Roses are red,

Violets are blue,

I don't own Twilight,

And neither do you (Unless you're S.M. which I highly doubt XD)

It's o-o-obvious,

Right here is where the party starts,

With you and me all alone,

No one has to know.

It's o-o-obvious to me

How it's gonna be.

O-o-obvious when you come close to me.

-Obvious, Hey Monday.


"Bella!" Alice cried as she opened the door. Her eyes were wide and shining with excitement, "Bella, come upstairs! I only have " – she consulted her watch – "Three hours to make you look beautiful! Oh my God. Three hours!!!"

"Yeah, because you can never make me look pretty in three hours, let alone beautiful," I rolled my eyes, "Three hours is plenty, Alice. Besides, it's just a bunch of our friends. It's not like there's going to be anyone nice there, is it?"

"Well, I forgot to tell you…" Alice chewed on her lip, "My idiot brother's on a break from Uni and he invited a load of people to my party. I would have kicked up a fuss, but I'm kinda hoping that he has some fit friends…"

"Alice!" I moaned. I hadn't known Alice for long, only since she and her parents, Carlisle and Esme, had moved here at the beginning of the year, but we had been great friends ever since, best friends. We were practically inseparable now.

"Come on." Alice grabbed my arm and pulled me inside. She dragged me up to her bedroom, which was practically un-locatable in the Cullen family's huge mansion.

"Now let's make Bella look pretty!" Alice squealed excitedly. I giggled nervously at Alice's panicking; I knew only too well what she was capable of when she was in this mood.

After two and a half hours of torture, and much complaining from my part, she was finally done.

"Oh my God. Bella, you look stunning," Alice said.

I raised one perfectly plucked eyebrow at her.

"You do!" she exclaimed. "How can you even think that after a make-over session with me you wouldn't look drop-dead gorgeous?!" She towed me over to her full-length mirror and stood me in front of it. I gasped. She was right; I did look stunning.

"Alice, what did you do?" I whispered in awe.

"I can't give away my beauty secrets." Alice winked at me, "You like?"

"I love, Alice," I breathed, still studying my reflection. I really did look beautiful. My brown hair shined in the light and it was lightly curled, bouncing around my shoulders, rather than straight and limp like it usually hung. My skin was clear, not one spot in sight and, thankfully, Alice had laid off of the blusher; I never needed it. My deep-set, chocolate brown eyes stood out thanks to the black eyeliner artfully smudged around them, but there wasn't too much so I didn't look like a twelve-year-old trying to look older. I wore a beautiful blue dress that flaunted my figure perfectly. Alice sure knew what she was doing when it came to things like this.

"Told you so," Alice said smugly, and a little childishly.

I chatted with Alice while she got ready, somehow able to look better than me in half an hour, wearing a silvery-blue dress that fell down her body like a waterfall. Her short black hair flicked out perfectly, a result of skilled use of GHDs and her make-up was immaculate.

Just as Alice took one last look at her reflection, the doorbell rang.

Alice squealed with delight, "Ooh! Bella, the party's starting! Come on!" and with that, she bounced happily down the stairs. I rolled my eyes; another unsupervised party (with alcohol, might I add) was just what I needed. Yeah right.

Three hours later, the party was in full-swing. Loads of people had turned up, most of them I was pretty sure neither Alice nor her brother - whom I had not yet met - had never seen before, let alone actually invited to this house party.

But Alice was enjoying herself and that was all that mattered, I guess. And I found myself beginning to relax as the party wore on, but I was unsure as to whether this was just an effect that the three glasses of cocktail were having on me or… no, I was pretty sure it was the alcohol. I should have been angry at myself for letting Alice force me into drinking some. I mean, I wasn't even eighteen yet and both Alice and I knew what alcohol did to my already dubious balance. But, surprisingly, I wasn't angry at myself. I was wandering about in a dream-like state, not really feeling anything. Maybe the cocktail was stronger than I thought…

As I wandered through the allocated rooms for the party, I saw Alice making out with a blonde guy. I was pretty sure that it was the guy she had had her eye on for a while, but never had the guts to actually talk to him. I figured she must really like him if she was too scared to talk to him (come on, this is Alice we're talking about) and so I mentally applauded her.

