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Chapter one - The set up

It seemed innocent enough - the notification emailed out to the various departments announcing that this year's training would be a weekend camp of sorts. Aptly named training day, the annual event involving NCIS, FBI, CIA and other governmental agencies. But this was the first time that it had been extended to a three-day event and would be a refresher course – combining both the theory and practical needed to ensure the agents all performed at their peak.

Tony DiNozzo sat in front of his computer reading the information as the other two agents listened.

"During the course of the weekend," the missive stated, "agents will be involved in hand-to-hand combat and evasive techniques, participate in a 15 mile cross-country run and obstacle course and have to undergo firearm testing."

"Yes!" said Ziva excitedly. She was concerned that she had become weak, no that wasn't it… soft, yes. She was concerned she had become soft since joining NCIS. The need for her particular skills in this line of work was a rarity, rather than the norm. She was looking forward to being able to extend some energy in this way, without the usual fallout and paperwork.

As Tony continued to read, she moved from her desk towards where he was sitting.

"This will be broken up with lectures on forensic evidence, latest rules and regulations regarding arrests and interrogation, and of course the favourite – office etiquette…."

"Ahh yes… the green, yellow and red light offences," McGee intoned, just as Abby bounded into the bullring, hugging Tony tightly as she passed by.

"Did you guys hear, of course you did… that's what you are looking at now right… carry on reading, it's the best part." She said, her pigtails bouncing with enthusiasm.

"The conference, for want of a better word, will culminate in an awards/dinner-dance to be held on the Saturday evening, and as the venue is only two hours outside of Washington, partners are invited to join in the festivities and stay over on Saturday night…" read Ziva, sitting down on Tony's recently vacated chair.

"Yes," Tony punched the air. "We get to stay at a hotel for the weekend and all at the government's expense!"

Abby and McGee exchanged a quick look. As McGee was on the preparation committee, they already knew this, and had a plan up their sleeves. They had spent the last week quietly plotting and laying the foundations to what Abby dubbed: "Mission: Tiva".

Knowing how competitive their co-workers were, Abby and McGee had been quietly needling them, and almost had them where they wanted them.

Thursday evening, as they sat having drinks after work, Abby put the final play into motion.

The debate had been going on all week – that age-old discussion on men and women, and who were the master seducers. The women, of course believed they were, while the men insisted they could be. A few drinks later and the dare issued by the two antagonists, was accepted and quickly followed up by a bet.

Abby and McGee smiled quietly. Tony and Ziva were so predictable.

Their involvement was complete. It was now up to the two sitting opposite to follow through. The bet was simple enough. Tony and Ziva would try their utmost to seduce the other and all it would take was for the loser to admit that the other had won. The winner would not only have bragging rights, but a willing slave for a week, who would have to fulfill every wish. Tony had already earmarked a stack of paperwork and reports that he had outstanding, while Ziva was planning renovations to her bathroom, with Tony as the able handyman. The deal was sealed by a round of tequila.

10am on Friday morning found Tony and Ziva standing outside the same hotel room, their hands reaching for the handle. "Hang on, I think there has been a mistake," Tony said, confused. "Ziva, are you sure that you are in room 452?"

"I know that English is only one of many languages that I am fluent in, but yes, I have been able to recognise numbers for some time now," she muttered, staring him down.

"Look," she added, shoving the room number under his nose. "4-5-2. Perhaps it is you, who is mistaken."

Tony pulled the crumpled paper out of his back pocket, taking his time to straighten it out. "Umm…We seem to have been issued the same room?"

Just then a stifled giggle erupted from the doorway opposite.

"Abby-" both said at the same time.

Abby sheepishly popped out into the passageway. Putting her arms around their shoulders, she looked furtively around before leaning in again.

"You see, it's like this. McGee and I, well… we are considering rekindling our fledgling romance and what better way than this weekend right? So, we swopped out rooms with you. We didn't think you would mind. After all, it's not like you haven't shared before right? Please say yes guys, please.... Thank you so much, you won't regret it."

By the time Tony and Ziva had processed the information, they were staring at the door which had been firmly shut in their faces.

"Well… how do you like them apples?" Tony asked quietly.

"Tony, how can you think of food at a time like this?" Ziva answered.

Shaking her head, she opened the door, letting it swing shut in Tony's face for the second time in as many minutes.

Reaching his hand up to rub the back of his head, he stood looking up and down the hotel passageway.

"This weekend is about to get interesting," he said, before reluctantly entering the room.

In room 453, Abby stood with her back to the door, giggling. "So Tim, do you think our plan will work?" She asked the agent who ws sitting on the bed with his computer. "It better," he added. "You won't believe it, but the odds are back to 50/50".

The news of the bet had spread like wildfire, and McGee, seeing a perfect opportunity had quickly opened the wager up, as everyone wanted to back whom they thought would be the first to crumble.

In the last half an hour, seeing Tony and Ziva arrive together, 15 more bets had been placed, with Tony taking the lead.

However, after the lift incident, that resulted in Tony having to take the stairs, while Ziva smirked her way to the forth floor, the odds had evened out again.

Across the hall, Ziva and Tony were discussing their predicament as they stared at the king size bed in front of them.

They come to the conclusion that, one, they had shared a room and a bed before, even if it was while under surveillance and two, it was just a stupid bet right… It didn't mean anything.

"I mean, it is not as I am attracted to you," Ziva continued, taking a step towards him.

"Right, we are partners and well, you aren't even my type," Tony added, moving closer to her.

"What – breathing?" Ziva smirked, tilting her head to one side.

"Hahahah… funny. You know what I mean. But, just to be sure…" Tony whispered, closing the gap.