E/O Drabble Challenge

Challenge word: 'Drag' (ed), (s), etc

Takes place during season 4

Word Count: 115, I went fifteen words over board, oh well.


Dean hates dead people

" I hate dead people." Dean huffed as he hauled the dead body along the grass towards the bon fire.

Sam responded giving his brother an odd look.

"I respect the dead, Sammy. But when there stupid souls act up and kill innocent people we always have to burn the bones."

Sam snorted, "Dean you enjoy salting a burning."

"That may be, but I hate when we don't have a lighter and I have to drag this sucker to a stupid bon fire you made by rubbing two sticks together half way across the cemetery."

"You could just pick him up." Sam said as he spluttered salt all over the corpse.

Dean flipped him off.