When I had decided to leave Forks, Washington without anyone's knowledge I did it in hopes of making everything easier for everyone. Edward had already left and the pieces of my broken heart were left scattered mindlessly around for anyone to step on. But weeks had passed and my period still had not come. Now this might not have been that unusual but it just so happened that the night before Edward had left me we had slept together. Just my luck, the luck of Bella Swan to be pregnant with a vampire's child. I had decided to leave the sleepy rainy town in order to not have to tell Dr. Carlisle that his first son had slept with a girl, left her, but not before he had knocked her up. There was no reason to make him or his wife feel as if they needed to take care of me because of their son's actions and the consequences they had left.

I knew I would miss Charlie after all he was my father but my life had been shrouded in secrets, lies, and mystery since I had decided to come and live with him so many years ago, so I knew my disappearance though would cause him pain wouldn't be a huge shock. As for my mother well I had feared her rejection when she had found out that her only daughter had made the same mistake she had.

That had been a little over eight months before and the worries that filled my mind as I had sat in a small town hospital in labor were past those of teenage heart break and hurt. It had been a shock to find out that I was not only having one child but six. I was eighteen years old with six kids on the way. That is the luck of Bella Swan. I did not know what my kids would be....More human then vampire or more vampire then human. Whatever they were born I knew it could either reveal the whole world of mythological creatures or let them remain nothing but a fairytale. I feared for the lives of my old family, I feared for my own, but most importantly I feared for my unborn children.

The pain that ripped through my body at each contraction made me scream in agony and wish no matter the consequence for them to be out of me if only for the pain to stop. My doctor had tried to give me pain medication but they hadn't put a dent in the pain and when he suggested an epidural I told him to go screw himself. I didn't know how those type of drugs would do to my kids after all it would be my luck for it to have a bad reaction to them or my body and my kids would bear the consequences.

The doctor finally came in after 29 and a half hours of being in labor and told me I was ready to push. The thirty minutes that ensued of pushing, me screaming, and the words of encouragement that fell on my deaf ears, were the longest minutes of my life. People have said that the nine months or so and the pain of labor is all worth it when you hear the first cries of your baby, until then I hadn't believed them. But they had been right. The first scream would forever be imprinted into my mind and all the ones that followed it until the very last had a special place in my heart that was completely their own.

I smiled as the doctor told me they were all doing well and that they were all miraculously a healthy weight despite how many of them their had been in the womb. He had also said that in two or three days they along with myself would be able to leave though I shouldn't drive. They never knew that I would have to, that I had no one I could rely on. It was a lonely feeling and a lonely life I entered into when I had found out about me being pregnant. It was the life I had chosen, the life that had been my only choice, the life I was now stuck with.

The day arrived when I was allowed to leave and after a few white lies I had all of my children loaded up into my van which was able to sit three car seats in the first row and three more in the back plus the driver and passenger seat. The pain one feels after giving birth naturally to six kids and then driving against doctors orders is pain I wish to never experience again.

I was staying at the Old Ranch where a kind and elderly man had allowed me to stay. He was checking himself into the nursing home saying that things were getting to hard for him to do on his own. When I had moved to Jackson, Wyoming I hadn't really thought of it as a place to settle down merely a rest stop on the road, the road to where was anyone's guess. But when I had arrived I immediately fell in love with the vast expanse of land. From the mountains to the plains...there was a majestic glow about them. Something that called out to me in an almost primal way. But as years would pass and the vampire in my children would become more dominant I knew that I would have to leave, I would have to go someplace cloudy, rainy so as to be able to hide what my children truly were.

6 years had passed and my children were now seven years of age. A lot had happened in those six years. Caleb, Aaron, Aiden, Akira, Jayden, and Makayla had all grown up fast and were now about to turn eight. In those Six years I had been turned into a vampire by Adien, who had grown more quickly then the others and therefore had a 14 year olds body with a 14 year olds mind but a six year olds experience. He had bit me when he was only a weeks days old but had already had, had teeth. After he had done it he knew he had done something wrong and so he sat with me and took care of me and his siblings for the four days I was changing. It took longer because it was only one small bite on my finger and his venom had still not reached its full potency. Aiden already was able to do most things that toddlers would only just be learning to do and he looked like an older toddler.

After my transformation I found that I had the ability to make people not notice anything. The sky could be falling on them and they would not notice it, the person beside them could be shot down and they would continue on as if nothing had happened, because while under my influence nothing happened that I didn't want to happen. It was for this reason that we had been able to stay in Jackson, Wyoming. Aiden sparkled in the sun like all vampires do and Akira glowed but no one was the wiser of it when they came into contact with the humans thanks to me. Though I still feared that one day I would slip and our existence would be known to them. So far though my control had not slipped and for that I was grateful.

