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Of Nightmares and Wings

As Teito lay wrapped in the warm, scratchy bed of the room he and his mentor (Ha!) were currently staying in, his mind was in turmoil. His vivid emerald green eyes stared ahead towards a small chest of drawers that happened to be in the direction of his gaze, sharp but unseeing and burning with as much intensity as the young slave turned Bishop's apprentice could muster. Heaving a sigh of dissatisfaction, Teito directed his gaze towards his right, his green orbs landing on the other, empty, bed in the room.

Frau had wasted almost no time at all in leaving the room once they arrived. Calmly as ever, he had strode into the room, swinging the bag containing all that they had packed over his shoulder and onto the rough, carpeted floor before turning to Teito.

"I'm going out for an hour or so," the tall man had stated, glancing down at the small teen as he rearranged his jacket, "Don't wait up for me ok brat? A sleepy and complaining little runt is the last thing I want to deal with while try to lay low." Teito's head shot up with a glare, his eyes meeting the unusual and exceedingly amused eyes of his mentor.

"Where are you going? To buy more porn?" the teen couldn't resist biting out, feeling irritated at the fact that his ire seemed to amuse the older man further. Clergy or not, Frau couldn't be farther from what, in Teito's mind, a member of the legendary 07 Ghosts or a Bishop for that matter, should act. He was the exact opposite of what a man of the church should be. He was loud, owned a large number of adult magazines, although Teito expected there to be many more hidden elsewhere, had a childish temper and flirted constantly any woman who caught his eye. Not to mention that he was excessively arrogant and like nothing better than to treat Teito like a child.

True, Teito considered Frau a friend. That still did not mean that he found his habits any less infuriating. Yet despite all this, the man never failed to come through when he needed him, whether it be a shoulder to cry on, an ear to moan to or aid in a sticky situation brought on either by Frau's lecherous habits or the sudden appearances of their pursuers.

The blonde quirked his lips into a lopsided grin at the teen's statement. Yes statement, for there wasn't another word that could describe the way Teito's disgruntled tone spoke that sentence better. He shot a look at his face and felt a chuckle bubble up in his throat when he noticed the boy wore an expression to match his demeanour. And the kid wondered why Frau insisted on pushing his buttons?

"Honestly brat," he tutted, adding a fake sigh into the mix, "Do you really think a Bishop like me would lower himself to purchase something so base? Give me credit kid." He watched the kid once more and was rewarded with a look of disbelief replacing his former expression. Really, the kid pulled the most adorable faces when he wanted to.

"I will when I think you deserve it," growled Teito, his green eyes narrowing. As if to further punctuate his statement, he gave the bag a sharp tap with his foot, knocking it of balance so that it rocked to the side and eventually overturned, spilling out its contents for the world to see. Wrinkling his nose in distaste, Teito bent down to pick up a book between two fingers, only to have said article snatched from his hands before he could reach it.

Frau quickly stuffed the book into a pocket hidden inside the jacket, his face only betraying his embarrassment by a slight colouring of his cheeks. "Fine, fine point taken," he muttered, walking towards the door, ruffling Teito's ebony hair as he passed. "I'm just going out to keep an eye on things. Get to bed. We still have a long way to go before we reach Seele. And that's without the Army stopping us at every turn." He stopped at the doorway briefly, glancing over his shoulder, "you know, for a brat you really do like to cause a fuss wherever you go."

"It's not like I ask for it," muttered Teito, crossing his arms, "all I want is to get to Seele, recover my memories and-"

"Yeah, yeah I know. 'Take my revenge on Ayanami for Mikage's death.' Am I right?" He sniggered as the teen huffed moodily, crossing his arms over his chest. "You know, with the way you talk about the kid, anyone would think you were gay." He looked at Teito with a critical eye, pretending to analyse him. "You do look like the perfect Uke. So what's your preference? Red-heads? Brunettes?" His face split into a cheeky grin as he leaned forward to whisper, "Blondes?" He sidled up to Teito and poked him playfully in the side, "I wonder if you even have a small crush on me."

"Don't you have something better to do rather than questioning my sexuality!?" growled Teito, blushing a beetroot red as he shoved the immature man away, "It's none of your business whether or not I prefer men to women."

Frau merely grinned even wider in answer as he re-adjusted his jacket and turned to leave. Teito really was too easy to wind up. Upon reaching the door, he tossed something over his shoulder in the teen's general direction with a smirk, "A little bedtime story for you brat."

