Author's note: Hey guys, it is I, Smiles555fofo. Even though I'm not in high school, or know what classes they have in high school, I just want to give out a piece of advice. There are going to be people who support you and people who try to bring you down. The people who are trying to make your life worse by calling you names or saying any kind of negative thing about you, don't listen. Cause it will affect you in the future dearly. You're going to be all depressed, and it's sad cause that is the exact same thing that happened to Hinata. There's the reason why she's so shy and quiet. Her dad kept saying that she's a failure in the Hyuga Clan, well, he's the one who's causing it. If he'd support her then she would have been a stronger ninja. So no matter what, don't listen to those negative comments, and tell others positive things. Help others from being sad and compliment them in anyway so they'll be happy. Sorry if this is long.

I walked over to my new locker, unlocked it by using my new combination, and a daisy fell to the ground. I bend over to pick up the small flower. How did a daisy got into my locker? Then I noticed a note tied around the stem. Before I could unwrap the mysterious letter, I heard a cheery voice holler in my ear.

"Heya Hinata!"

"Eeek!" I squeaked in surprise. I cautiously, but quickly, turned around and saw a grinning Sakura.

"So what you do during your break?" Sakura said.

"Oh, you know, hang around you and Ino and get scolded by my father since I came home late." I replied after taking large amounts of breaths to calm my shock.

Sakura snorted, "So you just came home 5 minutes late, what's the big deal? Jeepers, your family is too uptight! It's a good thing you have us around, huh?"

I rolled my eyes in agreement as Sakura pouted, then I laughed at her while she whined how mean I was being to her. Sakura is right though, my family is very strict, and we have traditions and customs to follow. It'd be VERY bad if I did it, I'm not supposed to have an early love life until I'm fully an adult.

"Okay, okay, so what else did you do besides something that I know," Sakura said.

"Umm," I placed a finger on my lip, "I studied-"

"WHAT! Hinata, you studied? I can not believe you! During the summer? Too think that you have become more fun after us being with you for…3 years!" she scolded.

"Well, I need to if I want to go to college and have a job,"

"You can do that at school! Gosh, sometimes I wonder if you'll end up like your totally hot cousin."

I slightly glared at her when she mentioned something about Neji, Sakura realized this and gave an apologetic smile. I sighed, well Neji is rather studious, and can be nerdy. Although he is an excellent athlete, and always have fan girls swarming around him. I got to admit, he is attractive, and can be more than other guys too. Neji plays a role of a big brother too, he can be protective at times and utterly caring too…actually he is a bit more like a bodyguard.

"Well, anyway- hey is that a daisy?"

I looked down at the flower in my hold, "Umm, yeah, I just found it in my locker."

Sakura smiled, evilishly (if that is a word), "Oooh, Hinata's got an admirer, I wonder who it can be!"

I rolled my eyes, there goes Sakura's lovey dovey gaa, gaa, boy stuff again, and thank goodness Ino's not here. She's even worse than Sakura!

"Sakura, it is the first day of school, how can he like me and know where my locker is?" I asked.

"Uh, he can be from last year, and he could have gone to the office to look for your locker?" she suggested.

"Right, like the teachers would let him know my combination,"

"Well, if he told them it was a matter of love, then they might,"

I wonder how many times am I going to roll my eyes at her today? I happen to roll my eyes every time Sakura says something stupid, it's kind of hard to stop. I'm trying to since Neji says it is rude, but I can't possible do it since it's Sakura. And Ino too.

"Hey, open the note, I want to see what it says,"

"Okay, okay, I'm opening it, happy?" I said, working my fingers on the note.

"I'll be happy after I read it,"

I opened it, luckily to my relief it wasn't a confession letter –Sakura frowns- here's what it says: 'WELL SCHOOL'S HERE, DAMN, ANYWHO IT'S TIME TO START A BRAND NEW! HOPE YOU'D LIKE THE DAISY- INO'.

