About a year ago I posted a couple chapters of this story and recently deleted it. I'm going to repost this, let me know what you think! It may start out slow, but trust it gets good. This has to be one of my favourite stories I've written since Wash It All Away.

Wish You Were

The Set-Up (Introduction) – Counting Down


I sat back against the large chair occupying the living room of my condo. The sun was shining bright across the beach that I could see so perfectly from my large glass window.

It had been five years since I've seen her.

Five years since she chose him over me.

I'd like to think that I moved on pretty well. After moving back to Ohio for a couple of months, I missed the sun and beach, making an unexpected change and moved back to where my heart was left behind.

I couldn't tell you that I forgot about her. No, because I still remembered her soft skin, her husky voice and those brown eyes that told me a new story every time I looked into them.

But I managed to move on after hearing that she married him.

Married the one guy who could've had any other girl at school, yet decided to ruin her and I, by confessing his feelings.

I would say I hated him for that. But who's to say where we'd be five years later?

I didn't know.

I brought the cool glass against my lips, sipping the ice cold water and swallowing it with delight. It was more than hot outside. I wanted to stay inside, in my nice air conditioned space.

"Hey babe," she pressed her lips against my bare shoulder and I couldn't help but smile. I looked up into grey eyes and kissed her.

"Hey," I laced my fingers with hers as she swung along the chair and plopped in my lap, wrapping her arms around my neck, "I thought you were going surfing today?"

Carmen looked out the window and pressed her cheek against mine. "There's supposed to be a storm rolling in and I know how much you hate it when I'm out there splashing in the rain."

I smiled and handed her my cold water. "Well good then."

She kissed me once again before getting off my lap and held her hand out. "So I figured we could hit the mall for new board shorts and I would love to buy you a new bikini."

I rolled my eyes. "You buy me a new bikini every week Carm," I snickered as she shrugged, not denying it.

"What can I say Spence," she tugged me into the bedroom so I could put more than just my boy shorts and tank top on, "I love to watch you model."

It had been five years, today, that I last seen her.

Four years since I met Carmen.

Three years since she's been married to him.

Two years since I last heard from any of her family members.

One year since Carmen proposed to me.

As much I loved the woman and as much I tell myself I've moved on completely…

I've yet to give her an answer.


The first chapter will be up later on!