2. The Dream

"Hey Ashley have you ever considered that Josephina was blind?" Haley was trying her utmost best to try to explain to Ashley that Josephina must be blind. Ashley looked at Haley like she was crazy.

"I really don't know what you're talking about." Haley sighed.

"You don't? Didn't you notice her clumsy stunts?" Ashley rolled her eyes and Haley felt a bit hurt. She thought her friend would trust her.

"Ashley?" Haley queried. Her friend put her earphones in her ears and was rocking to So What by Pink. "You do believe me, right?" Ashley sighed annoyingly.

"Yeah, yeah."

"Do you?" Ashley flared up.

"Can you shut up?! I said 'yeah'. It's tune-time." She put her earphones back into her ears and moved away from Haley with Erica. Haley was feeling crest-fallen. Her best-friend didn't believe her so she wouldn't be her best-friend anymore. Ashley was now only a friend.

The bus appeared and Ashley and Erica said good-morning to Mrs. Lucy while Haley just silently walked in. Mrs. Lucy nudged Haley and she stared in her green-blue eyes.

"What's the matter doll?" Haley looked at Mrs. Lucy with round, sad eyes.

"It's my friend; she doesn't believe me with something." Mrs. Lucy nodded and gave Haley a lollipop.

"Then this 'friend' of yours isn't really a friend is she?" Haley thought about what the driver had just said. Was Ashley her real friend? Ashley didn't believe a bit of what Haley had said. Haley decided to sit next to Josephina. To her surprise, Ashley's sister was sitting next to another girl and Ashley was waving to Haley to come sit down with her. Haley sent a smile at Ashley totally ignoring her after wards, sitting next to Josephina. Haley glanced back quickly to see Ashley's confused face turn into disappointment. Haley felt a twitch of satisfaction. She turned to Josephina who was staring at Haley with clouded eyes. Haley could clearly see they were blue that had been blind for some time now. Josephina was staring straight into Haley's and that freaked Haley right out- it was like she could see her.

"Josephina?" she whispered. Josephina shook her head and smiled. She looked dully and disappointed at the seat into of front of them.

"I thought I would be able to see your eyes." She looked at Haley again with the ominous stare. "My mom says you can tell a lot about someone from their eyes. Like how she saw I was a kid that was devastated when a chemical blinded her." Haley understood that Josephina was admitting that she was blind to Haley. Josephina smiled. "You already knew didn't you?"

"What?" Josephina scoffed.

"What do you mean 'what'? I heard you talking to Ashley. She didn't believe I was blind." Haley curled her lip at Ashley's name. Josephina half-grinned.

"She not tight with you anymore?" Haley could tell Josephina had sensed her resentment.

"Well, Mrs. Lucy said-,"

"Some crap about 'If they don't believe ya' then their not your friend'?" Haley gasped. She had never heard Josephina swear. Josephina have noticed because she murmured sorry, looking down. She straightened herself up and Haley couldn't believe that Josephina could be so precise while being blind.

"Well, you know what I mean?" Haley nodded. She exhaled at Josephina's swearing. She was a free spirit; ready to push any person how dared get in her way. Haley liked that about Josephina. She wouldn't tip pie-toe around anything about you or others; just say it out loud. She didn't seem to care about being blind on the outside, but on the inside, Haley knew she was devastated and over-whelmingly heart-broken about it. That was what Haley was to do. Haley knew that was what she would heal in their friendship.

Later on that week in class, Ms. Wesel (everyone called her Ms. Weasel but Haley) asked Josephina to read out from a text book. Josephina politely said no. Ms. Wesel gazed at her in surprise.

"Josephina? Why won't you- oh I'm so sorry dear." She corrected herself. "I've never had a blind child in my class before." The blonde teacher stared curiously at Josephina, the silence lasting too long. Some of the students were whispering.

"She's blind?"

"No wonder she couldn't hit a single basket."

"I knew it." Haley heard the unmistakable voice of Blake.

"Maybe she needs glasses like that four-eyes Lucy." Haley quickly looked back and saw Blake and Trey make glasses with their fingers, being stupid jerks of course. She glared at them hotly.

"Stop it guys!" she whispered, enraged. "Stop being such jerks!" Blake and Trey as Haley presumed were jerks, and being fully developed with large breasts and a quite out standing bottom, made kissing noises at her. Blake held out his hands as to cup her breasts. Then he started to lick the empty air between his hands. Trey laughed and snickered with him and the other boys stared at Haley, obviously wanting to do that. Haley had always known the boys in her class were sick twisted idiots. She turned around, muttering "Assholes."

The teacher, being the young and quite ironically dumb-founded teacher was still staring, dumb-founded by Josephina. Josephina had been looking at the teacher coolly before. Now, Josephina was glaring at the blonde for staring at her, ironically, like a dumb blonde. Haley went to save Ms. Wesel from a slow, torturing death surely Josephina would give if she didn't stop in 13 seconds…11 .

"Umm Ms.? I don't get this part, 'Measure the length than test the angle,…'. What does it mean?" Ms. Wesel snapped out of her trance luckily with 2 seconds to go- Josephina looked thoroughly pissed. Josephina muttered, "F'in dumb-ass blonde." Ms. Wesel didn't react; she never did or really cared.

"Oh, Haley that means," she said raising her voice to address the whole class. "Create the angle than see if it fits with others. It's quite simple- it's trial and error. So, for math.." Haley drifted as she wrote in her agenda, thinking of her one and only true love- Taylor Lautner. He was beautiful. He was 16. She shivered in excitement and dreamed of beautiful dreams… surrounding him, with no one else… and the dream carried on for the rest of day.