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ACT II, Pt. 1


"Another day, another adventure..." Thoughts from Sonic the hedgehog whipped around about as fast as his feet did. Streams of blue bolted across the green landscape at the booming speed the hedgehog was known for, all while a little tune cresendoed from his lips, "Sonic boom, Sonic boom, trouble keeps me runnin faster! Sonic Boom, Sonic Boom, savin' the planet from disaster! Sonic Boom, Sonic Boom, spinnin' through a world in motion! Sonic Boom, Sonic Boom, Sonic booooooommm...DUUUUUUUNNNNNNNNNN!!!!!" Sonic swiped his hand, creating the final strum from his guitar to resonate in the air, "...wait, where the hell did this guitar come from?" with a finger to his chin, Sonic thought for a moment...

"Oh my God! SEGA's tryin' to fit me into the punk metal, skater-dude stereotype!" he screamed.

A red echidna appeared beside him, "You think that's bad, wait till you see what they do to me in a few years." it said, flashing it's gold teeth and the chains around it's neck as the boom box behind it blasted samples from Lil' John and 2Pac. He flashed his first fingers and pinkies, "Word." and n an instant, the echidna disappeared.

"Wonder who that was?" Sonic said to no one, destroying the guitar with his foot as he kept running...

It had been a few months since Sonic thwarted the machinations of one , who was sent home with tears in his eyes, and his pants too tight.

Sonic turned to me with a grimmace, "Okay, that joke's getting old." with that, the hedgehog sped off once more, towards a certain destination...


"Okay, by use of my freaky voodoo, er...Tarot Cards, I will find my true love!"

One hyperactive, sugar-coated hedgehog is now thrown into the mix, so Sega can totally prove Sonic's heterosexuality. Introducing...PRINCESS SALLY!

"MY NAME IS AMY! DAMMIT SEGA OF AMERICA! WE DON'T CARE ABOUT YOUR EFFING SHOW!" the hedgehog roared, the flames from her candles mysteriously flaring up, "Now, back to the cards." she scanned the cards with a hawk-like gaze, "Blue." she read one card, "Hedgehog." said another, "Meth-Addiction" the final one read.

Amy sprang out of her seat in joy, "That's it! My true love is a blue, meth-addicted hedgehog! I'll bet he's reeeeeeeeeealy fast! That's what meth does to a person!" Amy turned to the audiance, "Remember you guys, meth is a great way to get away from the cops! If they ask you for your licsence, ust take some and you'll be able to run away at the speed of light!" with that, the girl slipped on her shoes, and headed off.


"Ahh, Little Planet...which really isn't a very good name, considering that it's effing HUGE." Sonic took a deep inhale, the crisp, dirty air filling his lungs, blackening them with a sick, smogy taste, "Wait! Sick, smoggy taste?! Oxygen isn't supposed to smell like that!"


Sonic cut him off with a rock to the face, "For the love of God, shut up! Why are you always yelling?! You're worse than Samuel Jackson!"

With Billy Mayes running away crying, Sonic smirked in pride, "Great! Now I just need to find the Shamwow guy...Why is the air so dirty anyway?" he sniffed the air again, nearly choking. As he reopened his eyes, he only had a split second before getting thwacked by a heavy, metal object, sending him flying into the wall, "Oww....Again?" he looked up and gasped. A metal sheen covered the little planet above the lake, connected to the rocks by an immense chain, " can't be!"

"Bwahahahaahaahaha!!!" that laugh, it was all too familiar, "Guess what Sonic the Hedgehog?! I've taken over this tiny planet, and will soon take over this big big planet below it! It's only a matter of the time before I make a heavy metal world! Now excuse my while I go find my Metallica records to play like it was my bad-ass metal theme!" with that, the mad docter's voice fizzled away.

Sonic threw a fist skyward, "Damn you Eggman! I've already beaten you once!" he stopped for a moment, "Then again, that wasn't too hard. Heh heh, I'll just zoom through the zones, get the chaos whatever's, beat your final robot, and free the tiny little critters! Ya! This'll be easy!"

The hedgehog zoomed off once again, beginning his climatic leap between rocks upon rocks. With incredible agility and dexterity, he jumped over chasms and clifs, swinging on rocks. In one final jump, he looped around a single rock and rocketed towards a tall-standing, spike-like rock, prepared to grab ahold of it to stop for a moment.

...but his angle was too low. And he ended up hitting...yeah, that area.



Amy's ears twittered to the scream, "Why, that sounded like a Howling Wildebeast. Gasp, if I report this to Steve Irwin, I'll make a fortune! And I'll get to hear him say 'crikey'! EEE!" she squealed, nearly hopping in place, "I gotta find that wildebeast!" with that, she zoomed off again, unaware she was being watched...

Two, flashing red eyes flickered from the bushes, "Kttttzzzz. Pink hedgehog found...damn she's hot."

"Metal Sonic! Quit drooling over that kid you robo-perv! Just follow her!" Eggman roared over his radio.

"Shaddup Egghead! I know the mission." Metal Sonic groaned, heading off.

"My name is Robotnick Goddammit!"

"Whatever you say Goddammit. Heh heh heh..."


