Love Squared

A Grey's Anatomy fic by Gigi

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Chapter 1: Karev's Ass

A/N: Hi, people! Okay, so here's the deal: I'm a major Addison-shipper. I love Addek, Addisex, and Paddison. BUT Paddison is not applicable in this fic (and they're already in two of my other fics) so this fic is about Addek and Addisex. It's set in season 2 of Grey's Anatomy, during Blues for Sister Someone, when Addison and Alex first start working together. And yes, Addison is still married to Derek. It's going to follow at least this episode's frame of events (with a few added scenes from me, and I think I'll make Callie and Addison friends in this), but after that, it's probably gonna be my storyline all the way. This chapter is just setting up the scene, with a little fun at the end. Enjoy!

Dr. Addison Forbes Montgomery-Shepherd hated backtalk, especially when it came from cocky interns named Alex Karev.

"I don't do vagina, not as a doctor, anyway," Karev said scornfully, fully expecting to get away with mouthing off to an attending.

Addison wanted nothing else but to slap that smug look off his twelve-year-old face, but she settled with saying, "Oh back talk. You know what? You've just bought yourself a case." She kept her eyes on the chart she was dumping in his arms so he wouldn't see the look of triumph in them. Addison could already tell that torturing Karev would be fun. "Read up on the case and be ready to round on Rose Ward in a half hour." With those last instructions, she turned and walked toward the attendings' locker room to drop off her stuff.

Alex wanted to do nothing other than chuck that chart right after Addison, but he had to admit, the woman was hot. He couldn't help but watch her click-clack away from him, her stilettos making her legs seem to go on forever, or at least until they reached the black pencil-skirt she was wearing. Grumbling when she disappeared around a corner, Karev set to work on reading Rose Ward's chart.


Addison checked her watch. Seven. Karev was officially late. Today was not the day for Karev to piss her off. Mumbling under her breath, she bent over the nurses' station counter to catch up on her other patients' progress. She stayed like that, hunched over her charts, while she sipped her coffee.

Ugh! She thought to herself. All I needed was some hot, sweaty sex! And Derek couldn't deliver, again! We never used to have bad sex.

Alex, on the other hand, was just about jogging to the nurses' station when he realized he was late. He was just about to call out her name when he saw her bending over the counter, with her ass – her absolutely gorgeous ass – sticking out and a stiletto slightly off the ground. He hated Addison Montgomery-Shepherd, to be sure, but she had never looked sexier than she did right then.

He stood there for a moment, admiring the view, when he realized he was only getting even more late. He started walking toward her when Callie passed him and started talking to Addison.

"Addison, can I have like five minutes of chat-time, or are you still pissed off at Derek?" she asked. Alex decided to stay and listen. Why was Addison pissed at Derek?

Addison looked up at her friend and sighed. "I just need some good sex right now, you know?" the redhead whined. "Derek is great at getting me all worked up, and then does nothing to satisfy me!" she whispered indignantly. Alex's eyebrows disappeared into his hairline. Addison wasn't frustrated at him, she was frustrated at Derek for not making her happy! Oh, this was just perfect. Just what Alex needed, to find out that the object of his sexual desires was horny. Perfect.

"Oh, then you're going to hate me," Callie admitted.

Addison finally straightened and glared at the ortho resident. "I'll bet you were satisfied last night," she sulked. Callie nodded. "So you and O'Malley are official then?"

"I guess we are," Callie giggled.

"Well, then I guess I'm happy for you," Addison replied. She looked at her watch again. Ten past seven. "Ugh, when Karev gets here I'm going to kill him for being late!" she declared. Alex jumped, he really had been standing and watching her for ten minutes, and now she was actually pissed at him.

"What?" Callie asked, pointing straight at him over her shoulder. "He's been there since I've been talking to you."

Addison's eyes narrowed when she looked over to where Callie was pointing and saw Karev trying to look as if he wasn't just eavesdropping on their entire conversation. Addison suddenly felt something drop in her stomach—humiliation. He had probably just heard all her crabbing about needing sex. Great.

"Karev, get over here," she barked. Callie made herself scarce when she saw the attending's face, and Alex wished he could do just the same. "If you're ever late again, you'll be on rectile exams for a month."


"You don't need our help. Your husband's not abusing you and you don't get to lie to him and blame it on the Pope," Karev said. The look on Rose's face made Addison want to slap him (again!) and make him apologize, but she had to stay professional.

Addison made an apologetic look to Rose and then hurried Karev out into the hallway, fully intending to make him explain himself. "Dr. Karev--"

Karev gave her no opportunity to scold him, though, when he saw that he had a chance to get off the case. "No offense, but I have no interest in obstetrics or gynecology, Dr. Shepherd," he declared, smirking. "So if you wanna throw me off the case, feel free."

"Dr. Karev, I may be a board certified OB-GYN, but I also have fellowships in maternal fetal medicine and medical genetics and I'm one of the foremost neonatal surgeons in this country. When you can top that, you can mouth off. Until then you will do your job and you will do it right, which at this point time means you keep your mouth shut unless I give you permission to open it! Understood?" Addison was less than a foot away from Karev now, waiting for his answer. "Understood?" she repeated. He needed to stop looking at her like that!

