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Chapter 10: Rekindling the Flame

It had been three days since all the barriers had been destroyed and all memories had been returned to Ryoko, fully completed. Since that event no one had seen hide nor hair of the former criminal; it wasn't unusual for her to disappear for a couple of days. At one point in time, the family would have been concerned about the disappearance because the tailed female tended to do things that landed her in trouble, however, seeing as how the former pirate had matured in her behavior, her friends and family weren't concerned.

Washu was currently sitting on the couch, in the Masaki household; she was in her adult form and was found in this form more often now. She was watching a sappy soap opera although her mind was wandering so she really wasn't paying the program too much attention. It was the middle of the afternoon and she had nothing better to do. Well, that was not entirely true; normally, she would have been in her lab buried up to her neck in her work. However, certain events, compromises really, had changed that.

When Ryoko was rediscovering her memories, the younger woman had insisted that if she was going to make an attempt to change then the genius should too. The former criminal pointed out how Washu didn't spend enough time outside of her lab and, in a sense, alienated herself from their extended family. The older woman agreed to change her work habits and worked the weekdays but not the weekends...no matter how badly she wanted to do so.

"No matter how old she gets I still find myself making sacrifices for her," the graduate muttered with a small smile on her face. She was drawn from her thought by the sound of someone speaking to her.

"Hey Little-I mean Miss Washu," Tenchi stammered when he came downstairs, expecting for her to be in her child form, only to be greeted to the sight of her mature form. It was taking him, along with the others, some time to get adjusted to seeing her like that.

The taller woman cast her gaze his way; she chuckled softly when she heard him stammer. "Afternoon, Tenchi," she greeted the man her daughter was once infatuated with.

"Good afternoon," the younger of the two responded. He hit the landing wearing his usual bright smile while carrying luggage in both his hands.

The genius arched an eyebrow to this sight. "You going somewhere?" the graduate inquired in her sultry voice, curiosity showing in her eyes.

The ink haired teen nodded in confirmation. "We're taking Ayeka's family with us to the beach since they head out tomorrow," he informed the spliced eyed female in his presence.

Washu nodded. She wouldn't mind tagging along, it would indeed get rid of her boredom, but she had little desire to deal with Azusa; even though she was a genius, she still couldn't figure out the chemistry between that man and his wives.

"Well, I hope you guys have a good time," she said, as she got up and headed towards the entrance to her lab, planning to head home.

The high school student looked confused for a moment. "Don't you want to come Miss Washu?" he asked. He had seen her looking so bored and thought that she would leap at the chance to get out of the house.

Before the former Academy student could answer Ayeka came down the steps. She greeted her fiancée with a sweet and simple kiss on the lips. Washu was silently grateful for the elder princess's arrival because it gave the scientist a chance to retreat to the safety of her lab. She entered her lab but didn't stay long, fearing if she stayed longer than necessary she would end up working on an invention; she summoned her holographic laptop and opened a portal to her, and Ryoko's, home.


Golden eyes opened when she heard the front door to the house open. She sat up on the couch and stared at the direction of the noise, not alarmed at all.

"So, this is where you've been hiding out?" the genius stated/inquired, as she laid eyes on her feisty offspring.

The shorter woman shook her head. "No, I just got back here a few hours ago," she responded with a yawn. She sat up off the couch allowing her mother to take a seat, if she wanted.

The graduate did go over and take a seat next to her daughter. "So, what have you been up to these past couple of days?" she asked in a curious tone.

Ryoko shrugged. She wanted to keep that information a secret...at least, for now anyway. It had taken her three days to plan all of this out because she wanted everything to be perfect for when she said what she had to say. The younger woman had taken numerous precautions that her thoughts weren't accidentally broadcast across the link shared with her mother; she did tell a bit of her plan to her sister but only because she needed Ryo-Ohki's help with her plan.

After a few moments of silence the demoness spoke. "What do you say, we go out and doing something?" she suggested; the first part of her plan was to get her mother out of the house.

"Something like what?"