"Aww, that's so sweet of Ino," I said.

"I wonder if she put one in mine too, hey, how did she know your locker combination anyway?"

I shrugged, then I saw Ino skipping towards us. She changed during the summer, she out grew her short hair (from a quarrel with Sakura) and is now wearing this century's fashion. Sakura changed too, she kind of got a tan, and wears even cuter clothes, but kept her hair to her shoulders. And me, I'm still pale as a ghost, wears something that can't be kept with fashion, and can not overcome my shy quiet personality unlike my loud, outgoing friends. I did outgrow my hair, but that's it.

"Hey Hin-zoid, Sak-babe, what up?" Ino greeted us.

"Hey Ino, thank you for the daisy, that was really sweet of you!" I said, holding the daisy close to my face so I could catch the sweet fragrance of it.

Ino smiled while scratching the back of her head, "Well, I meant it as a symbol of our time together during the summer. Even though school started, it doesn't mean we can't have a good time."

"Hmm, hey did you put a daisy in my locker too?" Sakura asked.

"Did you go to your locker?"

"Not yet,"

"Joy killer," Ino retorted playfully as she stuck her tongue out.

"Well thanks for the flower anyway, so you put it there just to tell us that we should have a good time in school?" Sakura said.

"Well, to not let school bring us down, and also to defunkify you," Ino replied casually.


"Ino, how did you know our locker combinations?" I asked before things could go chaotic.

"I didn't, I just crammed it in the air vent," Ino answered.

"Oh, but doesn't it damage the flower?"

"Does it look damaged?"

I looked at the daisy, then looked back, "Yes."


I smiled and chuckled slightly, "Well, so what are you trying out for?" Ino said.

"I don't know, but definitely not cheer leading, yuck," Sakura replied.

Ino pouted, "Aww, why not? I'm sure that they'll let you in if they weren't whores,"

"Yeah, if weren't whores,"

"How about you Hinata?" Ino turned to me. I placed a finger on my lip as I took the time to think about it. What should be my resolution for school this year? "Hmm, I guess being more out open, like you guys," I said.

Ino threw her arms in the air, "Hah! Look at Hinata, our baby's all grown up!"

"Ino," I whined from embarrassment, she was catching unwanted attention from the rest of the students.

"Well, what about you Sakura?" I asked as I pried Ino's arms off of me, that was a hug if you did not know that.

"Not sure, I didn't put thought to it really. I guess making us still the greatest of friends. You know, people say that high school friendships don't last long. But we're gonna prove them wrong!"

"Yeah!" Ino exclaimed as she shot her fist in the air, "to the fulsome threesome!"

"Cheers," Sakura and I said simultaneously.

Then the bell rang, students started to walk towards their new classes.

"Ah man, I forgot to go to my locker!" Sakura muttered as she dashed off.

"So Hinata," Ino said as we headed up stairs, "what cha do for the rest of the summer?"

I thought for a while, I didn't want to get scolded again just because I studied during the break. Ino is way more dramatic than Sakura. Ino is what you call peppy, wears make up, loves shopping, you know, girly junk. Sakura is cool, she doesn't wear make up but she still looks pretty, she comes with smart remarks when there is a jerk who messes with her or one of us. She is like our protective older sister (which is weird cause in 7th grade she was as girly as Ino until she met Temari), Ino is the fashion loving freak (and boy crazed girl, tried to hit on Neji once but failed) and I'm the baby who can't take care of herself. Seriously, Sakura and Ino says that I'm too good and innocent.

"Uhh, hanged around Neji and Hanabi," I answered.

"Really? That's it? Man girl, we need to hang out more, and plus, get you into fashion," Ino said as she flashed a glistening smile.

I laughed nervously, "I told you Ino, I'm really not into things like that,"

Ino pouted, "But I can change you! Oh come on! After all those three years, you still haven't come out of that shell!"

