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So, while I do realize Aduial Evenstar posted an age guide in her first chapter, I feel the need to revise it as it was wrong on a couple of points.

Joe- 20

Tai, Matt, Sora - 19

Mimi, Izzy - 18

Yolei - 17

T.K., Kari, Davis, Ken - 16

Cody - 13

Okay, now I can breathe easy. hehehe. Oh, one last note, I'll most likely be keeping Aduial's pairings of TK/Kari, Ken/Yolei, Tai/Sora, and Mimi/Matt, though I'm not exactly thrilled about the last one. Well, at least I won't have to elaborate on any but Takari since the others are all babies. ^_^

Previously, on 'Oh, Baby!' - T.K. and Kari arrived late to a picnic in the digital world. When they finally arrived, the ten other digidestined had just been turned into babies by an evil digimon named Spetomon. The pair have now resigned themselves to caring for their friends in T.K.'s apartment while waiting to receive news from Gennai.

Chapter Three

"Hey, Kari, how do you know all this stuff? About babies, I mean," TK asked as he fed Davis his bottle and watched Kari heat up nine more while trying to calm down a crying Sora.

"My cousin, Akina, has three kids. I babysit for her whenever I can." Another baby started crying in the living room just as Kari began feeding Sora.

"Great. Any chance she can come over and give us a hand?"

"Not a chance. But I think I've got an idea," she said, staring at the doorway where Gatomon had just entered with Patamon on her head.

"How can we help?" Patamon asked as he flew over to TK. Davis giggled as he looked up at the creature.

"Can you both go back and get the other digimon? They might be able to help us."

"They're probably still knocked out, but I'll see if they're willing to come," Gatomon said as she headed for TK's bedroom and the computer.

"Wait. I'd feel better if both of you went. With Spetomon being out there, and all," Kari called after her.

"She's right. Can you go too?" TK asked Patamon. The digimon nodded enthusiastically and flew out after Gatomon.

They were back by the time Davis and Sora were being burped, with ten Rookie-level digimon trailing behind them.

"Thanks for coming, guys," TK said, kneeling down so Veemon could get a better look at Davis without jumping on the kitchen table.

"No thanks necessary," Agumon said.

"Yeah, it's our fault this happened to them anyway," Gomamon said, frowning uncharacteristically. "They'd be fine if we could've held off Spetomon."

"This isn't your fault," Gatomon said. "Spetomon is very strong - stronger than he used to be. He's got the power of ten digimon now."

"You know him?" Kari asked. Gatomon was saved from answering as three more babies began crying. "Nevermind, we'll talk later. Can any of you help us feed them?"

"Not me. Flippers aren't good for holding babies," Gomamon said, holding up his arms for emphasis.

Tentomon, Armadillomon, Wormmon and Patamon were also regretfully declined. Everyone else was more than willing to help though.

"Good. Grab a bottle and please be careful with your claws."

TK and Kari carried Davis and Sora back into the living room with the digimon following. Soon Kari and seven of the digimon were seated around the room feeding babies while the remaining five helped TK unpack the shopping bags. Suddenly, and to everyone's surprise, the phone rang. Matt, currently in Gabumon's arms, pushed the bottle away and began crying. TK hurried to the kitchen phone while Gabumon tried his best to calm the baby.

"Hello?" TK said, a little out of breath, and covering his ear to block out the crying.

"TK? Is that you? Are you okay?"

"Oh, Dad. Yeah, I'm fine. What's up?"

"You tell me. I thought you guys were supposed to come over a half hour ago. I already tried Matt's cell, but he must have it turned off."

TK mentally cursed himself for not keeping better track of the time. It was almost eight-thirty.

"Um, yeah. I guess we lost track of time. We kinda decided to stay here 'til mom gets back anyway. I mean, if that's all right with you."

"TK, you may be able to fool your mother but you forget, I've learned to decipher Matt's lies - and he's a much better liar than you are. Now what's going on?"

Sighing, TK looked around the kitchen trying to come up with a good enough excuse. He couldn't tell him the truth. As patient and understanding about their destiny as he was, there was no way TK could expect his father to not freak out about Matt being turned into a baby. Kari walked into the room then and gave him a questioning look. He shook his head at her.

"TK? You still there?"

"Yeah, I'm here." He sighed again. "Trust me, Dad, you don't want to know about this one."

"Put Matt on the phone."

"I ... can't."

"Is he injured?"

"Sort of."

"That's it. I'm coming over there now."

"No! Don't come here! You-" TK was interrupted as Kari snatched the phone from him.

"Mr. Ishida? It's Kari Kamiya." There was silence for a minute. TK noticed that Matt had stopped crying. "Yes. Yes, we're all together. No, I can't. Yes. All of them. We got lucky. We should know tomorrow." There was a longer silence. "I will. Not at the moment, but we'll let you know if that changes. Thank you, Mr. Ishida. Yes, here he is." Kari handed the phone back to TK and gave him the thumbs up.

"Okay, listen. I'm going to know the second you find anything out about this, right? And you'll call me if you need anything?"

"Yeah, Dad."

"Good. Oh, and if this isn't sorted out in two days, I am coming over there. Understand?"


"Good luck."

"Thanks. Talk to you soon."

TK hung up the phone and looked at Kari. "Why did you tell him we'd keep him up to date on this?"

"Because it was the only way he was going to accept leaving us alone for a little while. Now, if you'll excuse me, I have a lot of phone calls to make."

TK rolled his eyes as he headed back out into the living room and plopped down on the floor in front of the sofa next to Patamon. Kari came out a half hour later looking exhausted.

"All the families think we're camping for the weekend. And dinner's on it's way. Yes, Veemon, I ordered enough for everyone," she said before the digimon even opened his mouth, making everyone laugh.

