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L scanned Ciel from head to toes; something had changed about her right now, something he could not understand at the present moment, but was planning to discover.

Before the clock stroke midnight, a loud knock could be heard at the door. The task force members had arrived; turning slightly towards the young psychiatrist who was now sitting on the sofa, hidden from view once someone entered the hallway, L glanced both at her and the door.

"Please, do not give your real name upon meeting the task force members if you are not acquainted with them. There has been a leak of information from the police force and we have yet to discover where it came from."

"Very well, Ryuuzaki." Ciel nodded her head. "However, I assure you that the probability of Kira finding and killing me is rather slim."

L frowned slightly then walked towards the door. Where had her confidence come from?

"We've been expecting you." Watari's voice rang in the hallway. "Please come in."

The door opened and five men made their way in the hotel room. In front, L assumed, was their chief, a middle aged man. The others followed closely behind; all of them were fairly young, the first three most likely in their early thirties, while the last was probably in his middle twenties.

"I am L." that was the detective's only response to the arrival of the five men. Distrust and confusion could be clearly seen on their faces as they took into account his shabby appearance.

"I am Yagami, the chief of the police." The eldest man made the first move.

"I'm Matsuda."




Hidden from view, taking everything that was happening into account, Ciel tried very hard not to roll her eyes. How very irresponsible of the five men to give away their names so easily. L's reaction to their introduction did not disappoint her.

"Bang!" The detective raised his arm, having his thumb held upwards and his pointer foreword, mimicking a gun.

"That's not funny!"Aizawa and Matsuda exclaimed.

"If I was Kira, you'd all be dead already. As you may know by now, Kira needs a name and a face to kill his victims. Although, logically speaking this is impossible, that's precisely what Kira has been doing so we can only conclude that he uses a supernatural killing method." He turned around and headed towards the other room, beckoning the others to follow him.

"We are the only ones left pursuing Kira. You must be more cautious; don't go giving your name away so recklessly."

As soon as they stepped into the room, the five men frowned in confusion upon seeing the young woman that was calmly sitting on the sofa.

"My name is Raine Oswald." Ciel said sitting up and smiling "It is nice to finally meet you."

"Raine-san is my assistant on this case. She is a forensic psychiatrist and her aid may prove to be crucial when catching Kira." L clarified "Now, let's get down to business. Please turn off your mobile phones and place them on the table."

Aizawa and Ukita mumbled that L did not trust them and that he probably will never trust them, but the chief urged them to do as they had been told.

"You're wrong" L stated calmly "I merely find it disturbing to have our conversation interrupted by incoming calls." L took a seat on the armchair, standing in his trademark position, crunched with his hands on his knees. "Do not write anything down; you can never know in whose hands the notes may fall. Also don't call me L. Call me Ryuuzaki. Safety first!"

"I have an idea." Matsuda suddenly said "What if we asked the media to stop broadcasting criminals' names? Won't that stop Kira?"

"That's a bad idea." Ciel stated simply glancing at the young man; he was eager to help that was sure, but was still too naïve to understand all the mechanisms of the world. Kira was no ordinary criminal; all moves had to be made with extreme caution. Her harsh response immediately cut off his enthusiasm, but she could see he was not one to give up so easily.

"If you do that Kira will start killing innocent people." L said calmly, giving an explanation to Ciel's answer.

"Why would he do that?" Aizawa asked in disbelief.

Ciel scanned the man for a moment, then moved on. Except for Matsuda who probably still believed in Santa Claus and most likely chief Yagami, none of the other three men truly trusted L. Did they believe in his abilities? Completely. But trust him? No.

"Because Kira is childish and hates to lose." L answered promptly "Just like I am childish and hate to lose."

A small grin appeared on the psychiatrist's face as she realized just how accurate the description was.

"What do you mean, L… I mean Ryuuzaki?" Chief Yagami asked confused.

"Kira killed the fake L without giving it a second thought, thus breaking his pattern of only killing terrible criminals. After announcing my hypothesis that Kira is in the Kanto region the killings became concentrated in Japan. And there's also the matter about the FBI agents. He is very stubborn about not losing." L stopped a little to allow the facts to settle in everyone's minds.

"Most probably," Ciel interfered "if we stopped the broadcasting he would take the world as a hostage, killing petty evil-doers or innocent people."

"Yes," L added "He would consider their deaths to be on our hands as we hid the criminals from him."

