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"It was Orochimaru? How could he! That fiend! He was our neighbor! I even gave him a weasel!" Itachi exploded.

"Come on Itachi! Let's beat him up until he can't even move anymore!" Naruto passionately said.

"Wait!" The man that looked a lot like Sasuke screamed. "I think you're forgetting something! You don't know where he even is!" Naruto and Itachi stopped dead in their tracks. The man handed them a tracker, he stated, "We always keep trackers. Just in case…" He smiled and then walked away. Itachi and Naruto then wondered if they had trackers and if they did, where were their trackers?

They quickly gave their farewells to those at the ANBU, and raced towards the "weasel mobile". Following the tracker, they were led to a place they didn't expect Orochimaru would be. It was The Abandoned Cheesy Costume Warehouse! As they sat on the "weasel mobile" thinking of a plan, they were suddenly ambushed by snakes and were knocked out.

When Naruto and Itachi woke up in darkness, they found themselves stuck in their back-to-back chairs by Stay in Your Seat for 3 Days Glue. Their hands were tied firmly behind them, and the legs of their chairs were bolted to the floor. A light then appeared in front of the duo. They both squinted, and started screaming things like, "Where's Sasuke?" "Who are you? And what do you want?" and also, "Why do you smell so much?"

As their eyes adjusted to the light they saw, two people in a cheesy snake costume. One was the fork, while one was the actual snake. One was Kabuto, while one was Orochimaru. As soon as Itachi and Naruto saw the "snake" they broke out in laughter.

"Stop laughing!" Orochimaru screamed. "Call me… Dr. Slither!" But still the laughter did not cease. By now "Dr. Slither's" pale face was turning bright red. "Why are you laughing? You all have cheesy costumes, too! I just copied you! Kabuto hurry, poke them to make them quiet!" Kabuto then hurried and poked them.

"What are you talking about, old man?" Naruto managed to say between laughing and cramps. "Our costumes are cool, hip and awesome. Yours is weird and creepy. Seriously a fork? Why a fork? Why aren't you a spoon while you're at it? And where's your spork children and your neighbors salt and pepper shakers. I-"

"Hey! We didn't have enough money in the budget! So we could only afford a fork. Why does no one get it? Fork is forked tongue! Forked tongue is a snake. Duh, It's basic snakeology" Dr. Slither complained. "Anyway, I suggest you be quiet, if you want to see Sasuke again." It then became so quiet you could hear a cricket fart. "You're not in a position to be laughing." He smiled.

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