Author's Note: For E/O's drabble challenge. The word is "drag".

Word count: 100. Give me a pat on the back, I started out with 164.

Disclaimer: Don't anything Supernatural

What a drag!

Dean ruthlessly let the stolen Cadillac swerve along the deserted stretch of mountain road. Sam was in the backseat, relentlessly firing at the dragging ghoul that made steady approach. It's only resemblance of humanity now was the shredded dress. "Hold on" Dean shouted and stomped on the brake, making the car spin and halt. The Winchesters scrambled out and, with united efforts, pushed the car over. The ghoul gave a piercing, feminine shriek of rage as it was dragged down. As the car hit bottom it exploded. "What a drag" Dean smirked, looking expectantly at Sam. Soon both were howling.