The Crawl of her Life

Five years ago I would not have been caught doing what I am doing at this very moment. Hell, a year ago I would not have done this. Just what am I doing right now? I am doing as my Mistress commanded to me. I am crawling down the most populated area in the wizarding world. Not that bad you say? Well what I told you I was naked and was being lead by a leach with a collar around my neck? Thats right Ginny Weasley , pure innocent Ginny Weasley is being lead down Diagon Alley by a leach naked. The only good thing is that my Mistress let me do this at night when there are fewer people around.

That was the worse of it though. This humiliatingly long crawl was actually turning me on. I was already horny when we got here; My mistress decided that she should tease me to brink of orgasm several times before we got here. I could feel my nipples increase in hardness to a point where they hurt. My thighs were drenched with my own come.

I made sure anyone that knew me would not be out tonight. My brothers are with their families and my husband is in another country. My children are being watched by the ever watchful Aunt Hermione. None of my Family know about my secret life. That secret will be out by morning though. Were in a public place and the amount of fame of my family had would probably get me a picture of me in this position in the Daily Prophet. No matter how many precautions we took..

We arrived ten minutes ago behind the Leaky Cauldron. My Mistress was in a modest sundress, while I was wearing a trench coat and nothing else but my collar. We planned this for two days. Timed it so that we would be here when no one was around or when those that were around would be to drunk to realize what was going on. She was kind and said that I could get the busiest part of the alley done first and then the least busiest part after.

We stood there for a moment, while I reconsidered if I really was ready to do this. My mistress decided for me though when she turned ot me and smiled; she made an arm movement tthat said to me to prceed. My hands and arms were on automatic as they reached up and proceeded to unbutton the only clothing I had on me. I did it slowly at first then picked up the pace when I realized I was frustrating her (I learned early on I should not frustrate her). In under a minute, I was standing there in an opened trench coat. My mistress went behind me and took it off it me. She vanished it back to her place and I was left naked.

With nothing left to do but to follow what she wanted I got down on my hands and knees and started crawling. I could only go as fast as she wanted me to go so it wasn't very fast. We went by all the normal place Flourish and Botts and the apothecary. When we got to Gringotts, we stopped for our first stop. She planned two stops for me along the way to make the crawl more agonizing. At each stop I would add something that would keep my mind more occupied. The first she gave me a large butt plug which I worked in slowly and almost screamed when it go in and two small rubber bands that I put on my tits so that they started to turn more purple in color.

We continued until we got to the twins' shop, the second stop. When we got there, however I was in agony. My ass felt fuller than ever before and my tits were numb. She gave me another rubber band small than the first two though and a 12 inch dildo. I put the rubber band around my clitoris and worked the dildo into my already sopping pussy. I continued crawling hornier than I have ever felt before. All I could thinking about was that I wanted to orgasm so badly.

I was in the home stretch now...

I almost made it. If the line was only twenty feet closer we would have made it out without being discovered. In front of us was a reporter I knew from the days when I used to play Qudditich. He was wide eyed and sputtered out to my Mistress, "Narcissa Malfoy... What have you done to Ginny Potter?"

"I have done nothing. It was all her that wanted it," Mistress replied looking at me with a smile.

He looked down at me, "Come on Ginny, Stand up."

I looked to my Mistress for permission and she shook her head but added, "You may speak though."

I looked up at my reporter friend and said, "I am Ginny Potter. I am also the willing slave to Narcissa Malfoy." The photographer behind him snapped a picture of me.

The Picture in the daily prophet next day was of me laying back with me fucking the dildo in my pussy.

A/N: I've always wanted to write something that had Ginny as the submissive, so here it is. Let me know if you liked it or not. I kind of have a series of one-shots about this premise.