When Jenny woke up, she was staring up at a clinically white ceiling, and she could hear movements around her. She turned her head to face a blue creature checking her vitals. When she tried to move more she found she couldn't, determined not to panic, she opened her mouth to speak. "What's happening? Where am I?"

"You are in a hospital." Came the voice of the creature who didn't even look in her direction before it walked off to check somebody else over.

"Hey! That doesn't answer my question!" Jenny growled.

"Well if I'd have known you were going to be this loud I'd have taken you somewhere else."

Jenny turned her head again and shot a glare at the Doctor for his remark. "Where am I, and why can't I move?"

"You're on the planet Caspermaniac. They heal people on this planet." The Doctor explained. "And you were struck down with something, and nobody knows what it is or where it came from, I've put your body into a temporary lock-down so they can find out and treat you. You won't have long before you fall asleep again."

"Oh great." Jenny rolled her eyes. "Wait a minute... what about Luke or Sarah Jane? Are they okay?"

"Yeah they're fine. Luke found you , alerted us. And I brought you straight here." The Doctor nodded. "You should rest now, you'll need your energy to fight this." He added, knowing that once she fell asleep that would be it. She would fall into the coma Mr Smith had told them about, and it was up to the doctors on this planet now to save her.

"I don't want to... something's not right, I need to see him, please."

"Jenny, you'll be fine, you're in the safest hands I could possibly put you in. Luke can't see you not like this, while you're still sick. Get yourself better and then you can go back to Earth and see him."

"But..." Jenny sighed, suddenly feeling weak again and she fought to stay awake.

"But nothing, now sleep." The Doctor ordered, and looked away when she complied and she fell asleep once more.

"Is there anything we can do for you?" A creature spoke toward him.

"Doctor Thia knows about her. Just look after her, make sure she comes through this." The Doctor spoke before leaving the hospital and made his way to the TARDIS. "I have one more trip to make before I see that Ood. Let's make it a good one, old girl." He said before pressing buttons, pulling levers and throwing the machine back into the time vortex.

Suddenly machines bleeped by Jenny's bed, signalling her hearts slowing, and many of the doctors rushed around and tried to stabilize her. One of the doctors pulled out a needle and jabbed it into the young girl's arm, injecting her with a liquid that was turquoise in colour which caused her body to arch momentarily before crashing back down onto the hard bed, where it lay there, motionless. Her heart rate returned to normal, and jenny remained in an unconscious state while inside, the fluid that was pushed into her circulation began to work its magic, slowly healing her from the unknown disease. Well, unknown to the others, but not unknown to that particular doctor.

He looked down at her and nodded. "You'll be alright." He told her softly before ushering the others away and returning to work.