skin to be exposed to the world. I shifted my head, allowing the kiss to get deep. His tongue played with mine, the soft wet organ teasing my own. He allowed himself to be taken by dominance; I shoved my tongue in his mouth and kissed him ever so hungrily. I missed this allot. I couldn't help myself. My hands caressed and massaged his hips and back. His arms around my neck tensed as I got to close for comfort. He pulled away and smiled at me before nuzzling my neck with his head.

"I love you" he sighed and wrapped his arms around my mid section. I threw my arms around him in a tight embrace. I felt him breathe at a steady rhythm, his breath caressing my neck. I slowly rubbed his back, touching him with the light hands. He was so fragile; I could break him in a second if I wanted to. But that day was sure to never occur. Not even in my wildest nightmares. Everything seemed to stop in time as I heard the door swing open and I felt Danny jerk away from me and stumble onto the floor before we had time to be seen. Father stood with content in his eyes.

"I see you're doing alright, much unlike your mother," He said. I gulped and whispered to Danny that he should get out of the room. He scurried away before things got any more awkward. I struggled to get out of the hospital bed and stand face to Father.

"Yeah. What about Mother?" I said in a low tone. Father's expression became dark and his eyes filled with hate. His fist raised and struck me on the head. I faltered and tried to catch my balance. I shook my head to gather my vision only to be punched square in the face again. I tried not to scream, we were in a public place.

"You're going to a new school. AGAIN." He huffed out, automatically changing the subject. His graying hair fell limp in his distressed face. I felt a rush of fear wash over me as I tried to nod my head. Good, a new reputation. Maybe people will leave me the fuck alone. I tried to take my mind off the constant fear that bolted through me every time Father moved.

Back at the house, I tried to bite back the pain after Father had given me another beating. I tried to live through it, but with the previous beating given to me by the students, it was hard to bare. My teeth clenched in pain as I trudged up the long staircase to my room, where I would remove the bandages and figure out if the students really slit my wrists.

The white medical bandages fell to the black carpeted floor as I stared in awe at the perfect slits dug into my arms. Why? I had no absolute idea. Why would they do that? I wished I was awake as they were giving me that epic beating, but just to see why on Earth they would do it. Soon after I was over my mini freak out session about my wrists I put new bandages on my arms. My whole body trembled with pain.

I fell asleep that night with my new school in my head.

Dressed in black jeans, a dark red shirt labeled with a band name, a dark brown hoodie, Vans and a black beanie, I walked into the school, already attracting attention from the students. My ears were flattened against my head, despite the ear holes built into the hat I wore. I still kept my tail between my legs and my ears flat against my head. I listened for the talking, the gossip, the socializing about the new student with white hair and no friends.

I entered first period with a large tendency to listen for any sudden movements. My long hair hung in my face as people stared. I'd rather show it off then have people find out and get all over reacted over the fact that I was trying to hide it. I could pass it off, but I found no such explanation. I could've said I dyed it, but I still had my ears. Any foreign substance introduced to the ears that tried to alter the DNA inside of them would cause them to fall off. So if I tried to die my ears, they would have fallen off. And if I did try to dye my hair and make my ears fall off, I would be thought of as the worst person in school. It was very rare to find someone who purposely tried to take their ears off. And if they did it on accident, they still would be thought of as a horrible person. The world is weird.

I let out a sigh. This school was no different from the other. People talked and ignored the teacher. More and more people found their seats as they arrived before the bell. I looked up to find the teacher preparing the class worksheets. Her name was written neatly up on the board: Mrs. Berry. She was exhausted looking, anorexic thin and blonde. She looked like she had aged way too early, the weight of the classes she taught aging her drastically. I imagined her trying to swallow her eight prescriptions all at the same time and coughing, trying to swallow them all down. It was easy to see. The distressed teacher grabbed her forehead in an obvious migraine or hangover. The bell rang and everyone tried to quiet down. Mrs. Berry began to speak, informing the class of the work we'd be doing today. We were learning the elimination method for solving equations. It was extremely easy for me, and I could even explain it to Danny if I wanted to. He would get it in a second because I knew it so well, not to brag or anything.

I was violently jerked out of my thoughts as a short boy entered the classroom, breathing heavily. He was nothing special, except for the fact that his hair was as white as mine, and he still had his ears! I stared at him from beneath my white locks falling in my face. He caught sight of me while heading to an open seat, and he stopped suddenly to gape at me. We practically sent each other mind messages as he stared at me and I stared at him. We couldn't stop looking at each other, jaws dropped.

"Elliot please take your seat!" Mrs. Berry cut into our glaring session as Elliot shook his head and sat down. I glared at the back of his head in amazement. Pure white, white as snow, shining silver white. I couldn't stop looking at him. I touched my own hair to make sure I hadn't switched heads with him. It was my hair. I couldn't stop looking at him. He was just like me. A million and one things raced through my head. How did he get his hair? Did he get it like how I did? Was he the same vampire I was? I couldn't answer any of these questions myself. I had to ask him. I'm sure he wanted to know about me as well. I had to say his name.

"Elliot." I whispered. He stayed completely still, obviously not hearing me. I sighed in relief. Finally, another person with white hair like me.