Having finished profiling the task force members, Ciel allowed her thoughts to wander off knowing full well that everything L discussed with them right now had already been discussed with her days before their arrival. Her mind wandered back to the events of last night; even captured in her nightmare as she had been, Ciel had felt a warm, soft touch linger on her shoulder, telling her that everything was all right, assuring her that she was safe. Caught in her dream state she had associated the touch with one from three years ago. She remembered a cold winter night in LA when she had ran away from her overly cheerful friends and had started roaming the streets alone with her bitter thoughts, clad only with a light jumper, a pair of worn out jeans and dark boots, having no coat to keep her warm. She envisioned in her mind a certain dark haired man and could almost feel his warm hands put a coat over her freezing shoulders.

Surely, as soon as she had woken up, Ciel had realized everything had been a dream and figured that L most likely had placed the blanket over her sleeping form to calm her down, but the memory of the touch from years ago clashed with the newer one, leaving Ciel lingering in a melancholic state that she had successfully managed to hide from the detective.

The young woman was brought back from her musings upon hearing a question Yagami Soichiro had asked, a question that she had been wandering about until now.

"Ryuuzaki, you said you hated to lose. Is showing yourself in front of us a failure to you?"

"Yes. This meeting and the deaths of the FBI agents are both my fault. However, I will win in the end… this is the first time I'm risking my life to catch a criminal, but I want all of you who are risking your lives just now to know that… Justice will prevail!"

"Yeah!" the men cheered full of enthusiasm. "Let's get him!"

L rose from the sofa and headed towards the window, hands still in his pockets. He glanced outside taking into account the bustling life of the city that was continuing its course oblivious to the evil hidden in its midst.

Ciel watched the detective from her place on the sofa, fully aware of what he was thinking. They needed one crucial clue to get to Kira… no matter what they could not let him get away.

Several hours later, after the task force members had left for their homes, Ciel rose from her place and headed towards the kitchen to make two cups of hot chocolate. Upon returning she found L sitting in front of his laptop, eating a piece of cake; from the first moment she had met the queer detective, Ciel had noticed the strange way he held things: delicately, between his thumb and pointer as if afraid they would brake otherwise.

She set one mug of hot cocoa on the table next to him, while the other remained in her hands, warming them.

"It should have enough sugar in it to satisfy your taste." She said softly upon noticing him glance at the cup "You have an awful diet you know that? It's very likely you will die of diabetes before you reach 45."

"You are quite optimistic to presume, I might actually reach 40, Ciel." L said softly "Taking into account my line of work I will consider myself lucky to be able to finish this case alive." He took the cup and took a small sip of the warm liquid "It is quite good. Thank you."

"You are welcome." Ciel too started to drink her chocolate and they stood in silence a couple of moments, pondering over the events of the day.

"I wish to ask you something…" L started.

"I know. Most likely you want my professional opinion concerning the five men, am I right, Ryuuzaki?"

"Indeed." He took another sip of chocolate and stared at her with his round eyes, trying to figure out her thoughts, but her face remained an emotionless blank.

"Yagami Soichiro-san is a smart man. I have heard about him from the police officers I have worked with although I have never actually met him. He values justice above all and would go to any extend to see it done. Also, I believe he trusts you. As does Matsuda, although he is still immature from what I can tell and most likely joined this case because his model, Yagami-san stands against Kira. Aizawa, Mogi and Ukita do not trust you; you can see it in their eyes. For them, who have always been putting their lives on the line to catch criminals a couch detective as they consider you, no offense here, even though he is the century's greatest detective, is hard to trust. However, they are sincere in wanting to catch Kira and will aid you in this case. I believe none of them is connected voluntarily to Kira, although after questioning each of them I presume you reached the same conclusion…" Ciel trailed off.

"I see. Thank you." L drank what had remained of his hot chocolate and turned his attention back to the laptop. For him Ciel was as much of a mystery as Kira was; except the twelve FBI agents, Kira killed mainly criminals guilty of the most gruesome deeds. She had said her friend had been killed a while ago and he was most definitely not one of the twelve… who could she had been seeking revenge for?

The young woman turned around and headed towards her room. There she opened her own laptop and once more pursued the same trail she had been following a few days ago… that of Shinigami. Upon opening the mysterious library's website she was surprised to see some titles of books the library held. Several caught her eyes… however her face darkened when she saw the message on the homepage: the owner of the library was in England with business and would not be returning until September. How pointless… with a thud she snapped the screen of the laptop shut and collapsed on her bed. She had to find another lead…

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