E/O Challenge: "Drag"

Spoilers: AHBL 1, I'm back to Dean-angst for some reason…language warning as well. 100 words on the dot! I had trouble keeping it there, so it's not quite as epic as it was going to be, but rules are rules I guess :)

Disclaimer: I am a poor, unemployed music student who has no possible means of owning this franchise…so nothing is mine.


At first he can't move, hoping that time is standing still and there is no other reason he can't feel a fluttering heartbeat, a breath from his brother's slackened lips. He kneels there in the mud, cradling what he swore he would never lose. But the world is too fucked up to let him have this one thing, just the one, and he swears he doesn't need anything else, just let it be a dream, just…

Reality overwhelms his senses as he stands up straight. He can carry Sam, won't drag him. He should be heavy, but he's just…just not.