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Mitchie woke up by her phone ( witch her dad had brought it back after final jam) ringing the song Christina Aguilera (What a girl wants).

I wanna thank you for giving me time to breathe Like a rock you waited so patiently While I got it together While I figured it out I only looked but I never touched 'Cause in my heart was a picture of us Holdin' hands, makin' plans and it's lucky for me you understand

" Hello" she asked sleepily.

" Hey it's Shane I hope it's ok but I got your number from your mom."

" Yeah that's fine with me is there a reason your calling at…" She looked at the clock and saw that it was 3 in the morning. " Three in the morning."

" Yup I wanted to see you can you meet me at the docks around three thirty."

" Yeah sure.. I'll be there."

" Mkay bye."

" Bye Shane."

Mitchie got up and saw that her mom was sleeping so she snuck in the bathroom and washed her face. Then went out not nowing that she didn't change out of her revealing p-Jays. She waked to the dock but she was 10 minutes early. As she sat there for ten minutes she thought about how much she likes Shane. She put her phone on vibrate so she didn't have to listen to ring tones. As she was thinking she didn't notice Shane sit next to her. " Nice out fit." commented Shane.

Mitchie looked down and blushed because she was wearing booty shorts and a shirt that revealed a little of her stomach and it was a v-neck spaghetti strap. " I like your blush." he said " Thank you I guess." All the sudden Shane was kissing her as he lowered her down so he was on top of her and they just kissed like that. It must have been hours later 'cause the sun was coming up and they could here people getting up in there cabins. They stopped then went to the mess hall after she changed into p-jay bottoms she didn't care about the shirt. As they got there Lola, Peggy, Ella, Caitlyn, and the rest of connect three waved them over to the table. When they got to the table they sat next to each other and neither of them were hungry so they didn't get anything to eat but they did see that Caitlyn and Nate were holding hands so were Ella and Jason, so Shane grabbed Mitchie's hand and kissed it and held her hand in between them. " So looks like Shane and Mitchie are getting all gooey on us. Looks like you two hooked up last night, or this morning." Said Caitlyn. " You shouldn't be the one talking Cait what about you and Nate." Shane shot back. " Ok I'm sorry." " I was joking Cait." Shane said just as Mitchie's phone vibrated. Everyone was watching her while she talked.

" Hello"

" Hi Michelle."

' Ummm.. Who's this."

" Aww don't you remember your ex-boyfriend."

" Don't talk to me Derek."

Everyone at the table was staring at her confused as to who Derek was.

" But babe I love you."

" No you don't so drop it."

" No I will have you what ever it takes."

" Oh no you wont bucko."

" Yes I will." With that he hung up.

Mitchie closed her phone. Only to be met with stares " Who's Derek." asked Caitlyn.

" Derek is…"