"Oh, are you giving me permission now?" There was that mouth again. Addison shoved the chart at him and couldn't help but stare after him as he walked off. Did he seriously just say that to her?


Later, when Addison was doing an ultrasound of Rose's baby, she tried again to convince her to go on the pill. But then Rose said something that stopped her.

"The reason that we haven't had a baby in four years is because we abstained for three. Can you imagine not being able to make love to your husband?"

Addison really didn't want to answer that question, because it was all too close to home. She wanted to make love to her husband, but his heart never seemed into it. Sure he wanted sex, but never to make love. Of course, there was no way she could professionally answer that question, so she just looked a little bit guilty. And Karev saw. Well, great.

Wait, she thought. Why do I care if Karev saw?

After a few minutes and a few other inappropriate comments from Karev, Rose told Addison to look at Karev. When she did, she saw a pissed off intern...but a very hot pissed off intern.

Stop it, Addison! she yelled at herself. You don't need to sleep with an intern to get good sex. You can get amazing sex with your husband. Addison wished she didn't feel like she was trying to convince herself.


During surgery, Addison decided to follow her patient's wishes and tie her fallopian tubes, but not before Karev made a small scene in the OR by refusing to pass her the bovi. Then she was confronted by Richard saying that Rose's husband was considering legal action, and she knew immediately who had tipped Mr. Ward off.

Now, it was the end of the day, and Addison was heading up to the attending's locker room to gather her belongings and go home for the night when she passed Karev. He might not have meant for her to hear, but she picked up on the smug tone when he whispered, "The road to hell is paved with good intentions."

Addison stopped climbing the stairs and turned to Karev, smiling. "Dr. Karev," she said. "You did such a good job today that I'm gonna talk to Dr. Bailey and have you assigned to my service." She wanted to jump up and down, clapping her hands as that smirk slid off his face.

"What? For how long?" he demanded.

"For as long as I want. Your ass is mine until I say otherwise," Addison declared triumphantly. "Congratulations." With that, she continued on her way to the locker room, sporting a smirk of her own.

Alex watched her go with a heated, loathing glare. If he wasn't so steamed at her, he would have noticed how sexy she sounded when she talked about his ass. If he didn't hate her so much at that moment, he also would have noticed how her eyes quickly looked him up and down before she turned to leave.


Back in the trailer, Addison poured herself a glass of scotch with one hand while she let down her hair with the other. On top of all the yelling, the lawsuits, the Alex Karevs, she was getting a headache. The perfect ending to a perfect day.

When Derek came home, she remembered she had asked him to wait for her before coming home and that she hadn't waited for him, so she started ranting while she took off her stockings with one hand.

"You will not believe the day I had," she started, " I went out of my way to get a patient exactly what she wants only to have it explode in my face. I mean lawsuit, threats. Richard's pissed, and don't even get me started on Alex Karev." Because I found myself wanting to smack him and jump him at the same time. Damn you, Derek! If you would just give me some decent, hot sex, I wouldn't be thinking about an intern!

"Get in the shower," Derek told her. She just realized he wasn't wearing a shirt and he was taking off his pants.

"What?" Was he actually going to answer her silent plea? She hadn't said that out loud, had she? The shower was running, now.

"Get in the shower with me," Derek clarified. Now Addison couldn't tell if he wanted sex or if he just wanted to scrub her back.

"Honey, it's a very small shower."

"You wanna have hot sex?" There, the words she finally needed to hear. Addison stared at him for a moment longer before starting to remove her skirt and blouse.

"Thank you," she said, stepping out of her clothes.

Their lips met, and it was like a fire was ignited. They played a game of back and forth, trying to bury themselves in each other's kisses, when they finally made their way into the shower. The water hit her back and Addison squealed a little bit. The water was cold!

Derek started giggling, but then Addison stepped all the way out of the way to let the cold water hit his entire front and he was the one squealing. Addison only had a moment to giggle when Derek grabbed her by the back of the neck and brought her mouth to his, pressing her between him and the wall of the shower.


The sun peeked into the trailer, hitting a very relaxed and satisfied Addison as she stretched out on the bed. Well, she stretched until she didn't feel a body right next to her.

Sitting up, Addison was about to call Derek's name to see if he was on the patio when she saw him standing right in front of her. He had made her breakfast, and he was holding it on a tray, complete with the paper and a tiny daisy in a glass.

"Now, I could get used to this." She smiled at her husband's thoughtfulness.

"I could say the same," he replied, his eyes raking her body hungrily. It was then that Addison realized she was on top of the covers—and naked.

A/N: Well, there's chapter 1. Wow that ended up a whole lot longer than I thought, but then I saw how many Alex and Addison scenes there were in this one episode so I only did some of them. As you can see in that last little snippet, the story probably won't be following the plotlines or scripts of the oncoming episodes. But PLEASE tell me if you liked it. Or if you disliked it. Just REVIEW!