A/N: Hey guys this is my third story called "Isabella and the Cullens" This story will be pretty long so I might be working on "Shock" in between that. I hope u like chpt 1. Plz review.

Chpt 1 is pretty much how Bella is a sweet innocent 6 yr old, traveling with her parents, but I guess that day fate was not on their side

Ch1 Being found.

Bella POV

My name is Isabella Marie Swan, I'm 6 years old. Right now I'm going on a trip with my parents. Charlie and Renee Swan. We were such a happy family, until my parents started to argue. Unfortunately that day was today. They were arguing over directions.

"Renee, I said I have to make a left. I have gone down this rode before, it's a dead end." Charlie yelled.

"And I said Charlie that if you make a left we will never get out of Forks, just goes in deeper." Renee snapped back.

It had been going on like this for the past ten minutes. Then it all happened. It was all too fast. My parents were arguing, and then my dad lost control of the car and next thing I knew we crashed into a tree.

I looked up from my car seat, I saw Charlie died immediately, but my mother had a few seconds left. She turned her face slightly towards me and reached her hand out to touch my cheek and say "Bella,—pant—we love you."

I touched my mothers hand and said "I love you too mommy." She smiled and drifted away. I started to panic, "Mommy? Mommy!" She didn't answer or even move. Tears started to make their way down my cheeks. I stood up kissed my mother and fathers head and got out of the car. I now knew I was alone in the world.

I saw my parents had crashed near a forest. I walked into the forest and sat down, pulling my knees to my chest to sob.

Alice POV

I gasped, letting the deer I was chasing escape. I was pulled into another one of my visions.

"A little girl was sitting in the middle of the forest crying." I came back to the present. I recognized the forest; it was the one we were hunting in.

I was hunting with Rosalie and Jasper. I ran towards Rose and grabbed her hand pulling her with me.

"Alice, what the h—" She complained. I ignored her. When I saw we were closer to where the little girl was, I let go of Rosalie and ran towards the spot.

I finally saw her; she had chocolate brown hair and pale skin. She had her knees up to her chest crying. I walked up to her and picked her up. She jumped a little and turned to look at me.

"Hi." She said through sobs. It broke my heart.

"Hi, what's your name?" I asked

"Isabella Swan. But I like Bella."

"Well hi Bella, what are you doing here?"

"My parents died in a car crash, so I'm alone." She turned back to my new shirt and cried.

I heard Rosalie coming. "Alice, really why did you inter—" She stopped to see the beautiful little girl in my arms. Rosalie had always wanted a little child to take care of. She came forwards to me and asked, "Alice, where did you get this little angel?"

"Rose, her parents just died so she's alone." At that moment, the whole family was around us.

Bella POV

I had just met Alice. She was very kind and very beautiful. Then out of nowhere came out another beautiful girl, her name was Rosalie. She stared at me with happy eyes, so I just smiled and waved at her. She stood in shock, but broke into a smile.

I heard some movements and then found myself surrounded by a whole family of beautiful people. Alice laughed at my expression and introduced me, "Bella, this is Jasper, Emmett, Rosalie, Carlisle, and Edward." She said waving her hand in front of them all.

The boy with bronze hair, who was Edward asked her, "Alice what are we going to do?"

Alice looked up at him with happy eyes and Edward shook his head. "No, Alice we can't take care of her."

Alice pouted and he answered an unspoken question. "You know why we can't."

I found that the blonde girl started to speak out for me. "What do you want us to do Edward, leave her here all alone? I don't think so. This little star will not stay alone."

She walked over to me and took me in her arms. She was a little cold, but I didn't care. I found her hair was very fun to play with. She looked down at me and smiled. I smiled back.

"Carlisle what do you think of this?" Edward asked

Carlisle looked at me and answered him. "Edward, Rosalie does have a point; we can't leave her here alone. So we can take her in."

Edward nodded and ran off, with everyone on his heels. I looked up at Rosalie and asked her "Where are we going?"

She smiled, "To our house."

I realized in that second someone found me.