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As the sun rose steadily and a small beam of light crept through a gap in the dark curtains, a small body shifted uncomfortably in its sleep. Blinking his eyes groggily, Teito turned over, silently cursing the sun for its early rising, the birds for the loud noise they were making outside and most of all, his bed, for the fact that it was rock hard and seemed to be somehow holding him in a tight embrace.

Teito grumbled wearily at this and settled down again, pulling the dark coat back over his body. Wait… he thought, his eyes flitting open, Coat? Hard bed? A bed hugging me?! He blinked bemusedly and looked down, noting the tanned arms that were locked around his waist. At the same time, his captor heaved a sleepy sigh in his ear, sending a strange tickling sensation down his neck that would have made him want to giggle if he wasn't so unnerved.

Teito started wriggling in order to free himself from the blonde's grasp, feeling slightly panicked. Why were he and Frau asleep on the floor? Better yet, why were he and Frau asleep on the floor together?! Frau heaved aloud sigh and tightened his grip, earning a small squeak of indignation from the teen. "Go back to sleep kid…" he mumbled into his ear, sending those odd shiver down his skin again, "It's too early."

Teito stopped moving as the bishop's breathing evened out once more and memories of the previous night returned. The pervy book, which I should probably burn later… he added as an afterthought. The odd book induced dream, in which Frau was the angel… The strange conversion he had with Frau the previous night and last but not least, shudder, the nightmare.

On impulse, Teito reached over to touch the arms around his waist, feeling the now ice cold flesh beneath his fingers. He remembered how Frau had told him that his skin is only warm for an hour or so after he showers or bathes. The muscles under Frau's icy skin twitched, a strange huffed breath emerging from the blonde's lips. It sounded almost like a…

Teito blinked for a moment. He had found Frau's weakness. A mischievous glaze took hold of the youths face as an idea made its way into his still sleepy head. Without warning, he ran his hands down the length of Frau's arm, wriggling his fingers as he went.

It took mere seconds for the elder to jolt awake and less than that to relinquish his grip around the teen's waist and dart away into a safe distance, eying the youth warily. "So…" Teito commented, pulling himself up from the ground and dusting himself off, "You're ticklish."

Frau's eyes darkened threateningly, "That was a dirty trick." Teito shrugged impassively, "It worked didn't it? Besides, it's pay back for the book last night." The bishop looked confused for a moment. Book? What b- his eyes widened as comprehension dawned the narrowed into indignation, "I thought you weren't sore about that!"

"I never said anything of the sort!" retorted Teito as he walked towards the bathroom. He was almost there when a blur shot past him, disorientating him momentarily. He stood there dazed for a moment before the sound of a door shutting and a lock sliding home struck his ears. "HEY!!" He yelled, hammering on the door as Frau hooted with laughter, "I was here first!!"

Innocent humming answered his complaints, soon followed by the sound of running water. Teito hammered for a few moments longer before giving up, walking over to his bed to sulk. That idiot had better not use all the hot water…


Frau looked ahead as the two companions continued on their journey to Seele, his face sour and self-pitying as an angry purple bruise the shape of a foot made its self known on its right side. He glanced hesitantly behind him, extremely aware of the burning green gaze that was attempting to sear a hole into his back.

"I said I was sorry didn't I?" he pleaded, cringing a little inside (Not that he'd admit it) as the gaze darkened. "I'm not listening to you," Teito answered moodily, looking resolutely away from the bishop, still seething from the embarrassing incident that happened earlier, his ever present guardian, the pink Fyulong dragon, Mikage, glaring at the bishop from his perch on the teen's shoulder.

When Frau had finally relinquished the bathroom to Teito, the teen was horrified to discover that he had indeed used all the warm water. Uttering every curse word he had learnt in his days at the academy, Teito had climbed into the ice cold shower, his teeth chattering as the spray hit his skin. He didn't stay in there any longer than necessary and upon turning off the shower; he stepped out of the basin.

Tentatively, he placed one foot on the tiled floor, feeling the slightly wet ground beneath his toes but deeming it safe enough to step upon. He then moved his other leg away from the basin and placed it upon the floor, briefly feeling something hard and slippery beneath his foot before he was suddenly hurled forward with a shriek.

