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Chapter 1

Jenny had been on Earth for six months now, with Torchwood, and Torchwood 3 were moving up to Ealing for a few weeks. Of course, not everyone went. Jack Harkness, Gwen Cooper, Jenny, and Owen Harper got into the SUV and drove off out of Cardiff.

"You know the plan, right Jenny?" Jack asked

"Play the lost new girl, get my way in and find out what's going on? Yeah I can do that." Jenny said confidently. "But you didn't tell me what we're looking for."

"Cause we don't know until we find out from the information you give us. You need to listen to what's being said blondie." Owen piped up cockily.

"When you stop being a total arse maybe I'll listen to you Owen, but Jack didn't tell me so I have to ask." Jenny said, looking at him with the same steely gaze the Doctor would have been giving him.

"Don't piss a woman off Owen. Not if you want to keep everything downstairs." Jack smirked.

"If you weren't bloody driving Jack Harkness I'd slap you and kiss you for that remark." Gwen laughed.

Jack rolled his eyes and grinned.

After a few hours they arrived in Ealing.

Jack's phone rang and he put the phone on loudspeaker.

"Sarah-Jane! What a wonderful surprise to hear from such a gorgeous woman." Jack smirked.

"Shut up Jack. M son and his friends are here." Sarah-Jane laughed.

"Ok. I'll behave for once." he laughed with her. "Why that call? Here to give me direction?"

"Yes. And Jack? Are you sure you have the right person for the job?" she asked.

"Yep. And she just can't wait to get started."

"Alright." she said and started giving the directions, which Gwen quickly took down on paper she found in the glove compartment.

The team arrived in Bannerman Road half an hour later.

Luke Smith and his friends were stepping out of the house into the warm summer night's air when they arrived.

Jenny saw him, a tiny flush of plink on her cheeks, undetected in the dark, and silently thanked whoever was watching over her that the windows were blacked out.

Luke turned in her direction and their eyes seemed to connect momentarily, and her hearts stopped, only to be kickstarted again when the other boy nudged him and someone poked her in the shoulder and they both looked away.

Once he disappeared into another house across the road, everyone got out of the SUV and walked up to Sarah-Jane's home and walked straight in.

Sarah-Jane came to the top of the stairs and called them up.

Jenny smiled at her.

"Jenny this is the great Sarah-Jane Smith. Sarah-Jane this is Jenny." Jack grinned.

"Nice to meet you." Jenny smiled, taking her outstretched hand.

"You too." Sarah-Jane smiled, shaking her hand.

Jack then pulled Sarah-Jane away, to explain everything about Jenny, about who she was, how she was connected with the Doctor.

"She only told Martha to tell me. The rest of the team don't know obviously, because she doesn't want to be treated differently, to be forever known as this precious little thing, the Doctor's daughter." Jack explained. "She said all of this when she first came to us."

"Well of course she'd want her own identity, she's only young." Sarah-Jane nodded.

Jenny looked at the objects surrounding the large computer coming from the chimney breast. She picked them up, curiosity taking over and she studied them for a brief moment, before placing them back down. Her eyes fell on a picture with the two boys she saw earlier, Sarah-Jane and a girl she hadn't seen with them outside.

"What are we looking for? If you're the one who brought us here, you must have some idea." She asked Sarah-Jane, looking at her.

"I am afraid I do not know. All the alien activity that has been detected is inside Luke's school. It is not known what species it is, if there is indeed one." came a reply, but not from Sarah-Jane. It came from the computer behind her.

"Did that just talk?" she asked, looking confused as she turned toward it.

"Sounds like it." Gwen said.

"You've taken down a Weevil without a gun or any spray, and you're freaked out by a bloody talking computer? Ridiculous." Owen said.

Jenny turned and kicked him where he hurt the most, sending him down in agony. "Jack DID warn you." she said smugly.

"Is it the time of month for you women or what?" Owen whined.

Gwen pulled Jenny away from him before anymore was done.

Owen composed himself eventually, walking to the rest of the group.

"One question Jack. Why do I need to be the one posing as the new girl?" Jenny asked.

"I think it's one of his fantasies. A girl in a school uniform." Gwen and Sarah-Jane laughed.

"Yes that sounds about right. But it could be ANYTHING." Sarah-Jane said.

"Oi! Enough about my sex life thank you! She's young, pretty and fit's the part perfectly." Jack grumbled.

"You just like the uniform more like." Jenny laughed.

"Can't blame a guy for trying." Jack smirked, which earned him a slap from all 3 females.

"What's the sleeping plan?" Gwen asked.

Jack shrugged.

"I'm fine to sleep in the SUV." Jenny said.

"Absolutely not." Sarah-Jane said.

"Oh?" Jenny looked up in confusion.

"I'm not having anyone sleeping in a car. Especially with what's going on. Anything could happen."

"I'll be fine. I can hold off anything that wants to hurt me." Jenny smiled.

"Yeah the boys can sleep in the front and we'll sleep in the back. No one will know we're in there unless they open the door." Gwen said.

Sarah-Jane looked at Jack, who just shrugged again.

"Alright. I don't like it, but fine. Just for one night. Once Luke, Clyde and Rani know who and why you're here, you're inside." Sarah-Jane sighed.

"Yes ma'am." Jack saluted, grinning.

"Behave." Gwen laughed.

"I am!" Jack pouted. "I think we should call it a night. Jenny looks like she's gonna drop."

Jenny, who, during the conversation, now found herself unable to keep her eyes open, made a small "Hmm?"

The team slowly made their way down the stairs and out to the SUV, where, sure enough, they stayed there the entire night.

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