OK, I'm only writing this non-yaoi story because, some of my friends said I wouldn't be able to, so I am hoping to prove them wrong and Yes I will continue this until I'm finished with it.

Naruto had Sasuke's attention again, but this time not because he was being loud or rude, but because he was just sitting with his mouth…Shut. Sakura sat near Naruto looking at him with concern. Sasuke felt a prick of Jealousy wash over him, Naruto and Sakura were now dating thanks to him.

***Flash Back***

"Sasuke-kun" Sakura said a question in her tone "Hmm" he got out so she would continue, hoping she wouldn't ask him out "I was wondering…who you like more, me or Ino-pig" Sasuke really didn't want to give either girl hope, so he didn't answer. Naruto saw the tears coming to the girl's eyes.

"At least you could answer her Teme" he shouted coming closer to Sakura "Fine, Sakura?" she paused and looked over toward Sasuke "I dislike you and Ino equally" he said he said hoping the girl would get it and leave him alone. Sakura burst into tears again and Naruto held her close to him as she clutched onto his shirt.

"You jerk don't talk to her like that!" Sasuke sighed and shook his head "Sakura-chan how about I take you out to eat?" Naruto whispered in a soothing tone, Sakura nodded yes and they walked away with Sakura's arm over Naruto's shoulder and Naruto's arm wrapped around her waist, and that is how it had started.

***End Flash Back***

Now Sasuke was regretting not telling her the truth… that he actually really did like her.


Naruto sighed he had thought that Sakura was his dream girl: Strong, loud, Brunt, and…Independent. He was now realizing that she had OCD, and was controlling, bipolar, and had ADD, she was more work than he had ever thought plus she got scared over the smallest things.

Naruto wanted to break up, with his not so dream girl, but he couldn't think of how to do it the only thing he hadn't been wrong about was her strength, she could easily knock down the village if she got mad at him, or kill him.

Naruto decided even if the girl was clingy he would have her break up with him first. He snapped out of his daze state to have his girlfriend, he shivered at the thought and Sasuke staring at him, Sasuke looked mad.

Naruto thought about it and suddenly realized that he had been quite when alone this was a common occurrence but when in public he made them think of him as loud and rude…he hadn't said anything at all today, to anyone, he had been so immersed in his thoughts.

"Uh sorry, I'm like half asleep" Naruto knew they knew he was lying but they didn't question him, though Sakura stayed near him and constantly grabbed his arm when she felt jumpy. Naruto sighed hoping Sakura would get tired of him soon.


Sakura was happy when Naruto-dono finally spoken, he was never really quite except when they were alone and even then he would still laugh when she said something funny, she hoped that the aggravated and nervous look that had went over his face hadn't been caused by her.

She glanced at Sasuke-kun and suddenly felt depressed, and angry. Naru-dono was a good source of love and companionship but she felt minimal attraction to him his Heart was worn on his sleeve and she could usually read his emotions pretty well, Sasuke-kun on the other had was a mystery, he kept his emotions inside,

Except for anger and even that he had control over most of the time, unless it had to do with Naru-dono. Sakura watched as Naru-dono rose, she stood as well, Naru-dono on her left Sasuke-kun.

She sighed Naruto-dono was great to her, so she's not suppose to regret saying yes, not only was she dating a boy she had sworn she would never date, but she also had the feeling that Naru-dono was getting angry with her more quickly, and his eyes no longer showed love and admiration in them when he looked at her,

Instead they showed nervousness and regret. Sasuke-kun would get angry whenever Naruto said something wrong, that caused both boys to get bruised more often than before. Sakura felt Naruto suddenly kiss her cheek, and his hand entwine with hers.


Sasuke was watched patiently trying to figure a way to have the 'perfect' couple break up, an idea popped into his head, jealousy. He would make Sakura jealous and want to be with him again, but the only problem is who to use?

Ino was to attached to him, Tenten was in love with Neji, Temari lived in the sand more time than less, Sakura is the one he's trying to make jealous, so that left Hinata, who is in love with Naruto, and this would benefit her to.

"I'm leaving guys bye" he said with his back turned as he walked away from the training grounds, who cared if Kakashi got mad at him this was much more important. The Hyuuga residence was about seven miles from his house and his house was about nine miles from the training grounds so that would be sixteen miles in total.

The walk to the Hyuuga house was defiantly smaller than his but the Uchiha clan used to be the biggest family in Konoha, he walked up to the door and knocked a few times Neji opened the door, "What do you want Uchiha" Neji asked,

"I wish to see Hinata-chan's father" Neji looked shocked, the reason unknown to Sasuke. "Uh…fine, whatever follow me," Neji said moving aside to let Sasuke inside, "What do you want to talk to Hiashi-sama about?" Neji asked on there walk to Hiashi's office. "I want to ask Hiashi-sama for his permission to go out with Hinata."


Hinata was confused; she was being called into her father's office, she could not figure out what she had done wrong, she had been training as hard as she possibly could, and had improved a lot.

She knocked on the door to her father's office, and was told to come in when she entered, she found Sasuke Uchiha and her father sitting on the ground around a table both with cups of tea in front of them.

"You asked to see me father?" Hiashi nodded "Yes please take a seat next to our guest," Hinata shyly looked at Sasuke before setting herself down next to him "This young boy has come her and properly asked if he could date you Hinata," Her father told her making he eyes go wide in shock and a blush set firmly on her cheeks.

"What do you say Hinata?" Her father was telling her to accept with his eyes, and she knew that having an Uchiha as a boyfriend would be a great opportunity for their clan "I am honored, and accept." Her father nodded approvingly at her.

"You two may leave now." Hiashi said to them both, they stood at the same time and left, "Sasuke-kun, what is this about?" Hinata asked once she and her boyfriend reached her room "Jealousy." Sasuke stated as if it was obvious.


Sasuke sighed he would have to explain everything to Hinata, "Who do you wish to make jealous, you could have anyone?" Hinata asked confused "Well…Sakura and Naruto are dating, and really like Sakura and I know you love Naruto for some reason, so, I was hoping we could help each other, by making them jealous."

Hinata let out a sigh of relief "Is that all? Then I will gladly help you get your Sakura-chan, so I can have my Naruto-kun." Sasuke let a smile come to his face, Hinata was defiantly the best choice for this, plus they both held no attraction for each other.

"Good. I'm glad we agree." Hinata smiled before Sasuke saw tears come to her eyes "What's wrong?" Hinata shook her head "It just hit me that the one I love is dating the one he says he loves." Sasuke sighed Hinata was one of the emotionally stronger girls he knew, so he hadn't expected the news to hit her so hard.

"I'm sorry Hinata, I…I didn't think that the news of them being together would have this effect on you, I'm sorry." Hinata lightly brushed back the tears and sat on her bed "No, it's not your fault, and thank you for coming to me for help." She patted the spot next to her and Sasuke sat down "How do we start?" Sasuke asked out loud.

"Well I could join you at the training ground and we could tell them be are dating." Hinata supplied helpfully making Sasuke smirk, "Hmm, we could walk there together, and link hand when we see them" Hinata nodded in agreement, a blush going over her cheeks "Yes that should work"


Dono is often considered to show slightly less respect than sama and more than san.