"Waaah!!" he yelled, flailing his arms madly in a futile attempt to steady himself as he slid across the bathroom floor, "Fra-au He-lp me!!!" The door slammed open instantly and an indignant head poked its way in, its unruly spikes even more so than usual. "What the hell do you want, ya damn brat?" he griped before he saw Teito's plight, looking just in time to catch the teen make a final terrified squawk, legs flying into the air and land unceremoniously in a heap on the floor.

For a long while nothing was heard except the low groans of pain from Teito as he massaged his now aching backside, Frau stood in the doorway, his eyes locked onto the boy in front of him. Then his shoulders began to shake, gently at first then increasing in intensity, accompanied by a deep laugh that slowly grew in volume. Eventually the shaking became too much and Frau threw his head back, howling with laughter.

"That –hahaha- was graceful- heheheheh!!" he sniggered, barely able to string together a sentence such was his amusement. Teito glared up at the man, his eyes darkening while his face instantly began to glow with embarrassment. "Stop laughing!" he demanded, grabbing a nearby towel in order to regain some dignity. Frau ignored him, now doubled over with his mirth. "You-mwahahah- should have seen your face!!" he hooted, "and that landing….CLASSIC!!"

The brunette's face darkened. "Frau…" Teito said warningly, his eyes narrowing. "Yeah?" asked the blonde as he looked up only to come face to face with a small, delicate but surprisingly painfull foot.

Frau winced at the memory and rubbed his jaw, only to wince again as it continued to throb. Damn that brat had a mean kick. He flexed his jaw tentatively, hissing slightly with pain. Teito watched him intently, his eyes holding a hint of guilt.

"Does it still hurt?" he asked, earning a sidelong reproachful look from the bishop, along with an answering, "What the hell do you think you damn brat?!" He's so childish! Thought Teito angrily as the bishop continued to sulk. "Good," he retorted, marching ahead of his whimpering friend, "maybe next time you'll help me up." He scrunched his eyes slightly as his backside twinged painfully. He was sure there was one hell of a bruise there but he was no where near a mirror to check and he'd be damned before he ever asked Frau to check for him.

"Oh come on kid, I would have got around to it!" pleaded the bishop before his face took on a crafty grin, "eventually."

"Do you want me to kick you again?!" Teito ground out through gritted teeth.

"Okay, okay, I'm sorry!!"


Grooooowl... Frau cocked an eyebrow as the miniature roar of Teito's stomach reached his ears over the hum of the hawkzile. He had been hearing that sound for the last hour and a half and still the kid wasn't saying anything. Grooowl! Teito squirmed in his perch on the back of the hawkzile at that one but kept silent. I don't know if I could stand listening to that anymore, Frau inwardly groaned, his own stomach beginning to realise it's emptiness. He looked ahead as he sped through the town, his eyes searching until they landed on what he was looking for. Aha!

He made a beeline towards the restaurant and pulled over, clambering nimbly off the hawkzile. Teito looked at him in surprise that instantly faded into irritation, "What are you doing? Shouldn't we be making as much time as we can?"

"Yeah," replied Frau, walking away from the bird, "Only it's very hard to drive with your insides imitating an engine." As Frau had predicted would happen, Teito did not appreciate that comment in the slightest. "I…I'm not hungry!!" he protested, crossing his arms stubbornly, refusing to even get off the Hawkzile. Frau grunted slightly in answer and continued walked inside, knowing full well that the teen would follow.

Upon entering he took a deep breath as the delicious aroma of countless delicacies wafted before his nose. Practically salivating, he headed to where a young woman was stood waiting, her clothes smart and neat and a wide, toothy smile on her face as she greeted the priest.

"Good evening sir." She smiled wider and bowed, allowing Frau an appreciative eyeful of her impressive cleavage through the open collar of her shirt, "How may I help you?" The bishop's face split into what he hoped was a dashing smile and leaned on the counter, "How about a date for starters?" He winked suggestively at the woman, his smile widening to a grin as she returned the gesture, her lips quirking into a flirtatious smirk. Score!