I looked around to see if anyone else I knew was at this party, but I came up with a blank. I sighed and perched on the edge of one of the leather sofas, wondering how I could get away from here. Suddenly, Alice came over.

"Bella," she pouted at me, "Why are you sat down? You should be dancing with someone, looking like you do now."

"No one's asked me," I replied honestly.

"Humph," Alice mumbled, "Nonsense, Bells. You have to ask them. Boys are useless."

"So did you ask blondie?" I grinned at her.

"Hey!" she slapped my arm lightly.

"Is that the one you like?" I probed.

"Yeah. That's Jasper." She stared at him dreamily, "He's amazing, Bella."

"Great," I said, "So why are you talking to me and not making out with him?"

"Because you're miserable. And I don't want my best friend to be miserable," she told me, as though it should be obvious. I smiled and looked across the room, only to see someone staring back at me. I stopped breathing.

"Who is that?" I managed to choke out to Alice.

She looked over to see who I meant, "Oh, Bella," she sighed, "That's my brother, Edward."

"He is?" I gaped at her.

"Yes." Alice rolled her eyes, "Look, I'm going to find Jasper. Go talk to someone!" With that, she walked off.

I decided to go and try to find an empty bedroom to hide in for a while, rather than make a fool of myself down here, but on my way to the stairs, someone caught my wrist.

"Where are you going, gorgeous?" someone slurred drunkly. I looked around to see some guy grinning at me, an almost empty can of lager in his hand. He leant his head closer to me in an attempt to kiss me.

"Get off of me," I muttered, trying to pull my wrist away.

He ignored me and got closer still. I raised my other hand and slapped him hard across the cheek.

"Hey!" he exclaimed, "That was totally uncalled for, bitch!"

"Get off of me," I repeated, looking pointedly at my wrist, still enclosed in his hand.

Now that made him cross. He tilted his can and poured the remaining drops of lager over my dress.

"Uh!" I squealed, though my cry of annoyance was drowned out by the loud, thumping music. The guy threw his can at the floor and leant in again, but this time, thankfully, he was interrupted.

"Hey. Leave her alone," someone commanded in a velvet voice. I looked up to see Alice's brother glaring at the guy. My thoughts became incoherent as I stared at him. He was gorgeous. So, so gorgeous. Stunning. He had messy bronze hair that fell over his piercing emerald green eyes and wore a shirt that hinted at a muscular chest. And he had to be the most beautiful thing I had ever seen.

"Come on, let her go," Edward ordered firmly and, to my surprise, the guy dropped me and pushed me at Edward.

"Have her then, if you want her that badly," he snapped, before wandering off to harass someone else.

Being the klutz I was, I tripped over my own feet and ended up in Edward's arms. Not that I was complaining.

"Are you okay?" he asked, setting me back on my own feet. I felt an electric shock pass through me as his skin brushed against my own.

"Yeah," I breathed.

"Come with me. I'll find you something of my sister's to wear." He took my arm gently and pulled me toward the stairs, ironically where I had been heading all along.

"What?" I asked, in a dream-like state. This was unreal. This gorgeous boy could not have just saved me. That sort of thing just didn't happen to me. Not me, Isabella Swan.

"You've got lager all over your dress," he reminded me as we climbed the first flight of stairs.

"Oh." I looked down at myself. Sure, it was spattered with lager, but I wouldn't have said that it necessitated changing. But I was all too willing to let him take me upstairs away from the noisy party, "Thanks," I mumbled.

"No problem." We continued up to Alice's room. I conveniently forgot to mention that I knew my way there; I had been in here just earlier that day.

"Uh…" he looked around the room, and then gestured to the bed, "Take a seat. I'll find something for you."

"Uh… okay, thanks," I muttered, taking a seat on the bed where I had been sat just hours earlier.

"Here," he said, passing me a blue shirt and little white skirt. I recognized them from when Alice had worn them to school just weeks ago, but he didn't know that.

