Michael felt the butt of Graham's gun strike his neck and he went falling forward. Several bullets hit Graham in the chest before he had a chance to start shooting. Michael felt Mark check his pulse. "I'm fine," Michael said as he tried to stand up.

Mark supported Michael once he almost fell over. "You alright there DiNozzo?" Mark asked.

"My name's Michael," Michael said softly.

"Really… Can you think of anyone else who gets kidnapped by the bad guy, beaten up and knocked down?" Mark asked him as he led them to the car.


Michael still felt battered and bruised as he sat down and drunk some water and nursed the bruises with an icepack. "You sure you're alright," Mark walked over and checked the younger man. "Maybe I should take you to get checked out because you're looking green still," Mark said to him in a caring tone.

"I'm right thanks," Michael responded. There were many times when he had to play the man getting fussed over by Papa-Bear Gibbs. But this was beyond that. Mark wasn't acting really. "I think I'll get up and help with the paperwork," Michael went to stand up.

"Don't even think about it," Mark motioned for him to sit. He was about to sit back down when he was almost tackled to the ground with an Abby/Pauley hug. "Whoa," he said as he nearly spilled the coffee.

"Are you alright? I heard about what happened. Does it hurt too much?" Pauley asked.

"Easy there Pauley," Michael said as he tried to pry himself loose.

"Pauley? I think you better sit down or see the doc," Pauley said as she shot a worried glance over at Gibbs.

"He's been saying crazy stuff like that before he was hit on the head," Mark told her. They all said goodbye to the local sheriff and headed back to the Twig One Hotel.


"So Boss… Graham Kennedy was killing men that reminded him of his brother who he believed abandoned his family to go join the armed forces," Sean said as they packed up their suitcases.

"Sounds pretty bad for someone to do that," Cote said.

"It does. But sometimes people think that family rules above all else," Mark said as he packed his clothes away. He was surprised that they had packed so many clothes for the trip. "Don't even think about carrying your case DiNozzo," Mark glared at the younger man.

Michael knew that they weren't their clothes. But what the hell? They were dragged down into the small version of hell so why shouldn't they leave with something. "Wouldn't dream of it," well he wasn't dreaming of it. Michael smirked. He was going to milk Papa-Bear Gibbs for all it's worth.

"Good," Mark said as he grabbed both suitcases. Part of him was surprised that Michael didn't argue the point. "Not going to argue DiNozzo?" Mark asked.

Michael shook his head and smiled. "Wouldn't dream of it Boss," he answered as they left the hotel. "Hey how are we going to get back?" He wanted to know as they approached Greyson waiting by the car.

"We brought you here… Only fitting that we take you back," Greyson said while smiling.

The hotel manager stepped outside and watched the car carrying the agents off into the sunset. "Damn neon signs," he cursed as he had always thought that they were a bad idea and he banged on the signs edge a few times until all the letters lit up on it.




"They say that the closer the actors are to their characters the easier it is to become them. That rings true here. So actors be cautious… You just might find yourself morphing into your on screen personas permanently if you get taken to a small town and stay… In the Twilight Zone."

DO do DO do DO DO do do…


Greyson looked at the car's fuel gage and saw it was nearly empty. "Hey I need to stop for gas," he told them. "Where are we?" He asked.

Mark looked at the sign that was coming up. "FACTION," he answered.

Michael looked at the sign then at Mark. "Faction?" Michael asked. "Never heard of it," he commented.

"Damn sign," A woman cursed as she saw it. "The letters keep falling off," she picked up the letters that were on the ground and put them in the correct place. Now the sign made sense.


"That's better," the woman said before walking away.


A/N: I'm so happy I got to finish this before it got deleted. But hey, I knew the risks going in. Glad you all liked it. As I say, I love both endings but I guess i liked the twilght zone ending better because I use to love that show.