Teito dodged away from the book, not daring to look at its cover due to past experience. "Pervert!" he hissed for good measure as the door swung closed, deep, muffled laughter creeping though the crack underneath as the Bishop walked away. Out of curiosity, Teito looked down at the book's front cover, grudgingly giving Frau the benefit of the doubt.

His eyes widened and a blush spread upon his cheeks as he saw a pair of handsome young men embracing on the cover, the first being a petite young man with large eyes and dark hair, the other an elegant looking blonde with a sharply defined face and gigantic pure white wings that were wrapped almost lovingly around the smaller young man. It was very obviously a Yaoi novel. He eyed the image for a moment, noting with a slight growl that the younger man looked slightly like himself.

Damn that guy and his jokes, he inwardly cursed, his curiosity peaked by the uncanny resemblance as he reached a tentative arm towards the book and turned it over, his vivid green eyes reading the synopsis on the back. For a few moments the room was silent as he took in the words, his eyes darting from paragraph to paragraph as he read.

Within My Wings.

This is the story of a young warrior on a journey to discover the true owner of a voice that was gently guiding him from afar and an outcast angel, exiled from his home as punishment for breaking the biggest taboo in his homeland. To fall in love with a human.

One thousand years ago, the country of Caspiria, home of warriors and the beautiful cloud ensconced citadel of Angelis, home of the winged ones, were at war. For over a hundred years the two races fought battle after bloody battle, unable to settle their differences. Many were killed during these black years as the feud continued until one day a truce was made. In order for them all to live without bloodshed, it was decreed that contact between the two races should be prohibited. For a thousand years the truce was kept and an era of peace fell upon the two races.

But peace was not the way for the people of Caspiria who were battle hungry by nature. They continued to fight with their neighbours, eventually forgetting about the floating kingdom, dismissing its people as whimsical fancies and children's stories. One such person was the young warrior Tienel, who scoffed at the very mention of Angelis and the winged ones.

That is until one day, during a siege upon a fortress, he was thrown by some unknown force out of the path of an arrow headed straight from his hear, a silken voice calling out his name in alarm. Shaken, he looked to where he had once stood just in time to see the hazy form of a winged young man disappear.

It actually doesn't seem too bad… he thought warily, flipping open the book itself to continue, a little cheesy perhaps but then again, this is Frau's book. Settling down into his quilt, Teito continued to read, being drawn more and more into the story as it progressed.

He read the story of how the angel had first seen the warrior by accident as he was gazing into an enchanted pool. For days he returned to waters to gaze into their depths as Tienel fought for his life in the battles, content to just observe until one day he saw an archer take aim at the young man's chest from a hidden perch. On impulse he had taken flight from the clouds, crying out the warrior's name while taking advantage of his speed to push Tienel aside, the arrow piercing his wing in his stead.

Teito read one chapter one to chapter nine, thoroughly enjoying the story until he reached the part where the two lovers finally met. Giving a squeak that was an amusing mix between shock and disgust; Teito shrank back from the book and directed another dark glare at the door, not caring whether or not Frau could see it, his face stained a deep crimson. He could hardly believe a book that had been so well written could suddenly turn into something so… He shuddered, not even wanting to continue that thought. Why the hell did Frau, a guy with a weakness for the feminine body, even own this book?!

That had been roughly three hours ago, if the timepiece on the wall was any indication and Teito wasn't feeling sleepy in the slightest, his mind dwelling on the last chapter he had read. Earlier he had curled up for a while in the thick scratchy quilts of his bed and closed his eyes, groaning in irritation as it continued to bug him. He lay for almost an hour with his eyes shut tight, trying anything that might help him nod off.

He tried imagining a peaceful place. Like the church fountain, with Mikage sat grinning at its edge. He imagined sitting with his back to the low wall, listening to the water do its merry circuit from the top of the formation to the bowl at the bottom, his best friend chattering away about the newest thing that had caught his eye.

Suddenly the dream changed, throwing him into a dimly lit dungeon, shackles connect his ankles like the ones he wore in the army prison. Movement beside him caught his ear, a slight shuffling followed by a groan of pain. He whipped his head around sharply, seeing Mikage sat upright against the wall; head face down upon his chest while his hair blond hair obscured his face.

"Mikage?!" Teito cried, darting across the room as fast as the heavy chains would let him, "Mikage are you ok?!" he reached towards his friend's back in order to help him up as the blond let out another groan, wrapping his arm around his shoulders briefly before releasing them with a gasp of shock.