Slowly, Kari looked surveyed the items TK had bought, which the digimon had separated into heaps around the room. The baby clothes, for example, were sorted into piles and then put on one side of the dining room table. The other side of the table held diapers, wipes and powders and had two large towels laid out. Formula, the few cans of baby food, and the empty bottles were currently being carried into the kitchen. And Biyomon and Tentomon were seeing that all the babies were wrapped in blankets.

"We should probably get them dressed," Kari said, her eyes lingering on Mimi whose shrunken shirt didn't cover her stomach, and miniskirt couldn't offer any sort of warmth. TK agreed and they carried Mimi and Sora to the dining room table.

TK watched as Kari began removing Mimi clothes, but stopped her before she started on the skirt.

"Kari?" She paused and looked up at him from across the table. "Do you mind if I ... um. I mean, could I ...?"

"Do you want me to handle changing the girls?" she asked, trying to hold back a smirk.

"Would you mind?"

"No. And I'll take care of Tai and Ken too, to make things even."

TK nodded and smiled gratefully before hurrying out of the room. Kari made quick work of removing Mimi's skirt and underwear and throwing them in a garbage bag positioned between the two changing stations on the table. The baby started to squirm then, from the cold. But before she could fully wake up, Kari had slide a diaper on her, then put her in one of the twenty or so sleepers they had, and passed her to Palmon to be wrapped in a blanket. Kari was just moving to the other side of the table to start on Sora when TK walked in carrying Matt.

"So, how old do you think they are, anyway? They can't be more than a few months, right?" he asked conversationally, judging Matt's size as he took off his jacket and shirt.

"One or two weeks, I think. Actually, I remember Akina telling me about this website that has everything you need to know about kids up to age nine, I think," Kari said as she finished up with Sora and handed her off to Biyomon. Hawkmon entered with a whimpering Yolei a minute later.

"Great. But do you think it would apply to these guys? I mean, it's not like they're regular babies."

"I don't see why not - they've seemed normal enough so far." Kari looked up at TK before starting on Yolei. He was standing there with a diaper in one hand, and he was staring at it with a strange look. Matt was on the towel in front of him, completely naked and curling up to try and get warm. After a minute or so, he began to cry.

Kari was at TK's side in a flash. "What's wrong?" she asked, raising her voice a little over the crying.

"I don't know how to put a diaper on." He looked down at his shoes, ashamed.

She probably would've starting laughing if Matt's cries hadn't grown a bit. Smiling gently, she took the diaper from TK and stood in front of Matt.

"Watch closely," she said, and out of the corner of her eye she saw TK's head snap up and watch her every move. She quickly opened the diaper and slid it under Matt, then did up the tabs, all while avoiding being hit by his flailing arms and legs. TK passed her a sleeper when she asked for one and watched as she wrestled to get it on the baby. "Think you can calm him down?" TK nodded and she went back to Yolei.

When all ten babies were diapered, dressed and fast asleep in the living room, TK followed Kari down the hall to his bedroom to use the computer. She sat in the desk chair and started up the computer while he sat on the edge of the bed right behind her.

In a few seconds she was typing in "Baby Center dot com." The screen went black and then popped back to life on what was presumably the home page. White background, lots of blue and green writing. A few flashing ads, too. There were seven buttons near the top, stating the age groups from 'Getting Pregnant' to 'Big Kid.' Beneath that was a timeline broken down into weeks and months. Kari clicked on 'Newborn' and a new page appeared, giving facts and advice on raising a newborn. They read through it all quickly, then proceeded to look at the next three weeks.

"Almost definitely two weeks," Kari said as they walked back to the living room a few minutes later. There was a knock at the front door and a couple of babies began crying. TK went to check on them while Kari got and paid for the four large pizzas. She grinned when she entered the living room to find TK sitting on the couch, rocking Matt.

"Apparently he doesn't like noise very much," he whispered with a chuckle.

Kari put the pizza boxes down on the coffee table and was heading into the kitchen to get her and TK drinks when Tai started crying. She eyed the digimon gathering around the boxes, Agumon and Veemon especially.

"Make sure they save us some," she whispered to Gatomon, who then took charge in distributing the food.

Tai quieted down a little when Kari picked him up, but picked right up again when the smell of his own soiled diaper hit his nose. Kari sighed as she carried him to the dining room table. She was pretty sure she heard a few muffled laughs and vowed to find out who they were from later on.

Removing Tai's sleeper, she was pleased to see that it hadn't gotten dirty. The less laundry she had to do, the better. Tai's crying had thankfully died down to whimpering, but there was still a steady stream of tears running down his cheeks. As fast as possible, Kari removed the dirty diaper and threw it away, then grabbed a couple of wipes and - holding Tai's ankles with one hand - she began to clean up the mess. Once Tai was wearing a fresh diaper and his sleeper again, Kari sat down in one of the dining room chairs and slowly rocked him back and forth until he finally fell asleep.

Back in the living room, most of the digimon were already passed out, resting near their respective partners. TK managed to eat his dinner without too much trouble. It seemed Matt only liked TK or Gabumon to look after him - though he preferred TK more - and would wail whenever anyone else tried. So they agreed to take turns eating or sleeping. Gabumon got the first caregiving shift for the night.

After finishing dinner and taking care of a few more diaper changes, TK and Kari watched an hour of tv before said goodnight to everyone and retiring to TK's bedroom - Kari sleeping in the bed and TK on the floor, if only for a few hours that night.

Author's Note:

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Anyway, the site that I mentioned in here - BabyCenter - is a real website and one I visit at least once a week. Not only is it an amazing site for parents, it's great for writers of young characters. Especially good for someone like me, who has absolutely no experience with kids. Check it out!

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