"Owwwww...." a pained groaned escaped the hedgehog's lips as he kept walking, "Damn, I hope I'm still able to have kids..."

Sonic the hedgehog had momentarily regained feeling in his crotch long enough to run up the chain up to the Little Planet. Suspiciously, the planet looked like it was on acid. Flashing lights, warping colors, all blending into one mish-mash of psycadellic, druggy goodness.

The hedgehog looked around the Collision Chaos Zone in amazement, "Man, this is just like that drug trip I saw in that movie when I was on that drug trip..."

Bumpers and springs abound in this pinball machine turned sideways! Sonic curled up like a pinball on crack, bouncing around, richocheting off walls and electrified floors, "Hot damn! I gots pinball fevah!!!" the psycadelic rock blared in the background, adding even more edge to the visuals.

"Yeah. SEGAs totally not trying to promote drug use with this game!" jeered the hedgehog, rocketing into a tunnel, panting and sweaty, "Whew, I gotta lose some weight by Sega's next home console release." he stepped in closer, grabbing a few rings as he did so.

And then...the laughter...

"Hee hee hee, I spy a little blue hedgehog..."

Sonic gasped and turned, "Who's there?! Why are the voices coming back?! Make them stop!" he screamed, curling into a fetal-position.

A bubbly voice called out from the shadows, "Hee hee hee! No silly! It's me, Amy Rose, you're true love!!!!" the horribly dressed, pink hedgehog leapt in front of the hedgehog, her pose displaying affection and cuteness, "We're gonna be together forever and ever!"

"I don't even know you!" the hedgehog immediately retorted, getting back to his feet.

Amy giggled, "Oh, well allow me to introduce myself! I'm A--AHH!" a scream cut her sentance short, metal hands grasping her waist, "Rape! Rape!" she screamed bloody murder as she floated away in the hands of a robot.

Sonic wiped the sweat from his brow, "Oh thank GOD. I thought I would have to be stuck with an obsessive fangirl fore--"

SEGA's head officals shot him a stern glare. Sonic groaned, "Oh, c'mon, do I have to save her?! She's just gonna try to rape me or draw yaoi of me in the future!"

SEGA's head officals kept their gaze. The distrought hedgehog sighed, feeling this was highly unjust, "FINE. Lemme just go into this goal ring right here."

Sonic made a leap through the hoop, "Wait a minute. The goal is supposed to be a sign...Hot damn! Special Stage, here I come!"



Sonic appeared in a vibrant flash of light, "Alright, I just need to get 50 rings and--what the heck?!"

A tube was not the hedgehog's surroundings. Insted, he was on a metal plat form in the middle of the ocean, with several small pools across it's surface. Several, puffy, balloon-like ships appeared above him, spreading out over the course, "WTF?! This is one weird special stage..."

The Sonic CD game manual appeared in his hands, "To win at the special stage, defeat all of the UFOs."

"That's all? That shouldn't be too hard..." with a smirk, the hedgehog zoomed off, feeling rather unusual about his movements, "! I can move in 3D! Hellz yeah!"

It wasn't long before each of the alien ships exploded in a pretty, CG exploding animation. Sonic was warped out of the special stage...


He opened his eyes, "...Aw shoot, where the heck am I now?!"

The freaked out hedgehog scanned his surroundings. Baron landscapes shrouded in red dust, black sky above, "Where am I?" he asked to no one, beginning another walk.

"Sonic the Hedgehog..."

Sonic turned to the voice, "What the?! Who said tha--HOLY FEMALE BULL!"

Behind him was a giant, stone crafted, Abraham Lincoln...

"I am Abraham Lincoln." he said, "Sonic, by getting the time stone in the special stage, you have been transported back in time...and to Mars."

Sonic's eyes shot open instantly. He grasped at his own throat, "Gak! No...oxygen...on...Mars...can't breathe..." the hedgehog fell, unmoving.

Lincoln glanced around suspiciously, before reaching into the hedgehog's pocket and taking his wallet, "...hey! There's only fifteen bucks in here!"

Sonic reached his hand up, " cash..."

"Oh Shut up hedgehog! You aren't dying!" the statue roared, tossing the wallet away. Sonic dusted himself off and stood up.

"Why am I here?" he asked.

Lincoln pointed to Earth-slash-Mobius beside the planet they rested on, "Sonic, it is your destiny to save the world from and his Sonic Robot. When you do, you and Amy will become star-crossed lovers fore--"

"HELL NO!" Sonic roared, inturrupting Lincoln. He thrashed his arms around wildly, "There is no way I will ever be in love with here! You MUST be joking!"

Stone-Lincoln smashed Sonic with his fist, "I'm Abraham Friggin' Lincoln! I never lie!" he picked up the now dizzy and bruised hedgie, aiming towards Earth-slash-Mobius, "Now, go save the world Sonic the Hedehog!!!"

With that, the satue hurled Sonic back at Earth-Slash-Mobius, sending him hurdling thorugh space at speeds which by regular logic, no creature could survive. But then again, this is Sonic CD, where anything is possible.

"God speed Sonic the hedgehog." Lincoln saluted, "Speaking of speed..." the statue picked up a straw and put it to his nose...

To be continued...

There's Sonic CD part one! I hoped you liked it! Next part coming soon! I promise!