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Chapter 1

I sat in Geography day dreaming, as I usually did in Geography. I couldn't pay attention in this class. It was impossible, not because I was a bad student, or even because I didn't like the subject because I did, or at least I assumed I would if I ever paid any attention to the subject at all.

You couldn't call it my fault, my inattentive attitude was caused by another person, I wouldn't blame him but it was his fault. I was always thinking about him.

Jared Talin. He sat right beside me, Kim Connick. I know Connick. I hated the name. Kim Talin sounded much better, Mrs Kim Talin. Mrs Jared Talin.
I really liked how that sounded. I looked over at him, he was practically perfect. No joke. He had beautiful light brown hair that came past his ears that always sat in an immaculate slightly disheveled way. His eyes were a deep emerald green, the type that you could get lost in. His skin was tan and blemish free. He was tall and lean, abit on the lanky side but utterly wonderful.

He was also in my english class though our seating wasn't assigned so he didn't sit next to me. Luckily this meant I could get a little bit more work done, unluckily it meant he couldn't speak to me, well speak is stretching it a little. The most he ever said to me was. 'Can I borrow a pen?'; and that was well over 6 months ago.

Still at least in Geography he had the chance to speak to me. I came back to reality while the teacher was saying something, the only bit I got was "...you will be graded on this, it is very important and muct be completed by next friday."

Crap! Why did that happen? You zone out and thats the last thing you hear! "Okay you may get started you have a few minutes to start."

What was I going to do? I had no idea what it was that he was talking about! I debated about asking the teacher and risk getting shouted at. I looked around, everyone was busy writing and some were discussing it quietly.

A brainwave hit and I turned to my right. "Hey Jared...?" I asked quietly.

He turned his head toward me. "Um... what are ...we uh..." I struggled to get a sentence out because 1) I didn't want to ask what it was we were supposed to do and sound completely stupid and 2) Hello? It was Jared Talin, the most beautiful guy in the whole school and I was talking to him!

At that moment though Jane Devlin who sat in front of us turned right around to glare at me. "What makes you think you can talk to him? " She then laughed in a shrill manner causing her silky blond hair to bounce a little.

"You are such a loser Kate! You are nowhere near the same moral let alone social standard as us!"

I stared at her in shock, I waited for Jared to tell her where she could shove her stupid remarks but he didn't. He didn't say anything. How very kind of him.

"It's...It's Kim."

"Whatever, Like anyone cares, you are such a nobody." She turned back to Jared giving him an eyeful of her full chest.

My face went bright red and I couldn't even look up at him. I was far too embarassed and way too intimidated. I stared at a place on the floor until the bell rang. I darted out of my seat and ran to my next class.

I was sickened at myself, I didn't even stand up for myself. I was just little shy, invsible Kim and I hated myself for it.

When my best friend Emma came into our science class she immediately knew something was wrong and at the end of the day bombarded me with questions until I gave in.

"Just Jane, that stupid...Bimbo and Jared he didn't- he never even-" I cut myself off afraid the tears that were filling my eyes would fall if I continued.

Emma seemed surprised by my outburst but nodded sympathetiacally before pulling me into a hug.

"Aw, hun, don't think about it, they are both losers. And Jared is a waster for not noticing you. You need to let him go. He will never deserve you." I nodded. I only wished that I could let him go and not let their comments get to me.

"Thanks Emma, I love you, you know! I have to go now to get Cody and Sarah, I'll talk to you later okay?" I said as I regained my little composure.

She nodded and waved while I dashed to my car. I was so grateful that today was friday. I wouldn't have to face Kate or Jared until monday. They probably would have forgotten me by then anyway.

I went and picked up Cody, my 10 year old brother and Sarah, my eight year old sister from school and got them home and made their dinner. My mother came home from work only to shower get changed and go back out to work again. We struggled because she was a single mother after my father walked out on us over two years ago and she had to work two jobs to afford everything we needed.

I hated it though, I hated not being able to see her and tell her all that happened so that she could make me feel better. I hated every second of it. I looked after my younger siblings most of the time.

I hated myself for being so weak and I hated myself for liking Jared wehen I knew it only made me want to cry. I almost hated him for being such a jerk. Almost.

I cried myself to sleep that night as I often did wishing that everything would somehow magically fix itself.

I wouldn't be plain unnoticable Kim anymore, we wouldn't struggle to keep our house. Jared would talk to me at the very least and Jane would just move of to a distant country somewhere.

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