"Well, I heard there was a star exhibit at the Universal Museum on Razor, followed by a star shower and the passing of Yurt's comet. I know how much you enjoy studying the stars...so, I was just..." the demon caller trailed off, a light blush staining her cheeks. She felt a little embarrassed about voicing this.

The graduate was touched and the look on her face confirmed that. "You're taking me star gazing?...How, sweet," she remarked as she leaned over to kiss the pirate's cheek to show that she was indeed happy. "Let me change clothes," she added, before getting up off the couch to go get ready.

As she watched her mother head toward her bedroom, Ryoko released a deep sigh to calm her speeding heart. I can't believe my hearts beating so fast from such little contact, she thought. However, given how much she loved her mother, it wasn't all too shocking.

"Now, all I have to do is keep her gone until Ryo-Ohki tells me she's ready," she muttered to herself. She usually would have just split herself in two and used her double for the job but Washu could take one look at her and realize that only half of her daughter was there. That information would create questions and that's not something the former class A criminal needed right now.


The pair arrived on the Plant Razor in no time and immediately headed toward the museum. Upon reaching the front of the line Washu was about to pay but Ryoko stopped her and paid both their ways herself; her action successfully shocked the older woman. After entering the museum they looked around at all the different types of stars identified throughout history; Ryoko new a few of them, thanks to her knowledge in stars, but her mother new a vast majority more and explained her knowledge about the star, what was not given with the auto, to her daughter.

Time seemed to fly for the two women and before either of them knew it the announcement was being made about the star shower; all people were report to the viewing room in order to watch the shower and witness Yurt's comet pass. The two got a seat somewhere in the middle of the extremely crowded room. After a few minutes, the ceiling opened up, revealing the sky and the start of the shower.

The younger female watched her mother's expression as she viewed the countless stars falling. Somewhere within the pirate, she felt a sense of deep pride for being able to bring the genius such joy. While Washu was busy gawking at the color filled sky, Ryoko decided to take this chance and check and see how things were going for Ryo-Ohki.

: Hey, Ryo-Ohki, how are things coming along?: the older sibling questioned.

: I'm putting the finishing touches on everything. She's going to be so surprised Ryoko: the cabbit responded, joy resonating throughout her mind.

: Good. We'll be there in a few, alright?:

: That's fine, I'll be done and gone by then:

With that information, the link between the two siblings was shut down and Ryoko went back to enjoying the sight. While almost everyone in the room was marveling over the stars, the ex-pirate was marveling over the person sitting beside her; a joyful smile etched itself onto the smaller woman's face as she finally leaned back to view the "finale" of the show when Yurt's comet came into view.

"That was amazing," Washu commented as they exited the theater. "I can't remember the last time you and I saw a star shower together." she said, with a content smile on her face.

"Yeah, me neither," Ryoko lied. "Say, are you hungry?" she asked, changing the subject and setting them up for the next part of her plan. The graduate's stomach answered before she even got a chance to speak. "Guess, that answers my question. Do you have any place in-particular you want to eat?"

"No, any place is fine."

"I know just the place," Ryoko stated. She asked her mother to pull up her laptop; the genius did as asked. From there Ryoko typed up some coordinates and a sub-portal opened up. Both women stepped inside.


Washu emerged from the portal and immediately noticed that she was back home, in her bedroom and that Ryoko was nowhere in sight.

"Ryoko?" she called but received no answer.

She sighed heavily and sat down on her bed; she didn't stay there for long because she hopped up only seconds after she had seated herself. The former Academy student turned around and noticed a red cocktail dress laid across her bed; there was also a note attached to the dress.

She picked up both items. She removed the note and read it aloud, for no particular reason. "I was hoping we could have dinner at home. Please put on this dress, and shoes which are on the floor, which I bought for you before heading downstairs to the dining room for dinner...Ryoko," she read.

By the time she had finished reading the note she was wearing a grin; Ryoko really wanted to make their time spent together special. She briefly wondered why her daughter was doing all of this for her but her senses were over loaded with too much emotion to think on it. She went about getting ready in the outfit her daughter provided before heading downstairs.