"You sure she won't mind?" I checked, although I already knew the answer; I was pretty sure that I knew Alice better than this usually non-existent brother of hers.

"Of course not," he scoffed at the idea of Alice minding. Maybe he knew her better than I thought, "She thinks it's a federal crime if you wear the same thing twice so she probably wouldn't notice that they were missing." He rolled his eyes and I chuckled, the alcohol making me feel light-headed and giggly.

Before I knew what was happening, he was unbearably close, his face close to mine. I stopped breathing and thinking and pressed my lips to his. After that, everything went so fast. It was amazing how perfectly we seemed to fit together; like we had been born for one another, to be together.

Although it was a drunken, spontaneous thing, it felt like the opposite. It felt like it was supposed to. It felt like love.

I awoke a few hours later, at five am, sore and with a throbbing head. I ached all over and I wondered why. Until I caught sight of Edward lying next to me. I gasped and sat up with a jolt, realising what I had done. I couldn't believe that I would let myself be so stupid. And I couldn't believe that Alice would let me drink so much alcohol. I moaned softly, and got out of bed. I pulled on my clothes and hesitated in the doorway of Alice's bedroom. Then I went to Edward's side and kissed him softly on the forehead.

"I'm sorry," I whispered, "But I know I'm doing the right thing." And I was pretty sure that I was doing the right thing. Staying here and letting Edward wake up next to me would be a mistake. He didn't even know my name and I had gone all the way with him. He would think that I was a right slapper to have done that and I didn't want him to think that. I didn't want him to know that it was me at all. I really liked him within hours of meeting him and I didn't want him to dislike me. That was why I had to leave. I had been offered a job at my cousin's restaurant in San Francisco and I would take it. I could drop out of high school and maybe get a place over there. Whatever, it was irrelevant; all that mattered was that I got out of here, away from Edward.

I shut the bedroom door quietly behind me and ran down the stairs, my bare feet meeting the carpet with barely audible noises and my heels swinging wildly in my hands. I headed straight for the front door, but somebody called my name quietly, "Bella?"

I ignored it and wrenched the door open, but then her hand caught my wrist, "Bella, where are you going?"

"Home," I mumbled, fighting the tears that were threatening to break through.

"You slept with my brother," Alice said, a statement not a question.

"How did you know?" I demanded.

"Bella, I do usually sleep in my bed." Alice rolled her eyes, "I think I'll be scarred for life after seeing you and my brother naked in my bed."


"So why are you running away?"

"Alice, I was drunk, he was drunk. It would be a mistake to stay. Besides, I'm moving to San Francisco so I can't get involved."

"Since when?" Alice gasped quietly.

"Since… a while," I lied. Sure, the idea had been floating around my head since my cousin, Emmett, called and invited me over to stay with him and his fiancée when they opened their restaurant and decided they needed some more staff. That was a while. I had only officially decided about twenty minutes ago.


"I'm moving into an apartment opposite my cousin's. They opened their restaurant last month and need more staff, so they asked me to come work for them. The apartment's fairly cheap and is really nice, so I can get it."

"When are you going?" Alice asked.

"Well… today," I said, "Hopefully."

"But… what about Edward? What about me?" Alice said sadly.

"I'm sorry I didn't tell you. It was only really official recently."

"And Edward?"

"I didn't know your brother until last night, when I slept with him before he even knew my name," I sighed, "So what about him?"

"Bella, you can't just sleep with someone and then drop them," Alice frowned.

"Watch me," I whispered, yanking the door open, "Oh, and don't tell him it was me."

"Why not?"

"Just… don't."

"Bella…" Alice hesitated.


"I just… don't get you. I thought you were my best friend?" She said this as a question, and that made me so upset.

"I am," I said, "And you're mine. Just… don't tell him, please. He'll only get hurt." I sighed and then started down the path, still in bare feet, "I'll call you when I can." I waved over my shoulder and left. The last thing I saw was Alice's sad face staring after me as I left her behind in favour of my new life in San Francisco.


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