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Chapter 19


It was over now. It was all over.

I hadn't realised how I had changed since I fell in love with Kim, but now that I had someone to protect nothing could stop me. Nothing.

The newborns were dead and everyone was okay except for Jake that is.

Leah had been after one and when another came at her Jake jumped in the way.

We stood as the creeps in black cloaks approached the clearing but swiftly left as from what we had been told we didn't want them to know about us.

I felt awful for Jake. He loved Bella, we could all see that and now she was going to marry some leech and then probably become a blood sucker. I truly felt for him.

I couldn't imagine loosing Kim, never mind to a vampire. The very thought made me whimper in pain.

We all filled into Billy's house or as many as we could anyway and waited for the leech doctor's verdict. He was in a bad shape but would soon be okay.

Emily had come by too and Sam never put her down.

"Oh. Jared, Kim came by earlier…she was upset. I sent her home before it got dark. She wanted me to ask you to go and see her."

I was heading for the door even before Sam gave his approval. I spared a glance at my friends and then raced to Kim's house.

I looked at the sky as I stood out side her house. It was early, maybe around 6am. It had been the most hectic and worst couple of days in my life. I would never want to relive them again.

I wasn't sure what I should do but I knocked on the door anyway. If her mom answered I would think of something. I was actually quite nervous. I wanted to tell her properly how I felt about her. Seeing how Jacob lost Bella made me feel like this. I wanted her to know how I wanted more than friendship but I would be content with whatever she wanted.

Now that I thought about it, she never really said that she wanted to be more than friends. Not at all. What if she didn't want more? What if she wanted to go out with someone else, fall in love with them, have a family and not have me hanging around her? Or worse what if she didn't want anything? Not even friendship or aquintances?

If I asked her to be my girlfriend would she say no? Say that she didn't think of me or see me like that? Was I only a friend to her?

The questions ripped me to pieces but I still had to see her and know that she was okay. I needed her like I need oxygen, probably more than that.

The door flew open in record time and something flew at me. I caught it instinctively and then I realised what it was that was wrapped around me, clinging to me and not once reducing its hold. Surprisingly I felt that the grip was tight to me. Really tight.

She clutched onto my shirt with an unbreakable hold. I really hadn't expected this but I could never complain.

"Jared! Jared…Jared…" She sobbed as she buried her face into my neck. My Kim. My girl. The love of my life.

She mumbled other things that were even incoherent to me. I noticed that no one else in the house seemed to be awake. I closed the door behind me and walked up the stairs with my girl in my arms, revelling in the feeling. It felt natural to do this, to take care of her. I came to a stop across from the only open door. I walked in and saw that it was hers. I shut the door behind me and went and sat on the bed with Kim still wrapped around me tightly.

"I, I can't …believe you!" She sobbed. "You can …never…" Oh god no…What was coming? "NEVER, leave me again." Ohhh. Thank God.

"Do you hear…me Jared Talin?" She mumbled against my shoulder.

"Wh-when I heard that howl. Oh God Jared I …I thought it was over. I thought I had lost you!" She was shaking violently so I held onto her tighter.

"I'm sorry Kim. I didn't mean to put you through anything. I swear I didn't. I hadn't realised you would be so upset." I said trying desperately to make up for my mistake.

"So upset? Why wouldn't I be upset Jared?" She said in a harsher tone turning her head up to look at me for the first time. She looked tired, like she hadn't slept and the tears had made offending streaks down her cheeks.

"Err…uh…Do I have to answer that?" I asked with a smile. She smiled back at me. The best sight in the world.

"I'm so glad you're okay" she murmured bringing her hand up to the side of my face while tears still streamed down her own. I leant into it thinking about how lucky I was to have her. To know her.

"I never ever want to go through that again. Okay? Please don't make me go through that again. I thought I was in hell. When I heard that howl I nearly ran into the forest."

I stroked her hair. "I promise I will tell you next time but, I have to do what I do…I didn't mean to hurt you Kim. I love you. I really do." I stared into her eyes for a while, she didn't say anything and I couldn't read her expression as dozens of emotions flew across her eyes.

"Do, you…Do you hate me now?" I choked out afraid of the answer.

"No but…" But what? But she didn't like me?

"But…" I prompted needing to know.

"But only because I love you." She said.

I stared at her not comprehending what she had just said. "Wh-what?" I choked again.

"I, I love you Jared…" She trailed off looking down and frowning. She moved her arms away from me but I only held her tighter and pulled her back to me.

"I love you too Kim." I whispered. She relaxed in my arms.

I rested my forehead against her and she closed her eyes.

"If I didn't love you I'd kill you for putting me through that…" She said with half a smile.

I leaned over and brushed my lips against hers, and then again. Her arms pulled me closer to her as I placed my lips on hers fully. I had never been happier, and here I was kissing the most beautiful girl in the world.

When we pulled apart from our make out session that had proceeded to get heavier we were both breathing heavily.

I lay down beside her. "You're tired. Haven't you slept?" I asked.

"How could I? I didn't know where you were." She smiled and then giggled. "I sound like a stalker..." She murmured as a blush crept up onto her cheeks. I chuckled with her with rubbing circles on her arms as she laid her head against my chest. I had never felt better.

