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House MD High Chapter 2

Three weeks later Allison Cameron walked into House's class early. She didn't plan it that way, or maybe she did?

House was definitely something that confused her. She loved his smile, his voice, his muscles, and the feeling of safety she got when she was around him.

Allison sat down at hers and Emma's assigned table and took down notes. She was at least five minutes early. She felt a presence near her when she looked down. Was it someone reading over her shoulder? The presence was definitely warm and… godlike?

She looked up and behind her to see Dr. House reading her notes.

"Very impressive Miss. Cameron." He said to her. Allison choked on her next words.

"Thanks, Dr. House. But you can call me Allie. That's what my friends call me."

House gave her an amused look.

Allison was about to say something but the bell rang, interrupting the two. House walked up to the front of the room, leaving Allison to her thoughts.

Allison smiled to herself and then looked at her notes again.

(44 minutes later)

Allison set down her pencil and started picking up her books. Everyone in the classroom had left the second the bell rang, but she stayed around.

"You know, Dr. House," She said, stepping towards his desk.

"Yes?" He looked up at her.

"I'm having a little trouble with what we're working on. Can I come in after school?" She bit her bottom lip, trying to distract herself from her deep blue eyes.

"Okay, then come after school." House replied.

"I will." Allison said.

Allison nervously walked into the classroom. It was empty.

House stood up from his desk and walked over to the white board.

"So, what do you need help with?" House asked.

"Osmosis." Allison said as she walked to the lap table at the front of the room. She jumped up on the table.

House looked at her curiously. "Really? Osmosis?" Allison nodded. House gave her a skeptic look with a half cocked smile. "Why are you really here? You're one of my best students, you never get less than a 95 on quiz or exam."

"I can't be interested in school?" Allison said while looking straight into House's eyes.

House measured his words very very carefully. "Not without wanting something other than high grades." House replied, looking down and then back up at the brunette sitting in front of him.

Cameron looked at him, lowering her eyebrows. "Screw you House." She jumped off the table and walked out the door, slamming it shut.

"Damn." He said roughly. He stood up and erased the white board.

House could tell that this would not be the first time he would unleash the bitchy beast that was Allison Cameron. There was more to this young brainiac than met the eye.

Allison's hands were shaking, barely grasping the steering wheel, during the whole ride home. When she got to her bedroom, she paced back and forth furiously.

"I'm so stupid!" Allison huffed out. "He obviously knows exactly what's going through my head." Allison face-palmed. "What am I thinking?" Allison sat on her bed, utterly defeated. "He's thirty. I'm eighteen. It's so wrong." Allison let her back fall to the mattress. It's not like he can't afford to lose his job… "Oh my God, what in the world am I saying? Of course he cares about this job."

Allison lay there in her bed for another twenty minutes, thinking. Then she decided that pursuing Dr. House would be a horrible idea. She would have to ignore her instincts, even if it killed her.