Upon hitting the landing the older woman was hit with another surprise: dim lights, rose petals, and a candlelight dinner for two awaited her. The sight was enough to leave her speechless. However, when she saw Ryoko phase into sight, wearing a black cocktail dress, she was left breathless.

"Ryoko..." Washu breathed out in a whisper.

The tailed female pulled out a chair. "Would you care to join me for dinner?" she asked, with a soft smile on her face.

The taller of the two made her way over and sat in the seat that Ryoko had pulled for her. Once she was seated, Ryoko took a seat across from her. They both began eating in silence, not because they wanted to; one was simply so overwhelmed that she was left speechless while the other one had so much to say that she couldn't speak.

"Ryoko, how did you..." the scientist began to ask after the meal was finished. Honestly, the day for her just felt so romantic. She tried not to think about it, forcing herself to believe that Ryoko was just being this way as a way of thanking her for being there when the pirate needed her.

The demoness interrupted. "I had Ryo-Ohki's help," she admitted shamelessly. Now came the final part of her plan. "Hey, what's that under your chair?" she inquired, as she pointed to the object in question.

The mother looked down and indeed there was something beneath her chair; she reached her hand under to retrieve it. It was a small black, velvet box. Washu's hand actually trembled for a moment, as she thought about all the previous times she received small black, velvet boxes. Stop thinking like that! She mentally ordered herself.

"Aren't you going to open it?" the daughter asked, with confusion on her face; she was pretending to be confused.

"O-Of course," Washu confirmed, as she nodded. She took a breath before opening the box and revealing its content's: a golden, heart shaped locket. Kami, Ryoko was simply knocking her off her feet. "I-Thank you," she said.

"I'm glad you like it," the demon caller stated, with a half smile. She then held her head down a bit and looked a tad saddened. "Sorry, it's not as new as it use to be. After all, I bought it for you...the day Kagato...attacked us," she admitted in a low tone.

The graduate gasped from his knowledge and sat back in her chair. "R-Ryoko...are you telling me that..." she trailed off.

The shorter woman nodded. "That's right...I remember everything now. Everything," she repeated. Before the taller woman could speak Ryoko started up again. "I can't believe I forgot you...forgot us...while all this time you remembered," she began. "Each time I threw myself at Tenchi, proclaiming my love for him, must have cut you deeply. And, every time I pushed you away and rejected you as my mother...must've cut you even deeper. I know there is nothing I can say to you to take the sting from my actions and I am truly sorry for that."

"Little one," the older of the two whispered, feeling her eyes begin to moisten.

"But, now that I remember us...remember myself...I can't believe I could ever think of loving another. Mommy...I love you," she proclaimed with fierceness in her eyes that strengthened her words. "I would have told you on that fateful day but, things happened to drive us apart and things happened to drive us back together again. I love you...and if you'll have me..." she was cut off by being pulled up from her seat and a pair of lips coming into contact with her own.

The child's eyes widened for a brief moment, surprised that her mother had moved so quickly. However, she quickly got over her initial surprise and began to kiss back with a passion. A moan erupted from Ryoko's throat that was muffled by having Washu's mouth covering her own, as she kissed her lover; she felt numerous emotions as their lips remained intact but sinful guilt was not one of them.

They pulled away for accursed air, for only a few moments, before bring them back together in a kiss that represented more than their physical attraction for one another. Washu nipped and licked at the pirate's lower lip, silently begging-pleading-for entrance into Ryoko's warm mouth. The younger woman responded in kind and opened her mouth for her mother to explore to her heart's content.

The genius wasted no time in diving into the warm, slick depths of her daughter's mouth. She ran her tongue along every inch and crevasse of Ryoko's mouth, trying to memorize everything before their contact was severed once again by, ironically, the "need" to breath. Washu's tongue trailed across the demoness's sharp canines, enjoying their slickness, before massaging Ryoko's tongue with her moan. The scientist purred deep from within her chest and a smile graced her lips.