When her breathing had evened out I knew that she had fallen asleep. She had fallen asleep in my arms. Mine!

I eventually drifted off to sleep with her.


I was really warm, but not too hot just incredibly comfortable. The heat reminded me of Jared and then my worry came back to me with a heavy force. I gasped and bolted upright and tried to remember how I had gotten here. I was downstairs pacing and then someone knocked on the door and then…

"Are you okay?" A husky voice asked. I looked down. Jared was lying on my bed beside me. A blush crept onto my cheeks as I remembered.

"Yea, I am now." I said as I lay back down beside him. His arm automatically stretched around me and I curled myself closer to him. He smiled and kissed my forehead and then rested his chin on my hair.

"So…" He said in a slightly strangled tone.

"So…?" I prompted.

"I, ahem, I have something…that I-I want to ask you…?" I pulled back to look at him. He looked confused and a little like he was in pain.

"Okay?" I asked still reading his expression.

"Uh, um, well…"

"KIM!" My mother's voice interrupted him from downstairs.

A flash of panic flitted across his features but then he looked slightly relieved but was still confused and …hurt?

"I'll be right back." I said before getting up and then realising I couldn't leave the room without doing something, so I did it; I leaned down and kissed him slightly. He beamed up at me and I turned and walked out of the room making sure the door was firmly shut. After all I didn't want anyone to come in and see him lying there!

"Good afternoon" She said with a smile. I looked at the clock. It was 1.23.

"Oh. Hi." I mumbled still feeling quite tired.

"Well Drew and I are going to take Sarah and Cody out for the day. Do you want to come?" She asked.

"Uh…I'm okay here for today…" I trailed of. I could just imagine the day: Sarah and Cody pulling Drew everywhere while my mother laughed at his misfortune and me spending the whole day away from Jared.

"Okay, well we're leaving now anyway. I'll see you later. Have a nice day."

I nodded and smiled and then returned to my room. Jared sat on my bed looking quite sheepish.

"Hi." I said after I had closed the door and locked it.

"Hey" He mumbled looking away.

I was worried now. "So what's wrong?"

"Uhh…nothing." He mumbled

"Right, so what was it you wanted to ask me…?" I asked suddenly not liking this at all.

He cleared his throat and took a deep breath as I went and sat down on my desk chair across from him.

"Well…er, I know you said that… Th-that you loved me…but uh, I um wanted to know how you loved me? I mean I love you and I'm in love with you but I don't know what you want us to be?" His face had taken a red tint that I found absolutely adorable.

"Oh. Um what do you… want us to be?" I asked.

"I'm happy with anything you are happy with" I saw that he truly meant that. I had to admit that question had come across my mind a few times recently but I had forced it away but now there seemed to be no getting away from it.

I let out a sigh as his answer wasn't giving me much to work with. How did I answer that? I suppose I only had the truth to tell didn't i?

"I'm in love with you Jared" I said wondering where the courage had come from.

"Really?" He asked. I managed a nod but couldn't look up at him.

"So will you be my girlfriend?" He blurted out. "I mean er well, would you like to be? I mean if you don't that's…okay?"

"Yea." I smiled. "Yea I would like to" He grinned at me as I walked over to him. He immediately pulled me down into his lap and kissed me. AHHHH! I had never been so happy. I just wanted to squeal.

"Okay. What do you want to do today?" He asked. I just shrugged and held onto him which he seemed to have no problems with.

"We could go to the beach if you wanted?"

"Okay. I'll go get changed." He frowned slightly but nodded.

I went into the bathroom to change and when I came back I was horrified…


I was sitting in Kim's room on her bed waiting for her to come back when I noticed something under the pillow. I pulled out the obstruction. It was a small book, a journal. It was her diary.

I wanted to put it back down. I really did. But my hands had other ideas, I opened the first page it was from a few months ago. And then I saw it. A wide grin spread across my face and I felt no need to contain it.

A startled gasp came from the door and Kim ran toward me grabbing the book and throwing herself down on the pillows and let out a whimper. "Don't look at that!" She squealed.

"Oh, God. Please kill me now." She whined.

"Kim?" No reply.

"Kim?" Silence

"Kim will you please look at me?" I asked.

"No. Never. I can't." She mumbled into the pillow. I couldn't have that now could I?

I pried her off the bed and towards me but she just turned and hid her face in my shoulder. As nice as that was I preferred for her to look at me.

"Kim, come on…there's nothing to be embarrassed about."

"Easy for you to say!" was her only reply.

I chuckled. "Actually I really liked the sound of it." I whispered in her ear.

"The sound of what?" was her muffled reply. She peeked up at me through her long lashes and I had trouble speaking.

"Mrs Kim Talin" Her face was bright red and she tried to hide her face in her hands but I grabbed a hold of them.

"I liked the sound of the other part too." I whispered

She eventually looked up at me.

"What other part?" She asked.

"The forever part." I whispered before kissing the back of her hand and then her lips. She was mine as I was hers. I would let nothing ever change that.


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