I am sorry it has taken so long to write a Chuck fic and I would like to thank everyone that is still reading what I write. I also want to apologize for deleting Catch Me if You Can. I just totally lost interest in the story, and with what happened last week and what will happen this week I thought it would be fun to have a story with Chuck and Sarah on the run. I know I have already done such with Fight or flight but the storyline is completely different.

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"Take off your watch." She whispered in my ear.


"Because it's all a lie. Your father is still out there."

I felt my heart break and my mind go numb as Sarah's words processed through my brain. She continued to whisper in my ear and the only words I paid attention to were "lie" and "we have to run". I couldn't believe I just apologized and thanked her for being so honest and trusting. She was about to give me to the wolves.

But I can't think about that right now, I have to think of a way to get my father back and right now Sarah is the only chance I have to stay above ground long enough for that to happen. So I will forget that she lied straight to my face…again, and follow her right out of the Buy More and straight to the getaway car.

We didn't speak until we were well on our way up the 5 North, heading to god knows where, and the more I think about it the more it becomes obvious to me that Sarah really does care about me.

"Sarah…your disobeying orders for me?" I asked her even though it was rather obvious.

She didn't respond, she continued to look forward and make her way through the evening traffic. It rather annoyed me when she did this.

"You're committing treason Sarah! You could go to jail." Way to state the obvious again Chuck!

"I know." Was her only reply and as I watched the words leave her mouth I couldn't help but notice the intense emotions playing in her eyes.

In that moment I knew that I would trust her completely. She may have lied to me no more than thirty minutes ago but she made a choice…granted it may not have been the smartest but she put herself out there for me. Her career and everything she has worked so hard for has been shot to hell because she cares about me and my life. I owe it to her to be everything she needs me to be now. Things were about to get very hard for the both of us and all we have is each other…Chuck and Sarah vs The United States Government!


Don't freak out!!

Ok, there is a tiny taste of where I am going with this and I hope it has peak some of your interests. Since it is a lazy Sunday afternoon I will go start on the next chapter to appease the Fanfiction gods so I am not stricken down by bolts of lightning! j/k….going to go write now.