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Of course something was wrong, something's always wrong. That's how our lives work.

"What's wrong sweetie?" I asked, trying to hide my annoyance.

"I don't know, I just feel like something's wrong."

I sighed inwardly and barked, "Let's just fly home, get our stuff, and find somewhere to spend the night and figure this out". I spread my wings and leaped into the air, hearing the swoosh as my flock followed. It took about 25 minutes to get home, 10 whole minutes to figure out where we were.

I landed with a little thump in front of my mom's house. That's when my day REALLY went downhill.

"What happened?" I heard Nudge wonder out loud. The tidy little garden was totaled, with all of the plants uprooted and the dirt strewn everywhere. This was not good. Suddenly, a low moan came from the house. Ella!

"Ella! Ella what happened!?" I ran in the house to find Ella looking a mess, curled up on the floor.

" They took her!" she cried, " they took Mom!"

"WHO!" I screamed," WHO took her!" I was ready to unleash my growing fury and kick some series butt.

"I don't know," she whispered, "It's crazy, but I thought they were werewolves, but with wings." Well crap. Flyboys or even good 'ol fashion Erasers.

"Were they like, roboty or more humanish?"

"Definatly more humanish," she replied. So that solves that mystery.

"Erasers," I said under my breath.


" Those things that took Mom, they're called Erasers. But why would they take her?" I wondered. I thought we had killed Itex. They were coming back from the dead. Well crap.

I helped Ella up and we walked back outside to the rest of the flock. One look from me, and all of them suppressed any questions that they had.

"Itex is back, with a new version of Erasers." The flock had various reactions, mostly groaning and cussing.

"So now we have to deal with Itex and Mr. Chu?" Nudge asked," What if the Uber Director comes back! Then we'll have like, a million enemies and-"

I cut her off "We're gonna take out Itex first, then focus on other enemies. If we beat those idiots once, we can do it again." I held out my fist, and the flock stacked. Then a thought crossed my mind- what about Ella?

Angel must have passed this on, because Ella said, "I can come with you and help."

"No," I replied," Absolutely not. I don't want you to get hurt, and besides, you can't even-"

She held up a hand to stop me, and somehow, I listened. Then, my half sister unleashed the biggest shock that the entire flock received our entire short, miserable lives. She unfurled her huge red and black wings.

Everyone's mouth hung open, including Fang's, so you knew that this was huge. I was the first to recover.

"Since when did you have wings!" I meant it to come out demanding, but I managed to sound more like Minnie Mouse drowning.

"Since I was born," she said quietly, " I was at the same School as you guys, but Mom convinced them that I was dead so she could take me away. You guys are the only ones that know besides her. Not even Jeb or my dad know."

Well, holy bejeazzles. Just like that, we had another flock member.