Wham! "Frau, this is no time to be flirting!" Growled an irate Teito, brandishing his fist above the now throbbing head of the bishop, "let's eat and get going before it gets dark out." Frau looked from the fuming teenager to the busty waitress and noticed with a groan of disappointment that she seemed no longer interested. "A table for two…" he muttered forlornly, following behind her with a slouch as she led them to a table.

Sitting down, he watched as she left, his eyes following the swaying of her hips before he wrenched them away, glaring sourly at the brown haired teen sat before him. He opened his mouth to complain but was silenced as Teito beat him to the punch, "If you're going to moan at me about that waitress, think again. I'm not interested."

Frau huffed indignantly and slumped in his chair, glaring at the menu in front of him. Note to self, he thought sourly, as the waitress reappeared before him to take their order, her behaviour decidedly cold compared to earlier, Never pick up chicks when moody teenagers are near. He ordered a random dish from the menu and returned to his slump, feeling more than a little frustrated. Was he ever going to get laid during this trip?!

Teito eyed Frau with distaste as the elder continued to pout, still extremely irritated at the display he had walked in on. How dare he try to pick on women while we're on an important mission, his mind snarled angrily, especially women as fake as her! He glared after the waitress momentarily then looked towards Frau, noticing the bishop's electric blue eyes were fixed on the woman's well rounded backside. That does it! He lashed out his foot, catching Frau painfully in the shin.

The blonde grunted in pain, and looked towards the teen, his eyes watering. "What the hell was that for, you damn brat?!" he whimpered, caressing his leg. The runt really had it in for him today. Teito looked in the opposite direction, facing the deep plum coloured wall of the restaurant. What the fuck is his problem?! Thought the bishop angrily, snatching the food from the busty waitress's hands the moment it had arrived, earning a cold glare which he ignored in favour of staring agitatedly at Teito while biting with ferocious vigour into a small morsel of food.

Teito picked at his food, inwardly berating himself at his reaction and the way in which Frau seemed truly angry. Why did I do that? He mused, nibbling at a piece of food as he thought; He hadn't done anything wrong… He shook his head, remembering the hungry gleam that was in the bishop's eyes as he was watching that woman. Ok, he amended, so he did deserve it. But why did it make me so angry when the woman seemed to reciprocate his advances.

He took another bite out of his meal and frowned in thought. When he had walked into the building and seen Frau leaning against the desk, a burning emotion close to hate and twice as bitter had surged up inside him, directed, not at Frau, but at the object of his interest. He had felt his limbs quivering with rage as she bowed, deliberately showing her chest. The last straw had been when she had returned Frau's wink, making him nearly want to leap over there and scratch that offending eye out for even daring to flirt with his mentor.

Mine?! Teito stopped eating at this thought, his face frozen with shock as his mind finally identified the emotion. He was jealous. What is more, Teito thought with a nervous gulp as he looked towards the still fuming blonde, I'm jealous over Frau. As if sensing the intense gaze fixed upon him, Frau looked up with a glare, a little bit of sauce trickling slightly down the side of his mouth which Teito's eyes proceeded to follow before he managed to direct them towards the wall again, a bright pink hue staining his cheeks. Guess that answers that one…

Frau stared at Teito suspiciously, unconsciously flicking out his tongue to capture the renegade sauce before returning to his meal, still observing the teen's odd behaviour from the corner of his eye. Teito shuddered, having glanced towards Frau at the wrong moment, catching the sight of his tongue darting out momentarily to claim the sauce before disappearing again.

What's happening to me?! He thought, offering a piece of bread to the pink dragon on his shoulder, his eyes lingering just a little too long on Frau's lips, earning yet another suspicious but also confused look from the blonde, I can't keep my eyes off him! He moved his attention to the meal and tried to focus it there; almost letting loose a small whimper of despair as he discovered that he no longer had an appetite.