Connected to his shoulder blades, a pair of enormous battered looking white wings were folded uncomfortably against the muscular back, glistening red in places where feathers were missing and small wounds marred their flesh. Teito looked away from the feathers, his eyes wide with surprise, "Mikage?" he whispered, staring at his friend.

"No…" gasped a familiar deeper voice, coughing painfully, his head raising slowly to gaze resolutely at Teito with electric blue eyes that the teen would have recognised anywhere. Teito fell backwards in alarm, feeling himself return to consciousness with a bang. Why did Mikage turn into Frau?! He thought, frowning.

Teito shook his head briefly in an attempt to clear it, and laid back down to try again. Many attempts and similar scenarios later, it finally sunk in that he was not going to be getting any sleep any time soon and with a snarl of irritation, he cursed the name of a certain Bishop that was plaguing his sub-conscious as he waited for sleep once more.

Later that night, the door creaked open slowly as a dark form tiptoed into the threshold. Stealthily, the man crept forward, taking care in his step so that the rooms other occupant would not wake up. Tonight's patrol was damn exhausting, thought Frau as he crept closer to his destination, shedding his coat on the way. That green eyed brat is a bloody Kor-magnet He continued forward, muttering darkly under his breath as he reached the adjacent bathroom.

There had been four Kor waiting for him when he had gotten outside. Four. Two of which were hovering more or less in the vicinity of this Inn. The blonde glared at the tiles of the bathroom as he peeled off his clothes, revealing the rippling muscles underneath. The Kor hadn't been too much of a challenge, but even a 07 Ghost would be feeling exhausted after such a night. He pouted into the mirror before climbing in the shower. There hadn't even been any hot women.

After a long, wonderful shower, Frau pulled himself reluctantly out of its warm downpour, grabbing a small fluffy towel to wrap around his mid-section. After brushing his teeth and relieving himself, he meandered out of the bathroom only to stop mid yawn at the doorway. Frau couldn't help but feel a dark aura fixed upon him. Crackling and flaring with hostility the moment the blonde Ghost had ventured into the room.

A small voice cleared its throat, causing him to peer through the dark room in search of its source. As it cleared again he turned in its direction, narrow electric blue eyes meeting large infuriated emerald green ones. Frau blinked, rubbed his eyes then looked at the kid again. Yup, he was still angry…and awake. Damn he held a grudge… "Look brat, if it's about the gay comment, I'm-" he started, only to be cut off by the narrowing of Teito's eyes.

"It's not about the comment." The teen coldly stated, his eyes boring into the bishop, "You just woke me up with your failed attempt at sneaking around. Not to mention you threw a vulgar book at me earlier!" Frau sighed, moving to perch himself on the edge of his bed so that he could reply in comfort, drying his hair with a second towel as he did so. "Kid, you sleep like a rock. If you had really been sleeping I doubt even Verloren himself would be able to wake you up. And besides," he reached towards the book, still left on the page Teito last read, "You must have like the book to have read it this far."

"I'm not a kid," Grumbled Teito, pulling the quilt slightly higher so that it reached his chin, "The book was good until I reached that part." He glanced back at Frau and noticed his lack of dress, "You shouldn't wander around in just a towel. You'll catch you're death of cold." The bishop looked at the teen's pouting face, an amused smile, "Brat, You should know by now that I'm already dead. Why do you care anyway? Are you actually attracted to me?" Teito glared, not appreciating Frau's arrogant grin one bit.

"I'm not into guys." Sniffed Teito indignantly after a brief staring match, hiding his head away from his companion to hide the slightly pink colouring that now painted his cheeks. Frau spotted the blush and laughed quietly to himself. "That's a lie brat and we both know it," he retorted, throwing his towel at the pile of blankets that were currently Teito. "God you're so annoying,." came the muffled reply as Teito buried his head in the quilts.

Frau's eyes narrowed at this. He glared at Teito, pouting slightly. "I'm not annoying," he griped childishly, "I just speak my mind you damn brat!"

"That's annoying in my book." snarled the pile of blankets named Teito, a large green eye peering from beneath his haven. He ducked back as Frau's arm shot out, throwing a porn book in retaliation.

The blonde glared at the blankets, feeling his patience wearing thin. He was tired after all. "Fine," He yawned, standing up to stretch his limbs, "I give up. Night kid." He walked towards his bag, ducking a poorly thrown pillow with a grin. He pulled on a pair of pants before leaning down to grab it and jumped into his own bed, adding the stolen article to his own set. "Are you that desperate for kiss brat?" asked Frau, chuckling as he peered over the at Teito's bed, "Cuz you ought to know by bow that I'm straight."