In order to deepen the kiss, if that was even more possible, Washu took one hand and buried it into her cub's cyan mane; the graduate's other hand snaked around the pirate's waist before pulling the shorter woman's body into her taller form. Ryoko made a startled noise but did not allow the contact between them to be broken.

Not one to be outdone, the tailed female meet the taller woman's pink organ with her own. Both tongues battled for dominance despite Ryoko having no sexual experience whatsoever; not counting reading Tenchi's father's "comic book" collection. She placed her hands within the cinnamon haired locks and ran them through her mother's much larger, thinker, and spikier mane.

She began by trying to imitate what her mother was doing before gaining a bit more confidence and trying some techniques of her own; the tailed woman's confidence grew whenever a moan from the former Academy student echoed within her mouth. After what seemed like an eternity, both women finally pulled away from each other.

Both women of feline decent panted heavily, as they took deep breaths trying to catch their second wind as soon as possible. Emerald and golden eyes bore into one another, each filled with the same emotions: the burning desire that was coursing through both their bodies...oh, how they ached for more, and, taking into account the women they were, they were going to get it.

"Can we take this to your bedroom?" Ryoko suggested, although she was really asking; a faint blush stained her cheeks making her look absolutely adorable.

The mother smiled gently. "You mean our bedroom," she gently corrected before taking the younger woman's hand and leading her up the stairs; she planted a simple kiss on the pirate's cheek with each step they took.

Once they reached their destination they quickly settled themselves on the bed and resumed where they left off, throwing in a little extra. Washu began trailing wet kisses along her daughter's jaw line, eliciting soft whimpers and moans from the younger female, and moving down to the pirate's sensitive neck and collarbone; the more experienced of the two stopped every once in a while to lick, nip, and suck that spot.

While the scientist's mouth was busy, she occupied her hands by trailing them over her daughter's curvaceous form; Ryoko actually gasped from the pleasure she was receiving. The shorter of the two had never felt anything like this before in her long, actually short, life. Her mind and senses were overloaded with a deep sense of desire that she could barely think straight.

"Mommy..." she murmured in a longing whisper.

The older woman smirked against the demoness's skin; her hands began to move for fervently now. They teased and twisted the erected pearls hidden behind the fabric of the cocktail dress; Ryoko gasped and her chest heaved up and down. Her hands remained gripping the sheets because she was unsure of what to do with them at the moment.

Wanting to taste more of the tailed woman, the graduate laid the smaller woman back on the bed; by the time Ryoko's back hit the cool sheets, she was completely naked: Washu had phased her dress off. The older woman wasted no time moving in an attacking those cream colored mounds.

The former criminal shouted when her mother's warm mouth came into contact with her ample mounds; her hands shot up and gripped the taller woman's hair in a painful grip; the genius simply growled in pleasure from this action and worked even harder with her mouth.

Washu's tongue flicked the taunt pearl while her hand massaged its twin. Ryoko arched her back, wanting more pleasure than she thought she could handle, it was irrelevant as long as she received it, and attempted to press more of herself into the greedy mouth. She was gladly given more.

The genius removed herself from one of the mounds, having left her mark, she turned her attention to the other one and repeated the same process; she could feel Ryoko clawing at her back, hear her thoughts shooting across the link, asking and begging for more and for Washu to not stop...to never stop, and smell her desire, both of theirs, as it grew stronger and stronger.

Once she was done with the twin, she sat up and looked at the smaller body beneath her. It was hers it belonged to her and no one else. "My Ryoko," she said, a slight rumbling in her chest, as she made known her claim.

: Please...don't-don't stop. More: Ryoko broadcast across the link shared with her mother. She felt as if she was going to die if Washu didn't continue touching her.

The graduate smile softly at her offspring before continuing her work. She slowly began to trail her hand down south, the intoxicating smell was too great for her to ignore any longer. The demon summoner cried out and shot up from the bed when Washu's slender fingers came into contact with her more sacred, and sensitive, area.