His eyes flicked unbidden towards Frau once more, his body jolting with shock as they met intense blue ones. "Kid…" started the bishop in a low voice, his tone edgy, "you've been staring at me on and off for the last five minutes. Out with whatever new grudge or complaint you against me already. It's creepy and it's putting me off my food." As if to further press his point, Frau pushed aside his half empty plate.

Teito blanched. "I…I was just thinking," he stuttered, mentally beating himself for the stammer. "About what?" Frau asked, narrowing his eyes as he stared across the table at his companion. Teito felt trapped by the elder's eyes and hurriedly wracked his brain for something, anything that would dissuade Frau from continuing that subject. "I was thinking…about…" he paused for a moment then his eyes brightened as he thought of something, "about what I should feed Mikage, He looks hungry." He gazed at Frau tentatively, willing him to take the bait so that he would be off the hook and free to decipher his new found obsession with the blonde alone.

"About the Fyulong?" Frau repeated sceptically, raising an eyebrow as he observed the twitchiness of the teen, "Didn't you give him a piece of your food just now, damn brat?" Teito inwardly swore, he'd forgotten about that. "I need to give him something else besides a scrap of bread."

"Is that so?" queried the blonde, feeling his ire abate rapidly, quickly being replaced by a crafty smirk as Teito got more nervous, "Then why were you looking at me so much? Am I that strikingly good looking you just can't tear your eyes away?" Thank you Frau! Sang Teito's head as his nervousness washed away, his features taking on a semblance of irritation. "You wish!" he spat, taking on an affronted air, "I was just wondering why you can't seem to stop being a letch whenever you see a woman."

Frau opened his mouth then shut it, scratching the back of his neck awkwardly, good question… he thought, although I'm not more worried about the fact that I'm not as angry as I should be… I wonder why? Of course he already knew the answer; he was just not ready to admit it, his mind rebelling at the very idea of it.

Teito watched Frau's awkward silence, feeling the corners of his lips quirk into a grin. Frau glowered at the teen and stood up from the table, not liking the youth's smug look one bit. With lengthy strides, he walked to wards the desk and paid for their meal, knowing without looking that Teito was still gloating over his silence. The damn brat!


A few hours and many miles of driving later, Frau and Teito finally decided to call it a night. As the brunette yawned loudly from behind, Frau was pensive during to walk to their shared room, his hands clasping a small piece of paper hidden in depths of his pocket.

As usual when visiting a church, Frau and Teito had inserted their badges into the bishop's post box. Teito had squealed with delight when a long lengthy letter from his fellow apprentice, Hakuren Oak, had appeared from the slot. Frau watched as the teen excitedly wrote back a lengthy reply before inserting his own pass, shutting his eyes with a defeated grimace as the usual amount of complaint's and orders piled out from the box.

Frau picked through the papers gathered at his feet and read them with a bored air, tossing a majority aside until he recognised Labrador's writing. With a perplexed frown, he perused the document, his brows knotting together even more as he read.

I know that you're probably wondering why I'm sending you a message like this. I've been feeling uneasy for a while now, as though we've been overlooking something in our hurry to keep Teito out of the armies clutches. The thing is Frau, we have. Or more accurately, I have.

Last night I had a nightmare, only it wasn't mine. It was Teito's. Ayanami failed to break Teito by killing Mikage, now he's trying to break him mentally with further promises of harm to those he cares for. I don't know how he's doing it but it has to be stopped before he manages to break Teito down.

Frau, do you remember what I said about never letting go of Teito's hand? Those words mean more now than ever before. No matter what, don't relinquish your grip for a second, because if you do… Teito will most certainly fall into the dark claw that Ayanami is extending towards him. Keep an eye on him and for Kami's sake, make sure that he doesn't persuade Teito into leaving in order to protect you.

Frau's hands trembled as he read, his icy blue eyes wide with shock. Why did Labrador feel the need to remind him of his promise? He looked towards Teito before returning his gaze to the sheet of paper in his hands, feeling a wave of worry wash over his being. Ayanami's attacking Teito in his sleep?, he thought, swiftly pocketing the paper before Teito could get a good look at it and announcing that he was tired and wanted to go to bed, How?!