"I have too!" I protested.

"Yeah, like we can only see your front part sticking out, but your butt is stuck there."

I sighed, I got to admit but Ino's right. Before I met Ino and Sakura, I was a timid and quiet girl. I had no backbone at all. I even stutter when I talk too! I never made any friends then, people always call me that dark silent girl in the corner. I would have gone to therapy if Ino weren't there to save me. Then later I made friends with Sakura, and it was the best moment of my life! The two have always been there with me no matter what, through thick and thin.

"So tell me, what is your resolution this year Ino?" I said, changing the subject.

"Hmm, let's see, get as many dates as possible," she said.

I rolled my eyes then gave a teasing smile, oh that Ino, she can not possible live without a guy in her life. She even has guys drooling behind her. I bet she'll go insane if there wasn't a single guy to sweep her off her feet for a month. But, as Sakura and I know, it is impossible for any kind of guy to resist a gal like Ino.

"So do you have another resolution?" Ino asks.

"Actually I do have another, I think I want to be more like you and Sakura. You know how people tell me that I'm too good and innocent and all that. Well I'm going to be more bad, you know?"

Ino muffled a laugh, okay, maybe telling her that I'm trying to be some evil villain was a 'bad' idea, "Pfft, Hinata's going to be a bad girl, hey are you going to try to bring a flame thrower to school?" she joked.

I pulled my face to a pout, "It's not funny! Gosh, I was meaning to say that I want to change my image, no more quiet timid Hinata. I want to be fun and, um, loud!"

Ino then bursts into laughter, she had to clutch her stomach from getting a cramp I guess, "HAHAHA! YOU? Hinata, there is no way that YOU can be loud and, well you are fun to be with, but if you're talking about funky, then NO!"

Then Ino continued her dreaded laughs. I groaned, Ino is definitely not helping. Okay, Sakura is usually the one who teases me, but I guess I'm being a bit 'over board' when I meant about being loud and 'funky'. So what? I want to change my image, and so how hard can it be being my desired personality?

"Hey, are you done yet?" I said.

"W-wait, almost," moments later, "okay, okay, I'm done."

"Thank goodness," I let out an exasperated breath.

"Sorry, how about we try talking something else?"

I furrowed my brows and then nodded, Ino smiled, "Okay, who did you get?"

"Huh?" I cocked my head slightly, "who I got what?"

"What teacher did you get!"

"Oh," I zipped open my front pocket of y backpack and rummaged through my pencils and paper scraps from last year, trying to find my schedule. I tried memorizing it, but I figured now that it'd be too difficult to try.

"Um, English with Mr. Sasori," I answered.

"What? No way!" Ino nearly cried, she snatched the schedule from my hands and examined it several times. The look on her face made told me that there was probably some ultra cute guy in the same class as me. Probably Sasuke Uchiha, Ino has a crush on him for years, too bad Sakura is her rival. I sighed and grabbed the paper back from her.

"Ino, don't tell me I have Sasuke in my class," I said. Having him would be very BAD, I had him for 8th grade, and I still couldn't get rid of all the squealings and shrieks.

"No, that's not it! And it would totally sucked if he actually was,"

"Yeah, it would. Then what's the problem?"

Ino took a deep breath and started yapping, "Okay, remember how Sakura and me were in journalism last year?"

I nodded, "When we were freshmen, so what about it?"

"I'm getting there! So anyway, me and Sakura were like, 'Oh crap, school sucks' and stuff. Well we sure changed our mind when we saw him."

"What, Sasuke?"

"No dummy! Anyway, the whole room was packed full of girls. Most of them were seniors."

I raised an eyebrow. Seniors? Could there possible be a guy who's maybe right now a senior who is ridiculously hott or cute? Maybe Ino knew that he was going to be in my class, wait, then does this mean he skipped grades? Wow, he must be stupid then.

"So, continue on please," I said.

