Count Tyln Dooku made his way into the village nearby. The people stared at the tall, elderly man in fear and backed away from him, looking him to a large castle upon a hill, under which its shadow the church stood.

A priest stood outside the church but out of the the shadow. He turned almost as white as he hair when he saw the Sith Lord approaching him.

"You there."

He jumped at the Count's baritone voice.

"M-m-me, sir?"

"Yes. Why do you and your people look upon me with fear?"

Dooku knew they had nothing to fear from him. He just wanted to know where he was and how to leave. He had no wish to cause harm.

"Forgive us, sir, but you look like him."

He cocked an eye brow.


The old man trembled so violently Dooku very nearly grabbed his shoulder to try to steady him.

Whoever it was the priest spoke of, he was terrified of him.

"He's been dead a year, but his servant lives. No one comes to the church or anywhere near his castle, and no goes out or is alone at night just in case. It takes only a drop of human blood to revive him. He's a monster, a curse,... a demon."

Dooku looked at the castle and could indeed sense something forboding around and in it. He frowned and had the urge to investigate. Perhaps he could help.

"Where are you going?" The priest asked at the elderly Count began to walk away.

"To the caslte."

The people nearby gasped.

"I pray, sir, stop! You'll put us all at risk! Stop you fool!"

Dooku stopped and went back, anger flashing in his dark eyes.

"I'm no fool."

The priest handed him a golden cross necklace.

"Then at least take this, sir. Should he be revived, it shall protect you from him. He cannot touch crosses or sunlight."

Dooku took the cross and began to walk away again, grateful he still had the Force and his lightsaber.

"Take care, sir. If you do not your blood will be used to revive that monster!"

Those words rang in Dooku's mind as he made his way to the castle.