I sit alone, gazing into the depths of a round pool with moonlight on its surface. It is known as the Vision Pool, and can tell a talented dragon of the past, present and future. My name is Spyro, and I am a purple dragon of prophecy that is born only once every ten generations.

I was once a young, naïve hatchling, raised by dragonflies and led to believe that I was one. I disobeyed the will of the dragonflies who I thought were my parents, and along with Sparx, a dragonfly who I believed to be my brother, I ran off to play in an area way beyond where we were supposed to. It was then that I realised I was not a dragonfly at all, but an exile from an unknown, distant land. I left my home to search for my real parents, and soon I stumbled upon a dragon of the name Ignitus who told me of my past and showed me my home.

With his help, I did many things other dragons my age would never attempt. I rescued the dragon guardians when Ignitus thought it would be too late, and mastered the elements of fire, electricity, ice and earth. I defeated the black dragoness Cynder and returned her to her original form, and saved her when Convexity began to fall apart from the power of the crystal. I looked into the vicious, one-eyed gaze of the Ape King Gaul and killed him on the Night of Eternal Darkness. I resisted the power that the darkness offered me, and I used the power of Dragon Time to trap Cynder, Sparx and I in a crystal when the Mountain of Malefor began to collapse on top of us. I looked into the twisted face of Malefor himself and defeated him, and I put the very world back together. Yet despite doing all of these things, I am lost. I am lost because of the things I have lost.

Ignitus was the very first dragon I ever set eyes upon in my life, and he died to save me. For a moment his death drove me into a dark insanity, and occasionally I wonder whether I should have gone with him. Should I have resisted the soft words of Cynder, and died also?

There are many reasons why I think I should die. When I think back to the final battle, when purple dragon fought purple dragon, I realise that Malefor was right: I am alone. I have always been alone.

This is just one of my reasons for dying.