She was convinced they were in love, so of course she had to stick her nose where it didn't belong and provide a little push in the right direction. NeuroxYako

A Push in the Right Direction

Mystery 01: When Push Comes to Shove

The world was full of mysteries, but the synonyms of the term 'clumsy' were no mystery to her; especially the least polite ones. Honestly, Yako didn't know what was going on, and that was a true mystery, though oddly enough, Neuro was apparently unconcerned.

Time and again it came to pass, from a gentle push at first, to a harsh shove when Yako decided that it was time to stand her ground against whatever force kept pushing her into Neuro. The mysterious and supernatural situation gave a whole new meaning to the phrase, 'when push comes to shove.'



Yako sighed in defeat as she crossed the doorway to her room after falling into Neuro's arms yet again. "Sorry about that, thanks for catching me for the millionth time today, Neuro," she recited automatically. "What is going on? I keep feeling something pushing me over and over."

"It's becoming a problem," Neuro had already been fed a mystery for the day, though he stayed with Yako, following her and observing how the odd scenario played out. His appetite for mysteries wished to know what the explanation behind the series of strange occurrences was; he knew the cause but not the reason.

"So what is it, a ghost?" Yako paled at the thought. At first she had assumed it was all due to Neuro being difficult, though in a stranger way then usual.

"The mystery, my simple minded slave, is not what is causing this, but why." Neuro explained.

Yako could only blink, "you mean you already know what the cause is, just not why it's happening?" Then she felt something collide with her back, much harder then before, and fell towards Neuro again.

The mystery eater stepped back a little. Ready to catch the human once more, but his foot unexpectedly caught on a round jar, conveniently set on its side behind him so it would roll under his foot and catch him off guard. Neuro fell backwards on to the fluffy pillows of Yako's bed and his eyes glowed in anger.

"Sorry Neuro, something pushed me again and-" before Yako could further excuse the accident, Neuro reached out and grabbed something behind her back, thus locking her in place.

"You've gone too far, pixie. How dare you set up that trap? You'll pay with your life!" Curious about what Neuro was talking about, Yako turned her head, while still trapped in her position on top of him.

"A light? No, it's a fairy, a shiny fairy!" That tiny creature was to blame for Yako's numerous falls on that day, though she was caught by Neuro on each one.

"I'm a pixie, your boyfriend just said it, so don't call me a fairy!" The little creature screeched. "Besides, you should be thanking me. I'm helping the two of you become closer as a couple by performing the human ritual of a 'push in the right direction' and obviously that direction would have to be each other. Plus I finally accomplished making you both 'fall' for each other. You have nothing to complain about; I even set things up so you would fall on something soft. Do you have any idea how heavy that cookie jar was for me, and having to focus my energy in staying invisible the entire time?" The pixie then address Neuro, "I've watching you two for a while, it's really entertaining so I wanted to thank you both for amusing me. You knew, didn't you?"

Neuro had indeed decided to ignore the pixie whose invisibility skills did not work on him. He just didn't think it was anything worth his concern; then when she started pushing Yako for a reason at the time unknown, it sparked both his curiosity and amusement. "Of course I would know," the mystery eater did not loosen his grip on the pixie, still holding her behind Yako's back, while the human girl remained trapped in the middle. In his annoyance, he forgot to deny being her boyfriend. "I only let you live because I thought the lowly human deserved a little punishment for being late to the office. I let you push her around, but challenging me is going too far!"

Before the pixie could say anything in her defense, Yako's laughter was heard. "She took it literally!" The cuisine loving girl could no longer hold back the fit of giggles she had been trying to contain. Not only did the pixie interpret two human saying literally, but she managed to knock Neuro down despite being so small; and against her better judgment, Yako did not intend to him live it down.

"You dare to make fun of your master?" While Neuro was shocked with Yako's giggle fit reaction, as she continued to lie on top of him, the pixie slipped out of his grasp.

"Ingrate!" The small shiny creature produced a sound that made it clear she was blowing raspberries, even if it was hard to see due to her size and the light that surrounded her. The little pixie then hurried away and flew out the window, making her escape after flapping her wings and sprinkling sleeping dust on Yako and Neuro to buy some time, just in case they decided to give chase.

"Get up and go after her you stupid lowly creature!" Neuro growled, but Yako did not get up, leave it to a human to be sensitive to pixie sleeping dust.

Yako tightened her grip around Neuro and muttered something about a "comfy pillow."

The troublesome pixie was gone, having escaped her punishment, and Yako would be out of commission for a while since pixie induced sleep was too deep to be broken by noise. The only choice was to let the effect ware off in a few hours.

Thus Neuro decided that, since he was having such a terrible day, he would simply stay still until Yako woke up. That way there would be less of a chance of something going wrong; it had nothing to do with being surprisingly comfortable...

End of Mystery 01

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