"Alright, so we saw him. The hottie who could surpass all male models. The king of rock stars. The-"

"INO! Please get on with it!"

"Okay, okay! Sorry, got carried away in the moment. So where was I? Oh right, so there he was. I was practically drooling at the sight of him. And Sakura? The girl was blushing like mad!"

I gasped, "No way, you don't mean our Sakura, do you?"

Ino gave out a smirk, "Yeah, I'm totally serious, even I can't believe it even though I saw it with my own two eyes,"

That was amazing. Sakura NEVER do anything like that before! She's too cool for that! I mean, sure I know that she has a crush on Sasuke but it's not like she blushes in front of him or stutters when talking to him like in 7th grade. I know, I guess it's a pride thing, well anyway, I know that she's too cool for such things since Temari changed her. And this guy made her blush? Like crazy mad blush? Wow, he really must be hott.

"Who is he!" I pleaded, I got to know. If I see him, I might automatically change into my old stuttering self! I don't want that! He must look like some sort of Greek god or something.

Ino knitted her brows together, "Do you really want to know?"


She sighed and gave me an evil smile, "Okay, you asked for it, the hottie is Mr. Sasori!"

"Eh…you can't be serious,"

Then she gave me the most serious look that I have ever seen on her face, "Oh, I'm serious all right,"

I gave a faint gasp. You got to be joking Ino, my teacher, my homeroom teacher I must add, is the hottie who made Sakura blush? Oh man, whoa, weird. I bet there would be a ton of squealing girls in my class now. I mentally whimpered, now I have to deal with screams, blushes, and stutters.

"Nooooo!" I whispered.

"Aww, it's not that bad Hinata! I mean, you're actually the only kind of girl who wouldn't fall for the hottest guy ever. You're too concerned on Naruto anyway, makes me wonder why would you pick such an obnoxious guy like him,"

I blushed, "N-Naruto isn't obnoxious!" I protested.

"Yeah, yeah. Hey, you know Temari? Gaara's older sister who's in college right now?"

I stopped and then nodded. Of course I remember Temari (I mentioned about her already), she and I used to hang out all the time when I was still timid and silent. We still do, but she's all held up from her studies. But she still calls me her 'baby sister' since she would consider me of being such a baby even though I changed a bit. Sadly she wasn't able to change me like she did to Sakura. Sakura and Temari met when we were hanging out. Temari's ways intrigued Sakura so that is why Sakura is now cool like her. Anyway, Gaara's a friend of Naruto, he's the strong silent type like Sasuke. And another thing, he got admirers too, like Sasuke. We talked once, but that was it.

"Well, she was in journalism too. When Mr. Sasori came to talk to her, her face was all reddish and she was having a hard time breathing."

I couldn't help but gasp again. Gosh, I'm having a gasping streak here. You know, it is IMPOSSIBLE for Temari to be like that! Oh sure, I could accept the fact that Sakura did it, but Temari! NO FREAKING WAY! She has a STRICT pride policy! A REALLY STRICT ONE! It's like watching Sasuke and Gaara wearing tutus and prance through out the school campus or something. Eww, okay, what was I just thinking?

"No way," I said.

"Uh, yeah,"

"So, did you guys talk or something?"

"Who? Temari?"


"Uh, yeah, Sakura and me came up to the girl and asked her what it was like talking to him. And she was all like, 'Oh my gosh! I was such a nervous wreck! I never felt like this before,' and I was like, 'That's love for you girl,' and she was like, 'What? Um, no way. That cannot be true,' but we persuaded her that it was and she was flushing again!"

It took me some time to process the data to my brain. I told Ino before that I cannot understand girl talk, but she told me that I have to get used to it since she has a habit of it. Sakura understands this language of 'like's, cause you know how people use to many like's these days, but she doesn't really use it too often.

"Well, did she officially had a crush on Mr. Sasori then?" I asked.

"Uh, I'm not sure. She was pretty shocked that she would think she would have a crush on him."

