My Name's Michael

A/N: This is inspired by Bruce Campbell's awesome movie… My Name Is Bruce. NCIS Actor Michael Weatherly, in a case of mistaken identity, is abducted and brought to a small country town to solve a murder.

Tony DiNozzo strolled into the bullpen set and turned on the computer. Tony adjusted the webcam so it faced the middle of the bullpen and that's where he stood. He could see his reversed image on the monitor. This was going to be another thing for ibeatyou dot com.

He looked at the screen as he did the windmill move to play the air guitar. He had to keep an eye out in case anyone came out of the elevator. He did the windmill a few times but didn't care it was backwards, then pulled the best 'Kiss' face he could muster for it.

"Cut!" It was called out.

Michael backed away and laughed. That was hilarious as he watched it being replayed. "Hey Cote… Now this I gotta see," he laughed.

Cote shook her head confidently and set up the webcam. They dimmed the lights till it was really dark. Michael was surprised that they played the tape of a rocking electric guitar for Cote to do the air guitar with. She was really getting into it and even added the extra bit by laughing at the end.


"Way to go Cote," Michael said. It looked really good but she refused to watch herself on screen doing that. "Wouldn't it be funny if people started voting for one of us," Michael checked his watch.

"I doubt it… We were doing it as Ziva and Tony. They wouldn't vote for fictional characters," Cote thought for a moment. "Or maybe they will, who knows? Have you got somewhere to be?" She asked.

"Oh, I'm just going away for the weekend," Michael answered as he donned the sunglasses. "I've got a party to attend," he said cheerfully.

"Sometimes I have a hard time differentiating between you and Tony Michael," she laughed at his enthusiasm.

"Very funny Co-tee," he smiled.

Michael had grabbed his wallet and keys and was off the set in a flash. It wasn't surprising when he arrived at the nightclub that there were some Entertainment Tonight reporters and autograph hounds.

"Hey Michael!" Someone called out. Michael couldn't help but do a typical DiNozzo pose with his hands outstretched and fingers pointing to himself.

"Can we get an autograph?!" A female voice asked.

"Sure thing," Michael smiled. "Hey… How you liking the show?" He asked. Michael was always interested hearing the fan's thoughts on it.

"I was more into Dark Angel," she answered. "What was it like working with Jensen Ackles? Is he as hot in person?" The woman asked.

Michael laughed. "I'm not going to answer that with ET hanging around," he said as he handed the cap back that.

"Can I ask you a favor?" A teenager said nervously. "Can you say something for my ringtone?" He finished once Michael gave him the go ahead.

"Sure," Michael said as he flipped through the options until he found the one to record the multimedia. "Yes! Hot babe calling! Hot babe calling!" He clicked the stop button and decided to treat the young fan to a bit extra. "Well you better drop them chips you're holdin' and answer the damn phone," Michael did his John Wayne impersonation.

"I love it when you do the voices Michael," He said. "Thanks," he walked off.

"We love you Michael," The young woman shouted out. "Happy Sake-Bombing!" Michael couldn't help but laugh as he entered the club he was invited to. He was going to really enjoy himself tonight. Nothing was going to stand in his way.

Sometime during the night

Michael half staggered out of the party. It was funny hanging out with other actors especially the ones he could impersonate. After a bit of alcohol it starts to freak them out a bit.

"Hey Michael!" Another fan caught him before he could get where he was planning on staying.

"Hello," he said.

"Hey man. This is unbelievable. I want to ask who in the cast is more like their character," she wanted to know.

"Actually Cote is… She's a real ninja assassin," Michael joked.

"That's real funny," She left Michael to his own devices.

"Hey there he is," another young man called out. Michael thought he would have to start signing more autographs. He was about to turn around when he felt something soft cover his nose and mouth. Struggling wasn't helping as he felt himself drift into unconsciousness.

"You didn't use too much did you?" The second person asked. "You know we got to be careful of his lungs," he explained.

"I know that… I'm not an idiot ya' know," The first man said.

That was all Michael Weatherly heard before succumbing to the darkness. His final thought was this only happens to DiNozzo.