I had never expected to be a mother of six kids let alone be that and a rancher in a sense. The house we now lived in had a huge barn with four horses, a cow, two dogs, and a lonely old cat. Thomas Camden, the man who had let me live in the house had passed away two months after my kids turned six. He had updated his will before he had died that had left me and my kids the sole heirs to everything he owned. He was from an old family with old money and when he was 19 or so he had moved to Jackson in rebellious act against his father. His father gave him his share of his money and told him to never come back but when his father had died he left all his money to his only son. And so that money helped keep the ranch going, for I had grown fond of all the animals and in turn as my kids grew older so had they. And the money I got from my paintings that were sold locally was enough to support my family's needs.

"Do not touch my hair!" I was pulled out of my reminiscing thoughts by the sound of my oldest daughter screams. I sighed as my sensitive ears began to ache at the sound. I walked out of the kitchen and down a hallway before I reached the stairs that lead up to the second story. On the stairs was Akira and Aaron who were both staring at each other in a fierce battle of wills.

Akira was stunningly beautiful with long blonde hair that formed loose curls that cascaded down to the middle of her back. Her eyes were a strikingly deep blue that held the power to captivate any who looked into them. She loved fashion, loved shopping, and could be self centered, but also fiercely loyal to those she loved and cared about. She was the type that she could call one of her siblings stupid but no one else could.

Aaron was raven haired and had very defined features for one so young In his teenage years I had no doubt that he would be a heartbreaker. He was the prankster of the family and the only human boy. But he had a way with people that always made them want to laugh and smile, because he was always laughing and smiling. But there was a darker side to him and though he was the most human boy the vampire in him gifted him with the power to distort and manipulate sound to the point of paralyzing someone. Luckily he had a good control over it and only lost that control when he was angry or upset.

Aaron had his left arm outstretched as if he were about to grab Akira's hair again but it was immobile in the air. Suspended as if it were stuck innocently there. But I knew and so did Akira that it was a threat that he would mess with her hair again if she even gave him the slightest chance.

"Aaron put that hand down right now mister." I told him in my best mother voice that oozed the message 'I've caught you doing something wrong and I'm not happy.' A triumphant gleam reached Akira's eyes as she stared victoriously back at him.

"But Mom we were only playing!" He whined piteously knowing the game was up but still not being able to admit defeat. I fought a smile keeping my face impassive.

"Oh really? It doesn't seem like your sister is having any fun, now does it?" I raised an eyebrow at him as he glanced at his sister, saw her glare and began to shift uneasily. He shook his head mournfully. "No she doesn't. So how about you to both go out to the barn and help clean." They both sighed before walking out resigned to the fact that it hadn't been a request.

Everyone else was already out there cleaning under the watchful gazes of Aiden and Caleb. Aiden would be able to stop any accidents from occurring and Caleb would be able to keep the animals calm.

Pulling on my boots I made my way out the door and toward the barn that was a good 25 yards away from the house. It was a huge barn but the paint was peeling to the point that it now looked as if it had never been painted. We had 150 acres of land and between Aiden, Caleb, and myself we were able to maintain all the fencing and other things that went along with keeping the ranch working. The house itself needed maintenance with painting and the side porch that was beginning to cave in but other then that is was in pretty good shape.

I was in love with mountainous land with its sprawling valleys. And I hoped that I was never forced to leave this place fore it had become my home in a more solidified way then that of Phoenix or Forks. This place was where my children had been born, where I had went from a confused girl to a young woman. I had grown up in this place and I was proud of what I had become. As I stared at my kids I couldn't help but notice all there differences that made them so completely themselves.

Aiden was brown haired with natural blond highlights. He was in a fourteen year olds body while almost everyone else was in their natural age body of seven. His eyes were golden, the color of a vegetarian vampire. In fact the only thing that was still human about him was his slow beating heart. That beat 20 to 30 times a minute. He was the man of the house in a sense and he helped me keep everything running smoothly.

Caleb was an earth speaker. He was the only completely blond boy in the family and his hair fell in natural curls around his face. His eyes were a vivid blue that were so deep that it felt as if once you stared into them you were hypnotized. But he was also the outcast of the family. He preferred the wilderness then people, he preferred the conversation of the trees and animals then that of his siblings. He felt everything's emotions humans, vampires, animals, plants, water, and earth. But he loved his family deeply I had no doubt about that he just wasn't very good at handling all the emotions that people projected and thus tried to stay out of their way.

Jayden was the researcher. She always wanted to know how things worked and why they worked while other things didn't. She could go for weeks taking apart and putting together radios and once even a toaster. Her eyes were a seaweed green and they were known for being able to pull off some of the most impressive glares that I had ever seen. She didn't like being in the spotlight she preferred to sit in the background and observe everyone else.