"HELL NO!" Snarled the teen vehemently, darting out of his blankets to glare at the laughing blonde.

"You do realise you're not getting that pillow back, right?" Frau smirk increased as Teito growled angrily before rolling to face the opposite direction. He's such a girl….


"Nnnnn….." groaned Teito as he twisted and turned in his bed, his eyes clamped tight shut in an attempt to block out whatever was plaguing him "… n…no… Please…" he was in the place where he had said goodbye to his best friend. The blonde boy was stood away from him, his eyes pained as he tried to keep his distance, fighting against Ayanami's wishes. Teito's eyes widened as he saw the essence that was Mikage fade from his friend's body once again. He leapt forward in an attempt to keep him there only to fall right through his body.

"No…Mikage!" he whispered, reaching in his sleep to where Mikage was supposed to be.

The image blurred red. Contracting and stretching before changing completely, bringing him to a new location altogether. He was near a church as a child, looking up at the Father as he walked towards him, smiling his warm smile that never failed to lift his spirits. Teito reached towards him, his small fingers outstretch to grasp his guardians when the world faded in a red haze, only to be replaced by a group of people stood around a bloody corpse

He looked up from the body, tears streaking down his cheek as the man responsible grinned down at him, silver hair blowing in the breeze beneath the standard issue army cap. Chief Ayanami.

"Teito…" he crooned, glancing down at the heartbroken boy as he bent to caress the hair of the body. "D…Don't touch him…" whimpered Teito, suddenly finding himself too weak to move. Ayanami smiled, "why do you insist on evading me…." He asked, still stroking the body's light hair, "surely by now you have realised to consequences on those who help you…"

"Mikage…" he played with a strand of hair, "Father Kruez…" he plucked the strand and examined it. Teito stretched his arms forward, feeling his muscles protests at the strain and started to pull himself forward. "S..stop..."

"So many special people Teito Klein..." continued the army chief, now directing his gaze at the struggling boy. "And still you run…" A cruel smile split his androgynous face, causing a shudder to crawl its icy way down Teito's spine." Perhaps another demonstration is in order…."

Teito reached forward to stop him as Ayanami reached towards the corpse, turning it to face the teen, "Maybe now you'll make the right decision." The voice faded away, leaving Teito staring at the revealed face of the corpse that had once been Father Kruez, feeling his mouth go dry and his throat contract painfully as he took in its features.

Blonde locks that had once been silky and spiked now lay lank across a face as white as chalk, the odd strands dripping with crimson liquid. Thin eyes stared blandly ahead, the colour dull and lifeless while the mouth was pulled into an arrogant grin, a line of blood dribbling from the edge.

Teito's mouth fell open in a horrified, heart stopping scream as he realised the identity of the person before him, oozing blood from a wound in the abdomen.

Frau awoke abruptly to an ear splitting scream wrenching through the silent night air. As he shot up into a seated position, wide awake, he turned towards where Teito's bed was located to see the boy sat upright, his head in his hands as he continued to howl in some unknown agony. Not wasting anymore time, Frau threw of the blankets from around his waist and swung himself off the bed, striding over to Teito's hunched form.

"Kid?" he asked, laying a gentle hand on his shoulder, slightly unsettled as he continued to scream, "Hey brat, snap out of it ok?" He gave the shoulder a soft shake, frowning when Teito merely shrugged him away. What the hell is wrong with him?! Thought Frau as he noticed the kids dull green eyes staring straight ahead, unseeing, with tears streaking down his petite face.

Once again he reached for the kid's shoulder and once more he was shrugged away. The blonde's eyes narrowed with suspicion. This isn't a mere nightmare; he growled mentally, someone's been messing with his head. He was jolted back to reality as the wailing continued to climb in pitch, heightening the risk of someone knocking on the door to ask what was happening.

Mentally berating himself for not realising this sooner, he racked his brain for a solution that would silence the teen long enough for him to discover what was wrong. Teito's shoulder twitched convulsively as his face he continued to voice his pain, jolting Frau into making his choice, deciding on a technique Bastien had used on him when he was younger.

Slowly, the bishop lowered himself into a kneeling position just opposite the screaming boy, wincing slightly as the noise pained his ear. With tentative care, Frau reached his arms towards Teito and gathered him into an embrace, making sure not to hurt him while holding him secure enough so that he couldn't escape or lash out. Quietly, he whispered calming nonsense words into the brunette's ears, freeing one of his hands so that he could rub soothing circles on his back.