The scientist was in shock with the damp heat she came into; her daughter was so wet. The older woman did feel a primal sense of pride knowing that she could have the former pirate so aroused. She quickly moved down to kneel before the younger woman and taste her.

"Washu!" the tailed warrior shouted, as she felt the red head's slick tongue plunge into her. Kami, she felt like she was going to die from the sensation alone!

The mother worked hard and thoroughly enjoyed her meal. She moved her pink organ up and down wanting to familiarize herself with everything down there; she found what she was searching for, Ryoko's pearl hidden amongst the folds and she quickly moved her mouth to that pleasure source.

She felt Ryoko's walls spasming around her tongue a bit, so she knew the pirate was close. Still, she wanted them to share their first physical love session together. With the skills of a pro, the former Academy student phased from her clothing and stood between her daughter's legs; she kept one of her hands teasingly stroking Ryoko's center, so she wouldn't be deprived of contact, while Washu got ready.

Then, in one fluid motion, Washu removed her hand, gripped Ryoko's hips, and brought both women's center's together. The contact wasn't necessarily sudden, but it did catch both women off guard; the contact was better than they imagined. After a few seconds of heavy breathing, Washu began moving.

The older female began grinding into the shorter woman, practically crashing their centers together. Ryoko was screaming at this point, every time Washu thrusted into her, her screams seemed to take on a higher pitch than before. Kami, I'm in heaven, Ryoko thought as she took her hands and placed them on the graduate's shoulders.

Meanwhile, Washu seemed to be caught in something of a growl, purr, and whimper, and she worked eagerly to bring both of them over the edge. The grip she held on the pirate was so tight that to any other person they would have been complaining from pain; however, her daughter seemed to either ignore it or enjoy it, it was difficult to tell with the goofy smile and screams she was making.

After a few minutes of this, Ryoko felt something building in her stomach. It felt like something was tightening each time Washu thrust and grinded into her; it reminded the pirate of the knots she used to feel in her stomach when she had to get on stage and speak to universally renowned scientists. But, oh, this feeling was so much better than that.

"Cum for me," Washu demanded, in a low tone, into her daughter's ear. She thrust one final time into the pirate and that was all it took to bring both women crashing down.

"Mommy!!!" Ryoko howled, something between a whimper, cry, and a growl. Her body shook as she released millennia's worth of built up pleasure.

"Ryoko!!" the mother shouted, her voice also caught between a whimper, cry, and a growl. Her body shook just as violently as her daughter's.

Washu stayed where she was until both she and Ryoko's orgasms had pasted. It took a few minutes before they had calmed down from their highs. After Washu had regained movement in her limbs, she crawled up her daughter's body and laid beside her. Both women breathed heavily and were covered in a layer of sweat.

"Mo--" Ryoko tried to speak after five minutes of nothing but labored breathing. She wanted to say so much, like what this had meant for her, but she could barely speak. She felt so sleepy now.

The graduate placed a finger over her daughter's lips. "Shh...you don't have to say anything. I already know and I feel the same way too," she informed her offspring. She was met with a tired nod and a small smile from her cub.

Washu waved her hand and summoned a sheet to cover them, seeing as how Ryoko probably wouldn't want to move from where she was without a struggle. She made sure Ryoko was properly covered and reached above them and grabbed a pillow for them to share. They then settled down to sleep.

Ryoko turned over and buried her head in the nape of her mother's neck; in return, the genius spooned her daughter and made sure she was properly covered. She inhaled deeply, taking in the scent of her daughter mixed together with their lover making. She never thought that they would ever be back to how they use to be...it was indeed a dream come true.

"Mommy?" the daughter muttered sleepily.


"I love you," she said before drifting off to sleep.

Washu smiled from those words that meant more than the average daughter telling her mother that she loved her. "I love you too, Ryoko," she replied, laying an affectionate kiss in her daughter's silky mane. I'm glad you finally remember how much, she thought before drifting off to sleep as well.


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