Love Squared

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Chapter 8: The End of Wife Watch

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Day four of Wife Watch.

Derek was going insane. He supposed he was gaining ground on tracking down his wife in that now he saw her everywhere. Actually getting close enough to talk to her, on the other hand, proved to be much more difficult. Besides, talking to her meant actually getting her alone, which would mean surgically removing Alex Karev from Addison's hip.

Addison was still his wife. Now, to actually tell her that little piece of news.

There was the rub.

Especially since Alex Karev was madly in love with his wife. Derek felt his hands clench in his coat pockets at the thought. Obviously, Alex himself didn't even know he loved her, which was a small blessing for Derek. But he only had a rapidly closing window of time to appeal to his wife.

Derek really was going insane.


Addison wasn't faring much better. She may have been appearing cool and collected to her soon-to-be ex-husband, but seeing him all the time and not bursting into tears instantly was wearing on her nerves. As she waited for Alex to come back with her coffee, she leaned against the railing of the bridge looking down on the rest of the hospital. A sigh escaped her lips. She hadn't been sleeping well since prom, when all this torment started up again.

The exhaustion, coupled with the dissolution of her marriage, gave her the emotional stability of a paper airplane. When she wasn't fighting tears, she was yelling at Alex for no reason—or focusing completely on her patients to distract herself from her mess of a personal life. She longed for the happiness she'd felt two weeks ago, when she and Derek had hot shower sex and were playful and loving the next day. How was that only two weeks ago?

"Coffee for your thoughts?" Alex's voice sounded beside her, and a to-go cup of coffee appeared beneath her nose.

"My thoughts are pretty depressing, to be honest," she admitted, taking the cup gratefully.

Alex leaned against the railing beside her. "I'd be worried if they weren't, with all that's going on."

Another sigh answered her intern's comment. "I'm just ready to stop feeling so crappy."

"Are you feeling any worse than usual?" he asked worriedly. "All this stress, and you said you haven't been sleeping well. You could be getting sick."

A grimace flashed across the redhead's face as she smelled her coffee. "Now that you mention it, I do feel a little nauseous. I don't think I can handle coffee right now."

Without another word, Alex took the coffee from her hand and pointed in the direction of the nearest on-call room. "Go. Sleep."

"But—" Addison tried to protest.

"Now," he cut her off. "Page me if the nausea gets worse, and I'll bring you some cold water and antacids."

"I thought I was supposed to be your boss," Addison muttered.

"When you feel better, sure. But for now, get yourself in bed."


"Now now, Meredith," Derek said tiredly as he stepped into the elevator.

"When, then, Derek?" Meredith demanded in exasperation. She stepped in with him.

"I don't know."

"Fine. Just tell me if you still even want me to choose between you and Finn."

Derek looked at the mousy intern sideways and returned his gaze to the elevator doors. "I want you to pick Finn."

He didn't have to turn and see to know that shock played on her face. "You what?" she sputtered.

"I'm married, Meredith, and I slept with you. I hurt Addie worse than she ever hurt me when she slept with Mark," Derek explained. "I would hurt you, and Finn is the person who deserves you. I deserve to lose out, but I'm going to do everything in my power to keep Addie from divorcing me."

Silence answered him, and he looked over to see Meredith trying to put on a brave face, despite how the hurt took her by surprise. "Meredith?"

Blinking away the first traces of tears in her eyes, she faced him. "I'm fine, Dr. Shepherd. Thank you for your honesty, and I'll try to follow your advice."

"I'm glad."

The elevator doors opened. "Good luck with your wife, Dr. Shepherd," she said as she stepped out of the cabin.

Derek smiled softly. "Thank you, Dr. Grey."

She allowed herself a weak smile in return before she turned around and walked away.


Addison lay staring at the ceiling in the dark on-call room, wondering for the eleven hundredth time when she and her intern grew close enough to warrant his level of concern and familiarity with her. He was really the only thing keeping her sane, which was thoroughly confusing. He just stopped being a cocky ass towards her after the prom last week.

Another uncomfortable turning of the stomach interrupted the redhead's thoughts. With a groan, she rolled over onto her side and checked that the garbage can was still next to her bed. She refused to page Alex to bring water and nausea suppressants. He'd ask questions, questions to which she had no answers, especially since she had no idea why she felt so sick.

God, she hated this! Why the hell did her husband have to sleep with another woman at the prom? Why did she have to find Meredith Grey's black lacy panties in her husband's tux pants pocket? Why couldn't she have just continued on in ignorance and have more hot shower sex like they'd shared two weeks ag—

Addison's eyes widened. Without a moment's hesitation, she reached to get her phone from the nightstand and dialed the familiar number before holding the BlackBerry up to her ear.

"Dr. Torres," Callie's voice answered professionally.

"Callie, are you busy?" Addison asked, her stomach doing back flips.

"What's up?"

"I'm in the on-call room on the second floor just before the bridge. Can you come here please?"

"Um, sure," Callie agreed slowly. "Is everything okay?"

Addison bit her lip. "Could you bring a pregnancy test?"


Derek rubbed his face tiredly. Whatever progress he'd made thus far with Wife Watch had gone to waste. He'd seen neither hide nor hair of his wife all day. Shrugging into his coat, he slung his bag onto his shoulder and made his way out of the attending's locker room and down the hall toward the elevator.

Maybe he should just give it a rest for a couple of days. He didn't want to seem like he was stalking her. He just wanted to talk, maybe find some way to get her to forgive him. Sighing, he pressed the down button for the elevator.

A few seconds later, a bell sounded and the doors slid open. He looked up to see his wife, finally, standing there looking proud, but vulnerable—and beautiful.

Cautiously, he stepped into the cabin and allowed the doors to close. Silence descended.

"We usually see each other on the elevators," he whispered. "I haven't seen you lately."

"I've been taking the stairs," she declared softly.

A few more seconds of silence ensued until Derek couldn't take it anymore. He stepped forward and pulled the emergency stop button. "Addie, I am so sorry for what I did at prom. I was stupid and was going through some kind of mental break. I had to have been to be so cruel and moronic so as to hurt you like that just as we were starting to get back to normal. I know I really don't deserve it, but I still want to be your husband. I don't want to sign those papers. I know I've been a crappy husband and I haven't said it nearly enough, but I love you, Addison, and I don't want to lose you."

He concluded his speech breathing heavily. Addison's blue eyes sparkled with unshed tears as she examined his face for any trace of doubt or obligation. She seemed to be debating telling him something.

"Please say something," he begged.

Addison took a deep breath and dropped the bomb: "You're going to be a daddy."

Derek froze. "What?"

She sniffed. "I'm pregnant, and I don't know whether or not I'm exactly happy about it."

"What? Why? That's great news!"

"Because you slept with another woman, Derek!" she yelled. "I finally admitted to myself that our marriage is over, and now I'm pregnant with your child! What the hell should I be feeling right now?" She sniffed again. "I've wanted to have a baby with you for so long, and now I am, but I don't know if I can handle it anymore."

Derek stepped forward and gently kissed her on the lips, pouring all his love and reassurance into the kiss. "You absolutely can handle it. Please come back home. I'll help you. We'll get a real house so you don't have to put up with the trailer anymore. Just please try to forgive me."

Uncertainty swam in her eyes. "It's going to take a while."

"I deserve that," Derek agreed. "But we can go out tomorrow and look at houses. I'll do anything."

Addison bit her lip, at a loss for what to do. She didn't know if she could trust him anymore, but she didn't want her child to grow up without a father. And Derek forgave her once, although he'd had a relationship, too. Ugh! "Okay," she finally said. "We can try again. But this is our last chance."

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