For a while they stayed like this, the howls and screams slowly fading away to be replaced by the sniffles and gulps of sobbing. Frau continued to rub Teito's back, releasing his hold around the boy's waist slightly as he felt him relax only to notice with a small laugh that somewhere along the lines Teito had snuck his arms around him and was now clinging to his shirt like his life depended on it.

Eventually, even the sobs slowed to a trickle of tears until they also faded from existence, leaving only damp tracks that trailed down the young teens face and a blotchy red discoloration on the kids face. Complete with baleful puffy eyes that gazed up at the bishop with a mixture of embarrassment and apology.

"Feel any better?" he asked quietly, brushing a strand of hair from Teito's face as he pulled back. Teito brushed away the damp tear tracks with the back of his hand, deciding to nod in answer rather than talk, his throat still burning from earlier. Frau regarded him critically for a moment before turning around, leaning his back against the bed while rubbing the bridge of nose with a groan.

"Damn kid," he breathed, peering over his shoulder, "warn me next time if you're going to start screaming like that… I swear, if I wasn't already dead..." Teito looked down, "Sorry…" he mumbled sheepishly, "I just had a… bad dream…"

Frau raised an eyebrow, "A bad dream? Kid, it sounded like someone was gutting you from the inside out." Teito's face flushed a little in embarrassment, gaining a little more colour. Frau settled back down, facing ahead.

"Wanna tell me about it?" he asked quietly, staring at the door. Teito glanced towards the bishop's head, his eyes fixed on the blonde spikes, his throat clenched as he remembered parts of the dream.

Blonde locks that had once been silky and spiked now lay lank across a face as white as chalk, the odd strands dripping with crimson liquid. Thin eyes stared blandly ahead, the colour dull and lifeless while the mouth was pulled into an arrogant grin, a line of blood dribbling from the edge.

"Kid?" Frau asked again, once more looking over his shoulder, "Hey brat! Are you listen-!" his sentence was cut short as a bundle of brown hair and emerald green eyes flung itself at him. Cerulean orbs widening in shock, Frau instinctively lifted up his arms to catch the teen, falling backwards to land on the floor with Teito on top.

Teito nuzzled his face into Frau's neck, inhaling the elders scent in relief. He didn't know when it had happened, or how in fact. All he knew was that Frau was something he never wanted to lose, the thought of it scaring him more than he had ever been in his life.

Frau blinked in a bewildered fashion, peering down at the brunette that was currently glomping him. What's gotten into the kid? He thought, petting Teito's back lightly for lack of knowing what to do. He felt a shudder as the teen nuzzled his neck, feeling the warm breath against his skin, making his flesh tingle.

"Brat…" he said slowly, his throat suddenly dry, "What are you doing?" Teito didn't answer, only tightening his arms possessively around the bishop. "Kid?" Frau asked again, feeling uncomfortable as the teen made himself at home, "Teito?"

"I'm hugging you," Teito answered finally, closing his eyes as he continued to embrace the confused Ghost. Really, he was beyond happy that his dream wasn't reality. Of course that didn't mean that it couldn't become so in the future. The teen yawned quietly as he pondered on this. I guess I'll just have to follow him everywhere, he thought sleepily, for his own protection…

"Yeah, I get that," answered Frau sarcastically, "What I want to know is why? What do you think I am? A teddy bear?!" Silence met that question as Teito's breathing evened out. "Kid? You had better not have fallen asleep on me." He looked down at his chest and smothered a groan of disbelief at Teito peacefully slumbering expression. Great… he thought sourly, as Teito tightened his vice like grip around his neck, I've been upgraded from teddy bear to pillow…

He glared down at the teen and unclasped his arms around his waist in an attempt to move him. Teito's eyes narrowed at the action, a small whimper to emerging from his lips. Frau stopped moving and looked back down at the brunette helplessly. He honestly didn't want to wake the kid up. Bloody brat looks peacefull again now. He thought, shifting slightly in order to get comfortable.

He regarded Teito carefully, feeling the protective grip he had around his neck and sighed. "I guess I can sleep on the ground for tonight," he whispered, raising a hand to stroke Teito's hair as he slept, Damn brat owes me big time for this… He reached over to where his coat was on the floor; thanking his luck stars it was so close and spread the thin material over the both of them.

With a last sigh, he wrapped his arms around Teito, feeling the petit waist rise an fall as the teen breathed. His lips quirked into a smile as Teito began nuzzling again; almost as though he knew Frau had given in. I hope you're ready kid, thought the blonde as he drifted off, still clasping Teito in his arms, because I'm DEFFINITLY getting the story out of you tomorrow.