Title: Hoodoo
Author: Mad Server
Rating: T
Characters: Dean, Sam
Word Count: 100, on the nose
Summary: Dean's confused. Sam's concerned.
A/N: For the E/O Challenge. Prompt word: "drag." bhoney, just in case I never do anything longer up this alley, this is for you.
Disclaimer: I don't own these guys.

Dean's face is the same color as the snow.

"Hey. Dean."

Brows knit; he inhales deeply.

"Shit. You scared me, man."

Hazy eyes squint open. "Dean?"

Sam snorts. "Close enough."

Heavy shaking, piles of blankets. A wool hat's wrestled on, hot chocolate offered.


"Uh," Sam answers uneasily. "I'm here, man."

"If he's shivering, Sam, the hypothermia's probably not that bad. You said you found him in the hoodoo priest's backyard? My money's on a spell."

Sam's feeling strange. He leaves the research to Bobby and settles in beside Dean, drags a hand down his trembling back. "It's OK, Sam."