He looked over his shoulder at the sleepy teen, glazed bleary eyes returning his concerned gaze with a bemused blink, his expression almost irresistibly adorable, making Frau find it difficult to resist the urge to scoop the dark haired teen into his arms and cradle him there, safe and protected against his chest like he was last night. Whoa there Frau, he thought to himself, stopping that train of thought, tearing his gaze away from Teito's, don't get ahead of yourself because of a pair of unbelievably cute eyes staring up at you.

Shaking his head to clear it, Frau opened the door with his pass and let them in, barely able to smother a small laugh as Teito gave a groan of happiness before diving into one of the fluffy beds in the room, smothering his face into one of the plump, downy pillows. At least one of us isn't concerned, thought the Bishop wryly as he walked in at a slower pace and sat down on the opposite bed, his eyes cast downward as he tried to think of someway to broach the subject of Teito's dream.

Teito looked up from his pillows when he heard him sit down, his large eyes containing a worried expression as he observed the bishop's continued silence. They stayed like that for a few long moments, Frau locked in his own thoughts and Teito staring at him, growing increasingly worried as the time went on.

"Frau?" he asked tentatively, unable to listen to the silence any longer, "What's the matter? Why are you so quiet?" Blue eyes looked up to meet his, a torn expression in the elder's face as he scrutinized the teen. "Frau?" Teito repeated, feeling his gut twist unpleasantly.

"Teito, I need you to tell me what you dreamt last night." Came the reply in a voice so low it was almost inaudible. The teen stared at the blonde for a moment before he pulled himself into a seated position, staying silent. Frau continued to stare at Teito, his expression so serious it made the brunette squirm under his scrutiny.

"It was just a nightmare," he murmured, wrapping his arms around himself at the thought of it, "a particularly nasty one. There's nothing more to say on the matter." He looked pointedly away from Frau, unable to continue looking at the concern shown so openly on his face, "It's none of your business anyway."

"It is if it puts you in danger." Countered Frau, "Stop acting like a scorned girl and tell me about it." He paused before continuing, instantly regretting the insult, "It's important that you tell me."

"It was a dumb dream," sighed Teito, cradling his forehead in his hands in exasperation. "A dumb dream doesn't make you scream for a full five minutes Teito." retorted Frau, crossing his arms as he readied himself for the oncoming battle of wills. Teito remained silent, his fingers rubbing against his head.

Damn brat's gonna fight me on this, he thought, glaring at the obstinate teen, well I'm not going to loose that's for sure. He stood up slowly and walked forwards in the direction of the bed, sighing in resignation, "Look kid, I'm going to get it out of you one way or another. Either you spill it now and save us both a lot of hassle or I'm going to have to use the collar and I can assure you, I don't want to resort to that anymore than you do."

Teito's eyes widened in horror as his hand shot up to his neck, his fingers brushing against the cool shiny material that encircled his neck. "You wouldn't dare!" he growled dangerously, his green eyes flashing angrily at the approaching blonde. "Are you willing to test that theory?" Frau asked, stopping in front of him. Teito glared up at the older man, his expression smouldering at first with barely pent up anger before it faded into a wide eyed panicked look dripping with anxiety. He was terrified.

Frau waited on bated breath as he watched the teen process his ultimatum. He felt sick inside from even considering using the collar, feeling the knife of guilt plunge further into his chest when Teito had looked up, his expression so vulnerable and frightened it was heartbreaking. Frau stiffened as the urge to scoop Teito into his arm's decended once more, stronger this time, bringing with it the desire to smother the teen's face with kisses until all the pain and fear that was flooding his expressive eyes was chased away for good.

I can't do this, thought Frau, backing away as he became aware of his hand stretching out towards the brunette, It's not healthy. It's not right. It's not NORMAL. He edged away from Teito a few more steps, his throat closing as the boy's eyes bored into him, making the urges almost unbearable. "Teito please…" he whispered, tearing his eyes away from the teens only to find he battling to keep them away, stop… He felt the wall against his back and stopped, his eyes flitting helplessly towards the now very startled looking teen, "stop looking at me like that!"