Makayla was my youngest and she was the most human girl. Her body was that of a five year old and she still wasn't able to pronounce correctly some letters causing most of her words to be said wrong. Unfortunately for her and everyone she had inherited my clumsiness and fell at least ten times a day. Her eyes were brown and her hair was brown and she looked like the carbon copy of myself when I was her age. She was the tomboy she wasn't afraid to get her hands dirty out in the barn or in the pastures. She would try anything once and always tried to be nice to everyone. She was closest to Aiden and I figured it made sense in a way that the youngest would be attached tot he oldest and vice versa.

Everyone stopped and looked up at me once they noticed I was there. Of course Aiden had already known but he was to busy watching the others to acknowledge me.

"Hey mom, here's a shovel." Aiden said tossing me a shovel. Catching it faster then what was humanly possible I smirked at him playfully.

"You mean after working all day you're going to make me work again without even a kiss?" I asked him pouting causing the younger ones to giggle.

Yep, after all I've been working all day to and no ones bothered to give me a kiss or even a hug." He shook his head sadly but was smiling all the same.

I looked a the younger ones and smiled mischievously. All of them were there except for Caleb who was still brushing one of the horses. Bending down I motioned for them to come closer which they all did some more wary then others. They knew that the look on my face meant.

"You know what I think? I think we should give Aiden some hugs and kisses, ok?" They all nodded excitedly. "On three we attack him....ready, one, two, THREE!" Like bullets shot from a gun they all turned and ran straight for their oldest brother. As they plowed into him he let himself fall to the ground so as not to hurt them. Giggles and laughter filled the air as they rolled on top of him, hugging, kissing, and trying to tickle him.

I looked over to Caleb and felt my happiness dampen a little. He had stopped brushing the horse and was staring at his siblings with a wistful expression on his face. Once again I realized how isolated my youngest boy was and the worst part about that isolation was that a part of him yearned for what he knew he could never have. He saw the world to uniquely to be able to have the same innocence that the others did, even Aiden who was to mature for his age.

Perhaps it was my gaze or my sudden change in emotions but he turned to look at me and for the briefest of moments as our eyes met I saw in him a lost little boy who couldn't ask me for help because he knew that I didn't know how to help him. It was one of the worst feelings knowing you could not help your own child and fearing for them if they did not get the help that they needed. But then the blanket fell back over his eyes and he smiled at me before returning to his brushing. This time though he was whispering in a language that I could not understand and I knew as the horse turned its head and nudged him gently that he was speaking to it.

"Your turn mommy, your turn!" Yelled Makayla happily. I turned back to look at them and smiled unable to stop myself. The five of them were sitting on various part of Aiden as he stared at me with pleading eyes.

I walked over to him and bent down placing on purpose two wet kisses on both his cheeks. I heard him mutter darkly but I was unable to make out what he said for he said it on vampire low.

"Now Aiden anytime you feel you need for a hug or a kiss just tell someone and we'll be happy to let you know you're loved." I told him in an overly dramatic therapist voice. Earning even more giggles and a roll of the eyes from Aiden.

"Loved, yeah how about tortured? Now can we all get off of Aiden and get back to work so we're not out here until tomorrow morning." With a nod from me they all climbed off him, some more reluctantly then others.

A slight noise stopped me in my tracks. There were five pairs of feet running swiftly towards us. By the sound of them they were still a good few hundreds of yards away but with vampire speed that could be quickly overcome in a matter of seconds. And whoever they were they were definitely Vampires they were running to fast to be even werewolves and their smell was distinctly vampire.

I turned to meet Aiden's eyes for a second panic filling both our eyes before we snapped out of it. Without saying a word and only motioning for everyone to be quiet I led them to a small alcove in the barn where a trap door was, The cellar area was meant as storage but for now it would hide my kids. I ushered them quickly down in to the black hole and while I had no problem seeing in the dark I knew that the majority of my kids couldn't.

I looked around for Caleb and noticed that in the short few seconds he had managed to get all of the horses into the same pasture and the same went for the rest of the animals. I knew he wouldn't get in the cellar he would rather die then seek safety while his sisters and brothers (the animals) were left to fend for themselves. He gave me one last look before he joined his animals in the pen and I knew that if the danger got to high he would let the animals out and hope they would be able to make it on there own.

I shut the cellar door and Aiden stepped on top of it fading into the shadows like the natural hunter he was do to his DNA. I ran out of the barn and across the lawn to the driveway. Positioning my body in front of the barn I resisted the urge to crouch instead I merely stood there ready for anything. I would die and take as many as I could down with me before I'd let them have my kids.

Then they were there not even two minutes after I heard their first footsteps. I felt my eyes widen in shock as I stared into the five faces of my past.

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