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Previously: " It's Derek he keeps sending flowers with these cards and they say things that happened in the past and I'm so scared… He say's he's coming for me and I'm just so scared." I sobbed on to the phone

" Hang on Mitchie I'm gonna call my manager just stay in the house and I'll call you right back I promise."

" Ok I love you."

" I love you to bye."

" Bye."

NOW: Manager pov

Ring Ring Ring

" Hello"

" Hey it's me Shane we have a problem."

" What is it now Shane and don't say you went back to your bad boy ways."

" No it's my girl friend she's being stalked by an old boy friend and I was wondering if she can go on tour with us like Caitlyn is.. Please I'm begging you and I don't beg…." " I guess but she has to be ready by tomorrow when you pick her up so tell her to start packing. " O my god thank you."

" Yeah what ever bye."



Ring Ring Ring

" Hello."

" Hey babe it's Shane my manager said that if your ready by tomorrow you can come on tour with us."

" Really omg thank you sooo much… I'll pack now love you bye."

" Love you to bye."



Connie went running up those stairs so fast.

" Excuse me young lady."

" I'm leaving and there's nothing you can do about it."

" Where are you going."

" I'm going on tour with the boy's Caitlyn and Peggy."

" Mitchie Mitchie were you going."

" Oh baby I have to go with some friends."

" Why pwease don't weave me."

" Oh sweetie I'll come and visit ok please don't cry."

" Pwomise u will bisit."

" I promise Mia."

" O tay."

Mitchie went back to packing and when she was done she went to go to bed.

" Mitchie can I sweep wit you pwease."

" Sure you can hop up."

" Buenas noches."

" Buenas noches Mitchie I wove you."

The next day Mitchie was waiting for the bus they were coming in the morning before any one woke up so there wouldn't be any fan girls.

Honk Honk

" Bye Mom Bye Dad Bye Mia I love you guys." " We love you to baby."

" I wove you Mitchie come back soon."

When Mitchie got out side everyone from the bus was outside watching what happened with her family.

When Mitchie was half way to the bus her little sister came running out screaming her name and crying.

" Mitchie Mitchie don't weave me pwease."

" Mia baby I have to." She said dropping her suit cases and picking up Mia. She gave her a kiss and a huge hug then put her down and then noticed someone had grabbed her suit cases and said bye and got on the bus. When she walked onto the bus she was amazed because it had four rooms, a bathroom, a kitchen, and a living area. Shane led her to the last door on the right.

" This is our room you have your own dresser and every one shares the bathroom. And every room is sound proof because Nate and Caitlyn like to get it on. If you know what I mean."

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