Fallen Leaves

Summary: Allen wasn't a burden - he could fight for himself, he could protect others. And he would prove that to Kanda - especially now that there was only one petal left hovering in the hourglass. Yullen, pretty dark

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"Just…get the fuck off me, bean sprout!"

"But Kanda, you're blee–"

"Mind your own business!"

"We're in this together, so this IS my own b–"

Shoving the white haired exorcist roughly off his body, Kanda Yu snorted in fury and got to his feet. "You're already enough of a hindrance as it is," he grunted as he brushed some dirt off his hair, "don't you dare getting in my way even after I saved your sorry ass." Gritting his teeth as he noted just how much grime and blood he was covered in, he added even more angrily, "Yet again." He heard the boy's incredulous gasp behind him, but decided to ignore it and scanned their surroundings instead. There had to be an exit around here and, honestly, rather than arguing yet again, he just wanted out of that small tomb-like cavern they had landed in.

"If you hate me so much," a soft voice suddenly spoke behind him, "you needn't have bothered."

Glancing at what little of Allen's hurt expression he could see in the faint light coming from above, he couldn't help grimacing. "Right," he scoffed and set off toward a corridor that seemed to lead back to the surface, "I'll keep that in mind."

Hasty footfalls told him the other exorcist was joining him after all. "You do realize you're still helping me every single time, don't you?" the boy commented with a frown.

"I wouldn't have to if you just stopped being reckless," Kanda retorted gruffly, increasing their pace out of sheer annoyance.

"You're the one with the gash in his chest," Allen replied quietly.

"And I'm not complaining," Kanda grunted, anger growing ever so steadily, "you are. Just shut up and both of us are happy." For good measure, he glared at the boy and noticed him biting his lip at that, but, frankly spoken, he couldn't care less. As a matter of fact, he was incredibly thankful when they continued their way in silence.

Oh blissful silence.

No questions, no whimpering, no nagging, no whining.

A bit of pain, yes, but, thankfully, no accusations, no disputes, no inquiries, no chitchat.

No words at all.

Oh blissful silen–

"Honestly, Kanda, why?"

Gritting his teeth yet again, he wished he hadn't enjoyed the silence so much, as now his companion's voice annoyed him all the more – along with the pain in his chest that suddenly felt much more intense.

"And don't tell me 'we need all the exorcists we can get' or anything, cause I won't buy it," the boy ranted on, "you've got to have an actual reason to help me again and again, and I want to know it."

Glancing at him out of the corner of his eye, Kanda could see determination in those grey orbs. It was the stupid, pointless and utterly naïve kind of determination he hated so much about the boy. And just as always, it managed to infuriate him even more. "Maybe I just can't stand watching a brain-dead getting beaten," he ground out and glared at nothing in particular, "it's unfair, you know."

He wasn't in the mood for quarrels and yet he had somehow provoked it again, and, of course, the expected response came in an instant. "You're calling me brain-dead?" Allen growled in disbelief and shook his head. "Then what are you," he shot back, "Mr. Social-Incompetence?"

Stopping abruptly, Kanda grabbed the boy's shoulder, thrust him into the wall and pressed Mugen against his throat. "Right now I'm a lot more willing to cut that goddamn tongue out of your mouth than I'd like to admit, so shut the fuck up," he hissed and got dangerously close before he pushed away, stomping off as though nothing had happened.

Apparently it took Allen a while to recover, for when he finally caught up with the swordsman, they had almost reached the surface.

"Kanda," the boy shouted, face red with fury, "that was absolutely unca–"

"Now listen up, bean sprout," Kanda interrupted him, voice absolutely calm yet serious enough for the other to shut up, "I don't want you to die because one day I'd like to witness that even an annoying, brain-dead bean sprout like you can learn to think before acting."

He didn't need to look at the boy to know his eyes were widening, didn't need to hear it to know he was gasping. Probably biting his lip by now.

What the answer would be, however, he couldn't tell for sure. And, for crying out loud, he didn't really want to know. Right now, he just wanted to get away from the damn sprout and have that annoying wound looked at.

But no matter how little he wanted to hear it, no matter how far away he'd walked already, no matter how quietly they'd been voiced, the boy's words still found their way to him.

"I promise, you will."

Prelude: End

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