The last Chapter

Wufei, Trowa and Quatre entered the house in the early evening. The three pilots were worn out from their short trip. The musical had been highly entertaining, although Wufei had plenty to say about the politics of the twentieth century. Quatre liked the costumes and Trowa liked the music. Sally liked being in the company of three handsome young men and taking a night off from her medical responsibilities. She also enjoyed the very "private" time she spent with Wufei when the couples parted company that night.

Trowa went straight to the kitchen in search of some beer and Wufei went to his room. Being with an onna for the last couple of days had exhausted him. Not that he did not like Sally, but all the arguing was draining, not to mention the sex. Although he was reluctant to admit it, Wufei was taken with the comely doctor. He could foresee more contact with her in the future, provided that the war did not resume, or if it did, that he would survive it.

Wufei sighed. There was really no sense in planning for any kind of future-not now at any rate, but still.........

His eyes began to droop closed. He really should have gone straight to the hangar to check on Nataku. It can wait, he thought as he drifted off.

Trowa was draining the dregs of his bottle of beer when Quatre entered the kitchen. "Want one?" He offered. Quatre smiled as he accepted the bottle. "Have you seen Heero or Duo?"

Trowa shook his head in negation. Quatre sighed, taking a sip of his beer. His face crinkled in distaste. He preferred wine.

Trowa allowed his lips to curl up in a semblance of a grin: Quatre looked adorable when his nose crinkled that way. He was thinking about how adorable he'd look doing that in their bedroom when he noticed his lover clutching his chest. "What?" he said, concerned. Quatre shook his head, brows knitted in concentration and confusion. "I-I don't know, I'm getting strong emotions but-"

Before he could complete his sentence a loud noise sounded from upstairs. It sounded like a groan or a..........then there was a distinct thud, followed by faint swearing. Quatre rushed up the stairs. It had come from the room Heero shared with Duo. Tentatively, fearing the worst, he knocked on the door. Oh, Allah, please don't let Heero have snapped and killed Duo. There was a strange sort of rustling and scrambling about coming from inside the room. Quatre knocked again. Finally the door opened, just a crack. One violet eye peeked out at him. "Hey, Quat! You're back. Have a good time?"

"Uh........yes. Duo?"


"Is, is everything okay?"

"Huh? Sure, er, why?"

Quatre shifted nervously from foot to foot. "I heard some......noises."

Duo turned his head for a moment and then opened the door a little wider. He looked no worse for wear, albeit somewhat rumpled. Quatre cleared his throat. "Oh. So, ah, everything went well the last couple of days? No difficulties?"

"You mean with Heero?"


"Everything's okay, Quat. No worries."

"Where is he?"

"Shower. "

"Uh-what was that noise we heard?"


Quatre turned around. Apparently Trowa was not perturbed enough to follow him upstairs. He rolled his eyes, his face assuming a long suffering posture. Duo was grinning. "I had a particularly realistic nightmare an' fell outta bed. That's all."

"Well, okay. I'm kind of tired. See you later." Quatre decided against pointing out to Duo that it was almost dinner time.

"Later Quat."

As Quatre continued on to his and Trowa's bedroom the strange pressure around his heart eased.

Eventually the pilots all came together to catch up on each other's weekend. Duo and Heero described a movie they had seen and Duo had had a visitor. Other than that they seemed to have had an uneventful time.

Late into the night, or early, early in the morning, depending on the point of view, Quatre emerged from the bedroom to get a glass of water. On the way back to the room he heard a faint sound coming from Duo and Heero's room. The door was ajar, just a crack; he'd meant to close it when he stopped short, aghast at what he saw. Duo straddled Heero's hips, undulating slowly, eliciting a groan from Heero who was propped up with pillows at an angle. He was thrusting upward. The braided pilot's hair was loose and he arched his back in pleasure. "Heero," he moaned softly. Heero pulled him down for a long, deep, kiss. Quatre's eyes widened. That's what his heart had felt. Incredibly, somehow the two friends had discovered each other as lovers. It was love, too, he could feel the intensely mingled emotion emanating from them. It was beautiful. They were beautiful. Carefully, he closed the door, slightly embarrassed and ashamed at having spied on such an intimate moment. But he was also happy for them.

He entered his bedroom and smiled at the sight of Trowa asleep. His lover was so handsome, so innocent and carefree in slumber. Climbing in beside him he sighed, content. The war might be on again at any time, but right now, they had peace, love and friendship. It was a good thing to fight for.

A few hours later, as four of the young men were eating their breakfast, a fearsome shriek echoed from the hangar. "Nataku! What have they done?! Omae wo korosu! MAXWELL!!"

Heero and Duo looked at each other. "I know a nice little bed and breakfast...."

Duo was already on his feet. "Let's go!"

The End