"Ino, I kind of find it hard to believe that my Temari had a crush on a grown man. I even find it hard for her to easily fall in love with any guy," I said.

"Eww, does that make her a lesbian or something?" Ino asked with a disgust look on her face.

"What? No! I'm just saying that she's not the type of girl who would be taken lightly by guys," I exclaimed.


Then Ino checked her watched from her wrist, which is now today's fashion, and looked wide-eyed.

"Oh, oh crap! The bell's gonna ring soon. I got to go, have fun in English Hinnny!" Ino said, giving me a wave good bye and headed off.

"Wait! Can't you tell me about what he looks like? Ino!"

Ino went off laughing and quickened her pace. Some friend.

I grunted, and walked inside the room. To my expectations, the room was loud. People were sitting on top of desks with their feet resting on top of the chairs. There were only a few who were actually sitting down in their chairs and being quiet. And I'm going to be one of those. Yeah I know, I did say that I wanted to be more outgoing but I hardly know most of these people, and the ones that I know are talking with their friends. I didn't want to barge into their conversations and be rude, that wasn't what I wanted to be.

I proceeded to an empty chair that was near to the very end. The desk was covered my pencils marks and the edges were roughly scraped and worn out. I slung my backpack over the chair and waited patiently. Then the bell rang, but people were still chatting. I slunk into my seat and looked around the room. Even though there were about 25 of us, the room was packed. Just then the door opened. Everyone fell silent, I was amazed by that.

The principal's assistant, Ms. Shizune, walked into the room, "Sorry class, but Mr. Sasori is late, please be respectful and go to your seats."

The students groaned and tried to sit next to their friends. Unfortunately for me, my friends are in different classes. For the past three years or so, we have been in the same homeroom class, now we're separate. I just hope that our friendship wouldn't be ruin because of that!

Then the door opened again, I heard girls gasp.

"Sorry I'm late," said a deep charming voice.

"Well, I'll leave the class to you now," Ms. Shizune said before she left, quickly. I guess she has a crush on him too.

I didn't lift my head up so I could see Mr. Sasori's face. I was actually scared. Even if what Ino said is true about me not easily liking a guy, what if I start liking my teacher? I like Naruto for heaven's sake!

"Okay, I'll take role. I know the names aren't in alphabetical order, but please bear with me on this and say 'here' when you hear your name. Okay, Daiki Himonari?"

"Here," guy

"Yumi Satori?" girl


"Miyu Kanto?"

"H-h-h-h-here s-s-s-s-sir," girl

Mr. Sasori grunted in response, I could almost feel girls swooning right now.

"Kukai Toyama?"

"Here," guy

"Hinata Hyuga?"

My eyes widened, I was staring at the desk at the whole time. I was listening carefully for my name. I cautiously looked up. I nearly gasped in surprise, the teacher was absolutely stunning. He had pale skin with high cheekbones, his eyes were sharp and unreadable, and he had messy red hair. Every single face detail was perfect. Seriously, they let him become a teacher? But somehow I didn't find him all that attractive. I noticed that every single girl was staring at him with large hearts in their eyes. I looked at him straightly in the eye and said "Here,"

Mr. Sasori, to my amazement, blinked then continued on. Was he blinking how I wasn't stuttering when I answered? Hmm, who knows. Then a wad of paper was thrown at the back of my head.

I let out a faint 'ow', turned around to the source, which was a bad idea since they were all crazed boy fan girls, and opened the crumpled paper.

It said: 'DON'T YOU DARE HIT ON SASORI YOU !#$%^&*!'

I shivered in response, oh man, did I make a wrong move? What, cause I just didn't go gaa, gaa over the teacher, makes him surprised, and it instantly made him fall in love with me? HELLO! He is our teacher! How can you people have crushes on him! Great, nice Hinata, you reframe from stuttering like you usually do and what you get is enemies.